Site Migration Complete

Well it took me a little longer than I originally expected due to an assortment of issues and errors on my part but I think we have got there and the site has been moved to the new servers ready for when the spoilers start rolling in!

If any of you have any issues using the site or things like the comments system or voting in polls you can let me know on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll take a look but hopefully all should be good now after a lot of teething issues yesterday and this morning and the songs/dances post for week 2 was posted to the new servers earlier today with no reported issues so all is looking good!

This solution allows me to deploy additional or more powerful web and database servers as and when required on a Saturday night/Sunday and then drop the power when the site is quieter during the week which worked quite well last series. I’ve also managed to tweak the database server settings so that load on the site is distributed across multiple database servers depending on whether you are reading from the database (which most of you will be) or writing to it (which you will do if you use the polls or comments system) which should help out massively at peak times too and is an improvement on 2018 when I had to chuck ridiculously high powered servers at the database to keep it running.

This solution not cheap though and last year it cost about £300 per month which was funded by generous donations from the site’s visitors who helped to support me and the website and this year is no different. If you can afford to and want to help me out with these costs or if you just want to buy me a cool refreshing beer to thank me for all the hard work I do and the spoilers you can do so using THIS LINK or the button below or see below for additional ways to support me including ways of making a donation without me attracting any fees as I do through Paypal.

Or you can support me for free, save money on your energy bills and earn yourselves £50 if you check your prices and switch using MY LINK. Bulb will pay your exit fees, don’t charge any exit fees themselves and have 100% green energy at low prices. Win for the planet and win for your pocket!

You can also read about the numerous other ways you can support me and the work I do including more free ways to support me and additional ways to make a cash donation (which will not charge me like Paypal do) HERE

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