Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 Discussion/Poll

There’s a two for one on spoilers this week as not only will the regular elimination spoiler be coming in later tonight but I’ve also got the spoiler all the newspapers are talking about, but refusing to publish because they don’t want to be struck off the BBC’s christmas card list, and that is The Christmas Special Spoiler

But back onto this week and it’s not only the quarter final of Strictly Come Dancing 2017 but its also time for our annual trip to the musicals with the 6 remaining couples all dancing to routines inspired by the musicals. But who was a west end smash? And who flopped?

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Sorry no poll this week as it’s causing issues with the caching software being used to try and increase server performance at peak times

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Robert Rinder Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2016

As revealed in last night’s Strictly Spoiler, Robert and Oksana (?) have been eliminated after losing in the Dance Off to Ore and Joanne.

You can relive Robert and Oksana’s final routine in the video below:

Did the right couple leave and will you miss Robert and Oksana? I’ll certainly miss Oksana! You can let me know in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter. Please remember to tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler on Twitter so I definitely see your comment and for your entry to count.

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Twitter and Facebook have once again been taking part in the ultimate smackdown to decide supremacy and win a massive £100 amazon UK voucher and I can reveal the winning network was once again Twitter. I’ll be in touch with one user on there shortly.

If you haven’t checked out the Christmas Special spoiler you can do so here. This spoiler has been featured in The Daily Star, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Now Magazine and The Daily Mail at the time of publishing. You can read my response to all the media attention I’ve had this weekend here.

You can still vote in this week’s poll below and tell me who you want to see in the final. As always you can select up to 3 choices.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 11 Spoilers

There’s a two for one on spoilers this week as not only do I have the regular elimination spoiler but I’ve also got the spoiler for the Christmas Special as well. I really do spoil you guys! But anyway, Strictly was at the musicals but who was a West End hit? And who was out of tune? No need to wait until the not live results show to find out because the Strictly Spoiler is on hand to tell you the results. So here they are:

Ore and Robert had to dance off. The judges saved Ore. Robert was eliminated.

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate.

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