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There’s no fooling you guys. Yes of course this was an April Fool’s Joke. Though at least The BBC now know where to start the bidding!

The Strictly Spoiler has some massive news to announce and it just can’t wait.

I can reveal that in a £26,000,000 deal the BBC have purchased and all associated web domains and social media accounts which in the next few days will be transferred to BBC control.

Dave Thorp, owner of The Strictly Spoiler had this to say about the deal: “Here we are in April 2022 and after the last couple of years which have been hard for us all I’m no fool and the BBC’s offer was too good to be true so I bit their hands off”

Head of purchasing at the BBC, April Foule, had this to say “£26,000,000 may seem a lot to spend on purchasing these web domains but it’s a small price to pay for finally silencing the spoiler. Plus we’ve managed to do this at no extra cost to the license fee payer as Gary Lineker has agreed to a 2% pay cut”

Sarah James, executive producer at Strictly, added: “Finally we will be in a position to keep the results secret for a day without having to do the far easier and less costly thing of making the results show live. No more will people be able to learn the results a full day in advance. Except from the Facebook Groups, the discussion forums, other websites and Gary down the pub who is sleeping with one of the professional dancers. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all!”

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