The Strictly Spoiler 2023 Competition

The biggest competition in the spoilerverse is back for 2023 and it kicks off TODAY!!! Just like 2021 there is a huge £500 voucher up for grabs for one lucky winner. But only the brave will take the big prize!

To get involved all you have to do is make sure you are liking/following me on X, Facebook, Instagram or Threads and then join in with the discussion on those networks. One lucky person on each network will be selected at random and they will win an amazon voucher valued between £5 and £100. But then they will have a choice to make. They can take that prize, no questions asked, or they can turn it down and take their place in the grand prize draw at the end of the series for a chance to win a £500 voucher.

Will you be brave enough to win big like Debbie two years ago who turned down £20 to win £500?

Boring legal bit

  1. This competition is open to all UK and Republic of Ireland residents barring any close friends/family of the promoter
  2. The competition will run from Saturday until Friday each week in the 2023 series. The first promotional period will run from the start of 23/09/23 until the end of 29/09/23. Promotional periods will run weekly each week with the exception of the final week which will run from 16/12/23 until 17/12/23 inclusive. These dates are subject to change if changes are made to the 2023 series of Strictly
  3. Entrants must be following or liking the respective social profiles in order to enter the competition
  4. For the purposes of this competition Threads/Instagram is treated as a single social network and entries will be pooled between those networks
  5. Each social network has its own prize pool which consists of 4*£5 vouchers, 3*£10 vouchers, 2*£20 vouchers and one of each of £25, £50 and £100 vouchers. Vouchers in the prize pool have been randomly allocated weeks using a random process determined by the promoter
  6. To enter on Facebook/Instagram entrants must comment on any of the posts posted by the promoter. To enter on X/Threads entrants must reply to any of the promoters posts on those networks and include the hashtag #StrictlySpoiler in their reply for their entry to count
  7. At the close of each promotional period a winner will be selected at random on each social network and they will be offered the prize for that week by direct message on the respective social network. Threads users will be contacted on their corresponding Instagram account
  8. The promoter will carry out checks to ensure that an entrant meets the residency requirements and is following/liking the respective profile before offering a prize. In the event an entry doesn’t meet the terms and conditions a redraw will take place
  9. In the event that a users social networking privacy settings prevent the promoter from contacting them a redraw will take place
  10. Winners may either accept their prize or they may turn it down. If they turn it down they will be entered into the end of series draw to win a £500 Amazon UK voucher. All entrants in this final draw will have an equal chance of winning the prize
  11. The first decision communicated by each winner will be final and taken as the final decision by the entrant
  12. Winners must communicate their decision within 7 day of being offered a prize. In the event a winner does not reply their prize will be forfeit and will not be offered to another participant
  13. The promoter may, at his discretion, offer spot prizes on each social network. They will be governed by their own terms however all spot prize winners will be offered the same choice to accept or reject their prize for a place in the draw
  14. During the final promotional period which will run 16/12/23 to 17/12/23 inclusive there will be no voucher prize offered and all winners from that period will be offered a direct place into the final draw to win £500
  15. All entrants in the final draw will be contacted with a date/time that the draw will take place on a live stream using Zoom or a similar system. Entrants will be encouraged to join in with this live stream however attendance is not mandatory and there will be an equal chance of winning regardless of if a finalist is present or not
  16. The final draw will be recorded and that recording may be used on The Strictly Spoiler website and/or any of its social networking channels for promotional purposes
  17. The final draw will be carried out by a random process to be determined by the promoter and all entrants will have an equal chance of winning the prize
  18. The promoter reserves the right to suspend the competition or amend the terms and conditions for reasons outside of the promoters control including, but not limited to, factors relating to the covid-19 pandemic, Elon Musk or alterations to the 2023 series by the BBC
  19. Should the promoter invoke clause 18 as above and as a result has to cancel the final draw all finalists will have their original prize reinstated and paid out
  20. Prizes will be paid out in batches. Anyone who wins a prize in September/October will have their prize paid by the end of November. Anyone who wins a prize in November will have their prize paid by the end of December. Anyone who wins a prize in December, including the winner of the £500 will have their prize paid by the end of January 2024. These are the latest dates that a winner can expect to receive their prize and prizes may be paid earlier at the promoters discresion
  21. The decision of the promoter in all aspects of this competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into
  22. Any personal information provided by a winner will be used purely for the purposes of fulfilling their prize and will not be used for marketing or shared with any 3rd party besides Amazon
  23. This competition is promoted by Dave Thorp trading as The Strictly Spoiler,

Remaining Prizes

PrizeFacebookX (formerly Twitter)Instagram/Threads
£500 draw entry111

Number of people in the prize draw (as of 14/10/23) – 6

Strictly Spoiler News

The Strictly Spoiler has some really exciting news to share and it’s something I know a lot of you are going to be really excited about.

The only thing the British Press love to talk about more than The Strictly Spoiler is of course people making thousands a month off Only Fans and I can reveal that as of today you will be able to follow and subscribe to The Strictly Spoiler on Only Fans.

Dave Thorp, owner of The Strictly Spoiler had this to say: “People love following The Strictly Spoiler on all social networks and this is the next logical step. Plus I have come up with a revolutionary subscription system to accommodate all regardless of whether you want to see saucy pictures of a fat, balding 43 year old man or you don’t. You can pay £5 per month to see all of my saucy snaps or £25 per month not to see them. Everyone is a winner!”

You can sign up to the new only fans page HERE!

Strictly Spoiler 2022 – Note to editors

It’s a sorry state of affairs that I am having to write another one of these especially after a relatively quiet period for several years where the press is concerned but here we are.

Articles have appeared in the press over the weekend based on an article in the Mail On Sunday suggesting the BBC are hunting for the mole providing the spoiler. Complete and utter fiction up there with the best works of Bronte, Dickens and Rushdie. The BBC know full well who I am. They know full well that it isn’t just one mole leaking the results but a series of moles in the audience. I’ve had discussions with the BBC on this very topic in 2015 so it’s doubtful they don’t still have a record of these discussions and their contact with me over email then.

However that isn’t the purpose of this post. Some more serious issues have arisen that need to be addressed with the media and I need to make my position on these matters quite clear.

At approximately 2pm today I left my house to leave for university and headed to my normal bus stop. I sadly just missed a bus which may have avoided this sorry saga. A few minutes after getting to the bus stop I was approached by a gentleman who asked if I was David Thorp which I confirmed and then they identified themselves as a freelance reporter for the daily mail. They then in a brief discussion for 5 minutes or so asked me some questions about this site and the work that I do. I answered with fairly stock answers which are contained elsewhere on this website and the encounter was concluded shortly after.

An article has now appeared on the mail website following this interview of which there are the following issues:

  1. It would seem the reporter had an accomplice with a zoom lens as a photograph of me was captured whilst I was waiting at the bus stop. Whilst I am fully aware this is not illegal from the photography degree I studied in the past I still consider this an invasion of my privacy
  2. The article in question makes reference to my house having a value of £70k. This is a further invasion of my privacy as whilst I had established they had been near my home I didn’t realise they had established my exact home. If anything the value of £70k also shows I am not getting rich from this and is also irrelevant because I rent my home from a housing association
  3. The article also included information and images of my wife who is nothing to do with The Strictly Spoiler and whose privacy has also been invaded (possibly more so)

In 2018 I implemented a media policy designed to eliminate the crap being said about me and this website in the press by preventing the quoting of material from this website. Clearly someone at the Daily Mail didn’t get the memo as I have counted 3 online or offline articles containing copyrighted content from this website without an appropriate acknowledgment of the source of this content in the last week. As such the Daily Mail will be being invoiced for their use of this content at my standard rate of £500 per use shortly. They will also be receiving a complaint from my wife concerning the use of her image in their article in due course.

Please also be advised that I will be increasing my standard rate to £1000 effective immediately and this will cover any articles published after this notice has been.

Furthermore please be advised that if any members of the press approach me in the street (or elsewhere) again, take photos of me without my consent or come to my home (which is littered with CCTV both on my property and others in the neighbourhood) this will be considered an act of harassment under the protection from harassment act and damages will be sought. The same applies to any member of my family including my wife

Should the media seek a comment from me on any of my content or activities I can be reached on my social channels or by email to

Complaints to the Daily Mail (and probably at some point others)