Strictly Spoiler News

There’s no fooling you guys. Yes of course this was an April Fool’s Joke. Though at least The BBC now know where to start the bidding!

The Strictly Spoiler has some massive news to announce and it just can’t wait.

I can reveal that in a £26,000,000 deal the BBC have purchased and all associated web domains and social media accounts which in the next few days will be transferred to BBC control.

Dave Thorp, owner of The Strictly Spoiler had this to say about the deal: “Here we are in April 2022 and after the last couple of years which have been hard for us all I’m no fool and the BBC’s offer was too good to be true so I bit their hands off”

Head of purchasing at the BBC, April Foule, had this to say “£26,000,000 may seem a lot to spend on purchasing these web domains but it’s a small price to pay for finally silencing the spoiler. Plus we’ve managed to do this at no extra cost to the license fee payer as Gary Lineker has agreed to a 2% pay cut”

Sarah James, executive producer at Strictly, added: “Finally we will be in a position to keep the results secret for a day without having to do the far easier and less costly thing of making the results show live. No more will people be able to learn the results a full day in advance. Except from the Facebook Groups, the discussion forums, other websites and Gary down the pub who is sleeping with one of the professional dancers. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all!”

What do you think of the news? As always you can let me know in the comments or over on Facebook/Twitter

Strictly Spoiler 2021 Thanks

Yes it’s that time where I spend just a couple of minutes to talk about this series for The Strictly Spoiler and thank a few people who have helped contribute to another massive year.

And massive is really the word. 2021 has blown away so many records for this site and the record book has been pretty much thrown out. Peaking at 1.3 Million views in a weekend throughout the series the spoiler has at the time of writing been viewed here almost 10 million times by 2.3 million of you. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be recording weekend views in the magnitude of millions but here we are. It doesn’t feel like too long ago I was getting excited about a few thousand views and now we are talking about millions. It’s mad, bewildering and a little scary especially as the site has been struggling with the numbers a couple of times this series even with my scalable hosting solution and because of this my costs have sky rocketed as I’ve had to deploy increasing numbers of very powerful servers to cope with the demand.

Hosting this website will have cost me over £2k throughout the 13 weeks of this series once I get my December hosting bill and that’s without factoring other expenses that I incur into the equation. This is a ludicrous sum of money to be paying and is one reason why the website pushes a number of monetisation options to help support these large costs as there is no way I would be able to afford to keep this site running if I were to run it as a hobby as I did at the start.

Many of you have used the donation options available and I am really grateful to each and every one of you. Whilst the donations received haven’t covered the costs in full this series and that’s to be expected given how much they have spiralled from previous series they have seriously lightened the load and I’m grateful to each and every one of you who has donated whether you’ve donated £1 or £50. If you want to get a last minute donation in, buy me a pint or an early Christmas present to thank me for all the spoilers you can do so using THIS LINK (make sure to click send and not request) or the button below. Please only do so if you can afford to do so and there is zero obligation on anyone to help me out in this way.

Another way you guys have been helping me out with my costs is through the Patreon page. This was launched in 2020 but due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to push it as much as I would have liked and was only offering a warm fuzzy feeling to those few who signed up in 2020. Things were very different in 2021 and there are now over 100 of you on Patreon. For just the price of a coffee every month Patreon supporters have received the spoiler advert and monetisation free but have also received the results of the exit poll. Taken just after The BBC vote closes this poll has accurately predicted those in danger of landing in the dance off each week though has been a little less reliable at picking the precise bottom two, though this was also the case last series when the poll was being used as a spoiler back up due to the pandemic.

I’m grateful to everyone who has signed up to patreon as you too have helped me towards the spiralling costs and I hope a good few of you stick around during the off season as even though Strictly isn’t on I do still incur costs all year round. You can sign up to Patreon here and I’ll be in touch with everyone on Patreon in the new year to try and get ideas on what you’d like to see there in 2022.

Moving on and I’d like to thank my sources. I work closely with a few other spoiler sources and in a normal series we’d all source moles and help each other out with the spoiler. This was not a normal series but thankfully I have another source who has once again been invaluable at providing the spoiler even on the weeks when there has been no mole due to the audience capacity. Without this source things would have been a lot quieter on the spoiler front this year (and last). Last series I offered to send this person a little gift at Christmas however they declined but instead asked that I make a charity donation on their behalf. I’ll be making the same offer in due course to thank this person.

Finally I just want to thank each and every one of you who comes to the website and views the content I put out each week. It still flabbergasts me how many of you do that and I’m grateful to each and every one of you!

All that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Site Migration Complete

In what’s been a bit of an annual tradition and after a multitude of new issues I’ve had to fix which have taken me the best part of a day the migration from the cheaper off season hosting to the hosting solution I use to keep the site up when it is under load has been completed.

If any of you notice any major issues as you browse the site please let me know on the social networks. I’m especially interested in any issues in viewing single posts or interacting with the site such as voting in the poll that’s currently running. There’s been a host of teething issues as the site is now using a different platform for the web server which threw up a ton of incompatibilities but I think I’ve sorted them all.

This setup is not cheap and last year hosting was costing me well over £500 a month. You can help me out with these costs by making a one time donation using THIS LINK or the button below. Please only do so if you can afford to do so and there is no obligation on anyone to help me out this way.

Or join the crew on Patreon. For less than the price of a coffee a month you gain access to the spoiler in an ad free form and also will gain access to the results of the exit poll providing the earliest indication as to how the dance off has gone each week minutes after The BBC vote closes and hours before the spoiler or any other spoiler source.

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