Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 Discussion/Poll

There’s a two for one on spoilers this week as not only will the regular elimination spoiler be coming in later tonight but I’ve also got the spoiler all the newspapers are talking about, but refusing to publish because they don’t want to be struck off the BBC’s christmas card list, and that is The Christmas Special Spoiler

But back onto this week and it’s not only the quarter final of Strictly Come Dancing 2017 but its also time for our annual trip to the musicals with the 6 remaining couples all dancing to routines inspired by the musicals. But who was a west end smash? And who flopped?

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Each time you join the discussion you earn entries into the competition to win one of three £20 amazon uk vouchers I have to give away each and every week!

On the subject of which at some point this weekend I will have SIX winners to tell you about as due to other commitments and a site move I didn’t get around to doing last weeks draw. These winners will more than likely be announced on the elimination post tomorrow.


Sorry no poll this week as it’s causing issues with the caching software being used to try and increase server performance at peak times

Spoiler as always will be incoming some time around 10:30pm. To try and combat the site outages that have plagued the site the last few weeks at peak times, the site has this week been moved to a new host who claims to be able to cope with 300 million page views a month but let’s maybe not test that too thoroughly just in case ?. Especially as due to some compatibility issues and time constraints in resolving them I haven’t got a CDN deployed at the moment to take the strain off my server so all load will be on my new server tonight. About 2 of you will have understood that last sentence I’m sure ?

Thanks to everyone who donated money to help fund this site move (or who just wanted to buy me a pint). If you want to help out the site with its current or future hosting costs or simply want to thank me for all the spoilers you can donate using the button below which paypal take a cut from or THIS LINK which paypal don’t take a cut from

3 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 Discussion/Poll”

  1. never liked Paul Daniels or Debbie McGee and was sure I’d hate her. but she’s been so good I’ve been won around. sorry

  2. Joe blew me away tonight. What amazing choreography by Katya, and Joe totally committed to his character. Debbie is excellent but…dunno, there’s something I can’t quite take to. It seems a shame Davood stumbled a bit, but it wasn’t a great show. Excited for the results.

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