Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Week 9 (Blackpool) Spoilers

Strictly is at the seaside with our 7 couples hoping they did enough to illuminate the dance floor in the Tower Ballroom. But one of our couple’s have just been locked away in the Tower Dungeon and will not be returning from their seaside holiday. The BBC might like you to wait a full day to learn who has left but the Internet has no such requirements. So here are the results

Michelle and Saffron had to dance off. The judges saved Saffron. Michelle was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC.

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through the spoiler groups I work with and should be accurate.

What do you think of the results? As always you can let me know right here in the comments section or over on Twitter. Unfortunately Facebook is having issues with someone maliciously reporting links to this website as being spam which means most of the content on the Facebook page has been removed. I’ll be trying to resolve this as soon as I can. Each time you get involved in the discussion you earn an entry into this month’s prize draw to win an iPad. The draw is only a couple of weeks away so get those entries in!!

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You can still vote in this week’s poll and tell me who illuminated your Blackpool week. As always you can pick up to 3 options!

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Week 9 (Blackpool) - Who Were Your Favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Kelvin and Oti (28%, 22,803 Votes)
  • Karim and Amy (21%, 17,157 Votes)
  • Alex and Neil (13%, 11,030 Votes)
  • Emma B and Anton (13%, 10,317 Votes)
  • Chris and Karen (12%, 9,545 Votes)
  • Saffron and AJ (7%, 5,830 Votes)
  • Michelle and Giovanni (7%, 5,723 Votes)

Total Voters: 34,410

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5 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Week 9 (Blackpool) Spoilers”

  1. Wow! Saffron in the dance-off! I never expected *that* with all her social media voters!! I cannot believe Chris Ramsey wasn’t in the dance-off! Stunned…

  2. Not completely surprised, it wasn’t ‘dance’ more performance but sometimes the choice dance is a bit. Could have been any 2 of 4 couples based on dances tonight. Based on previous weeks I thought Giorgio and Michelle could make final. All goes to show what you choose to dance does matter. Remember Erin and Colin in the final with the mannequins? They lost on that choice too.
    At least they’ve left doing a dance that Michelle really wanted to do. Soot to lose Goo though.

  3. So gutted for Michelle. I thought she could’ve last a couple of more weeks. I was nervous for her when I saw the restrictive outfit she’d be wearing, and unfortunately rightfully so.
    I can understand people voting for Chris’ cute charm, but I’m surprised Emma has gotten this far without winding in the bottom. She’s kind of boring compared to everyone else.

  4. The standard has reached zsich a level that to be honest I would have been surprised whoever made it to the dance off. Even Chris, who I thought was the weakest one left, really upped his game. Now we’re left with a real competition, one weaker dance and you could be out. That’s how it should be.

    Of those left I do favour kelvin to come through on the grounds that he is the most consistent performer.

  5. It was the correct result, well I think so anyway. The costume was very odd and there wasn’t a great deal of variety in the routine

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