Strictly Come Dancing 2022 Finalists – Fleur and Vito

Here we are with the final part in my four part guide where I look at each of the finalists and their Strictly journeys so far. As always I run this series in the order of qualification for the final and so we finish with Dance Off survivors Fleur and Vito

Worst Dance

We have to go back to Week 2 for their lowest scoring routine. Fleur and Vito scored, a still very respectable, 28 points for their Viennese Waltz (7,8,6,7)

Best Dance

Fleur and Vito are the only couple to have got Craig to dust the cobwebs off his 10 paddle. In Blackpool week their Couple’s Choice wowed all the judges getting what has proven to be a rare maximum this series (10,10,10,10). You will be seeing this routine again in the final as their favourite dance

Average Score

Fleur and Vito have amassed a total 449 points across 13 routines making for an average score of 34.5. They are only 3 points behind Molly and 4 points behind Hamza in terms of the judges scores

Number of times in the Dance Off

Fleur and Vito have survived a mammoth 4 Dance Offs on the way to the final. Their first came in Week 3’s Movies Week after their Little Mermaid inspired American Smooth (6,8,7,8). This was enough to dispense with Richie and Giovanni though with Shirley opting to go against the other judges and save Richie and Giovanni this dance off could have quite easily gone the other way.

The second occasion came in Halloween week. This time their Salsa (8,8,8,8) was enough to eliminate James and Amy in a unanimous Dance Off

They found themselves in the dance off again in week 10. This time their Rumba (8,9,9,9) made short work of Ellie T and Johannes in another unanimous decision

Finally they were in last weekend’s dance off. Dancing their Charleston again (9,10,10,10) they ended Will and Nancy’s journey though Anton tried to swing things the other way

Can they win?


You probably want a longer answer than that. Like Molly and Carlos they have survived four dance offs and it is a hard ask for someone to win from that position. Plus while Molly and Carlos seem to have some public support looking at my poll (currently 16.26%), Fleur and Vito have next to none (3.43%). Which is all rather odd because in terms of dance ability Fleur and Vito are right up there and they are the only couple to achieve a maximum so far. Their Argentine Tango wowed a lot of you in week 4 and I’m a bit surprised not to see that as the Judge’s Pick. I spoke of Molly and Carlos needing a massive shift in public support and Fleur and Vito need a monumental shift and would cause one of the biggest upsets in Strictly history if they were to somehow win

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