Weekly Poll – Will you miss Brendan during the 2018 series of Strictly?

We’re still a while away from the 2018 series of Strictly but of course the massive news broke this week that the BBC have chosen not to renew Brendan Cole’s contract for Strictly and he will not be participating during the 2018 series.

A lot of you have already given your thoughts on this on Facebook and Twitter and opinion seems to be pretty split so what better way to sort it out than with a poll. This will also be the first of what will be a regular feature for the off season with polls about Strictly taking place each and every week.

So will you miss Brendan during this year’s series? Let me and the community know your thoughts by voting in the poll below or you can join the discussions right here in the comments section or over on Facebook/Twitter using the links above.

Will you miss Brendan during the 2018 series of Strictly?

  • Yes (64%, 434 Votes)
  • No (36%, 242 Votes)

Total Voters: 676

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If you have an idea for a Strictly related poll you’d like to ask the community you can let me know on the social networks too and I may feature your poll question during next week’s poll of the week.

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