The Strictly Spoiler Needs You!

As I posted yesterday The BBC launched an attack on The Strictly Spoiler and got Facebook to remove The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page. Over 1000 visitors to The Strictly Spoiler liked that page and the page was rapidly becoming a community for people to discuss the spoiler, the show and all things Strictly.

The BBC’s removal of this page as well as being an attack on The Strictly Spoiler is also an attack on Freedom of Speech and an attempt at censorship. All from a publicly funded broadcaster.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours thinking about what to do. I have sent a strongly worded email to the BBC which they no doubt won’t bother to read and will just delete. So I’ve decided to launch a petition to the BBC, Tony Hall Director General of The BBC, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to undo this travesty and reinstate The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page.

You can support the petition by signing it here. Also please share the petition on your own social networking pages and spread the word.

The BBC may have won the first battle but with your help we can win the war!

Complaints to the BBC!