The Strictly Spoiler 2022 Competition

It’s been a long time coming, partly due to some sadly necessary requirements to scale the competition back due to the cost of living crisis and the effect it is having on my advertising revenue (currently down 50% on 2021) but the competition is finally here and there’s not one but two chances to win each and every spoiler week.

Discussion Competition

This will run from midnight Saturday until midnight the following Saturday each and every week there is a spoiler (or a reasonable expectation that there will be a spoiler that week). One comment will be selected at random from all the comments received that week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will win a £20 Amazon UK Voucher. On Twitter be sure to tag @davejthorp in your comment and include the hashtag #StrictlySpoiler for your entry to be seen and counted.

The competition will not run any weeks where the results show is live which includes the final week and possibly some other weeks where the show is disrupted by the FIFA World Cup. This may change at my discretion.

Password Competition

This will run from the moment the spoiler is posted and will run up until the start of the not live results show. Each week there will be a password cunningly concealed within the content of the spoiler post and a post will go out on all 3 social networks for you to submit your entries. Simply reply with the password and #StrictlySpoilerComp for your chance to win a £20 Amazon UK Voucher.

Again this will only run on spoiler weekends however that may change at my discretion.

Boring Legal Bit

  1. The competition will run from 1st October 2022 until 16th December 2022 inclusive and is open to all UK and ROI residents barring any close friends or family members of the promoter.
  2. There are two £20 Amazon UK vouchers up for grabs each spoiler week
  3. For the avoidance of doubt a spoiler weekend is classed as any weekend where the results show is prerecorded and broadcast on a different day to the main show
  4. Entry is by the methods described above and must include the tagging of profiles on twitter and the use of applicable hashtags on all networks
  5. Entrants must be liking or following the respective social profiles for their entry to count
  6. On the closing of the entry period a social network will be selected by a random process determined by the promoter and a winning entrant selected at random from all entries on that network.
  7. The promoter will undertake checks to ensure a winning entry complies with the terms and conditions including checking that they like/follow the required profiles and comply with the residency requirements before awarding a prize. In the event that an entry does not comply with the terms and conditions a redraw on the same social network will take place
  8. Winners will be contacted on the social network their entry was made on and will have 7 days from the time they are contacted to provide any information required required to fulfil their prize. Should a winner not respond in time their prize may be forfeit and will not be offered to another participant
  9. Prizes will be paid out in batches. Any prize won in October will be paid out by the end of November. Any prize won in November will be paid by the end of December. Any prize won in December will be paid out by the end of January 2023
  10. Any personal information provided will be processed in accordance with GDPR and only shared with Amazon for the purposes of delivering a prize
  11. The promoter reserves the right to amend these terms should it become necessary for reasons outside of his control
  12. This competition is promoted by Dave Thorp t/a The Strictly Spoiler (

The Strictly Spoiler Is Now On Instagram

This was announced on Facebook and Twitter last night but for those who missed it The Strictly Spoiler has just launched on Instagram adding a 3rd social network to its profile. The Strictly Spoiler can now be found on the following official social networking profiles


The official Facebook page for The Strictly Spoiler can be found here


The official Twitter profile for The Strictly Spoiler is my own personal twitter account @davejthorp. Beware of less reliable imitations operating under similar names to this site!


The brand new for 2022 Instagram profile for The Strictly spoiler can be found here

To celebrate the launch of the Instagram profile there is a competition running on there to win a £10 Amazon UK voucher this weekend so be sure to check that out and get involved with that.

A few people on Facebook/Twitter expressed concerns that I’d be abandoning those platforms having launched on Instagram. Instagram will be operated alongside the existing social media platforms and there will be zero change for those of you on Facebook or Twitter as content will continue on those platforms so please don’t worry. I’m just giving myself more work to do during the live shows so yay for me!

We’re a matter of weeks away from the contestant reveals which usually kick off late July/early August and I’ll be bringing the latest news as it comes in right here at the home of The Strictly Spoiler as well as on the social networks. Also keep posted as the largest competition I’ve run will be kicking off and Instagram will be involved just like Facebook/Twitter. There will be a massive £750 Amazon Voucher up for grabs this year but only the brave will take home the big prize. Last year Debbie on Twitter turned down £20 to win £500 and it could be you who has to make that choice when the 2022 series kicks off proper. Full details coming in the next few weeks!

We’re coming into season and last series operating this site cost me in excess of £3000 in hosting costs. If you are able to please consider helping me out with these costs by making a one time donation using THIS LINK (make sure to click send and not request) or the button below. Please only do so if you can afford to do so, especially in the current cost of living crisis and there is no obligation on anyone to help me out this way.

Or for the truly impatient amongst you why not join the crew on Patreon. For less than the price of a coffee a month you gain access to the spoiler in an ad free form and also will gain access to the results of the exit poll providing the earliest indication as to how the dance off has gone each week minutes after The BBC vote closes and hours before the spoiler or any other spoiler source.

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Strictly Spoiler News

There’s no fooling you guys. Yes of course this was an April Fool’s Joke. Though at least The BBC now know where to start the bidding!

The Strictly Spoiler has some massive news to announce and it just can’t wait.

I can reveal that in a £26,000,000 deal the BBC have purchased and all associated web domains and social media accounts which in the next few days will be transferred to BBC control.

Dave Thorp, owner of The Strictly Spoiler had this to say about the deal: “Here we are in April 2022 and after the last couple of years which have been hard for us all I’m no fool and the BBC’s offer was too good to be true so I bit their hands off”

Head of purchasing at the BBC, April Foule, had this to say “£26,000,000 may seem a lot to spend on purchasing these web domains but it’s a small price to pay for finally silencing the spoiler. Plus we’ve managed to do this at no extra cost to the license fee payer as Gary Lineker has agreed to a 2% pay cut”

Sarah James, executive producer at Strictly, added: “Finally we will be in a position to keep the results secret for a day without having to do the far easier and less costly thing of making the results show live. No more will people be able to learn the results a full day in advance. Except from the Facebook Groups, the discussion forums, other websites and Gary down the pub who is sleeping with one of the professional dancers. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all!”

What do you think of the news? As always you can let me know in the comments or over on Facebook/Twitter