Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 2 Discussion/Poll

The first week nerves should be long past our class of 2018 and we’re about to enter week 2 when different nerves will take over as no one wants to be in the first Dance Off and eliminated later tonight (or tomorrow if we believe the BBC)

But who shone for you? And who should be sent packing? You can give me your thoughts on that or anything else to do with tonight’s show right here in the comments section. Or you can head on over to Facebook or Twitter and tell me what you think (on twitter make sure to tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler)

Each time you join the discussion either here or on the social networks you earn an entry to win one of three £20 Amazon UK vouchers I have up for grabs. You can read more about the competition here. Also check out the spoiler post later tonight for details on how to win a a fourth £20 voucher that I have up for grabs as well as details on the first 3 winners from last week.

A poll will open right here once all 15 couples have danced and you can let me know who your favourites are. You can select up to 3 options as always

[poll id=”70″]

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It’s the first spoiler of the series tonight and historically the first spoilers can be a bit later than normal so it may well creep past 11pm before the news lands. As soon as I know something it will be posted. If you use the Facebook/Twitter pages please don’t bombard me with questions asking if I’ve heard yet. If the spoiler isn’t posted the answer will be no and my social feeds can be quite busy with notifications over a Strictly Weekend as it is

5 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 2 Discussion/Poll”

  1. Poor old Anton. But I do think that a few bubbles were burst from week 1. Starting to think we might be seeing judges’ favourites emerging already though, Joe being one of them, along with Dr Ranj and Ashley.

  2. Ashley is great but she is a professional dancer and choreographer so don’t think she will have much of a journey on show. As weeks go by, others will surpasss her.

    My favourites of the night were Vick & Graziano, Charles & Karen and Graeme & Oti.

    1. Hi Tia Maria, congratulations your comment has been selected at random out of all the comments received on the website last week and you have won a £20 Amazon UK voucher.

      Due to GDPR I’m unable to email you directly as I no longer receive the full email addresses of people who comment on the website. Please email to confirm acceptance of and claim your prize

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