Strictly Come Dancing 2022 – Week 4 Spoilers

The centenary special is a week away but unfortunately for 2 of our 13 remaining couples the Dance Off awaits instead. The BBC may want you to wait to find out who goes but I’m only too happy to share the info. So here are the results…….

Matt and Kym had to dance off. The judges unanimously saved Kym. Matt was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole sourced by myself and has been confirmed by my source I used when there was no audience and is almost certainly accurate

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You can still vote in this week’s poll and tell me who got your vote this week

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Week 4 - Who got your vote (select up to 3)

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  1. Puzzled at the lack of personality from Matt. I feel like he needs someone to give him a shake. Maybe all those years in Las Vegas anaesthetized him!

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