Strictly Spoiler News

The Strictly Spoiler has some really exciting news to share and it’s something I know a lot of you are going to be really excited about.

The only thing the British Press love to talk about more than The Strictly Spoiler is of course people making thousands a month off Only Fans and I can reveal that as of today you will be able to follow and subscribe to The Strictly Spoiler on Only Fans.

Dave Thorp, owner of The Strictly Spoiler had this to say: “People love following The Strictly Spoiler on all social networks and this is the next logical step. Plus I have come up with a revolutionary subscription system to accommodate all regardless of whether you want to see saucy pictures of a fat, balding 43 year old man or you don’t. You can pay £5 per month to see all of my saucy snaps or £25 per month not to see them. Everyone is a winner!”

You can sign up to the new only fans page HERE!

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