Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Week 8 (Blackpool) Spoilers

Strictly hit the Bright Lights of Blackpool, and here the original and the best home of the Strictly Spoiler continued its upward climb in hits but thankfully my new host coped just fine. Anyway, you aren’t here to read about that. You want to know who will be leaving during tomorrow’s not live results and thanks to the miracle that is the internet you can now find out:

Sunetra and Judy had to dance off. The judges saved Sunetra. Judy was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

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5 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Week 8 (Blackpool) Spoilers”

  1. Yah! About time! She couldn’t dance at the beginning nor by the end. Shame that she stayed at the expense of others.

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