Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Week 12 (Semi Final) Spoilers

Here we are then. Final spoiler of the year. Yes not even the BBC are stupid enough to pre record the final results. So for the final time let us use the miracle that is the Internet to learn who fell at the final hurdle and who actually will be in next week’s final. So here are the results:

Mark and Jake had to dance off. The judges saved Mark. Jake was eliminated. The finalists are: Caroline, Mark, Frankie and Simon!

Complaints to the BBC

Christmas Special Spoiler can also be found HERE

Please take the time to check out the video below which I recorded as a special thanks to all you guys and everyone else who makes the spoiler possible

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13 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Week 12 (Semi Final) Spoilers”

  1. Thanks Dave. It’s been brilliant to find out the result at the correct time. Really appreciate what you’ve done every week.
    Make sure you are back next year!!

  2. Yes, really appreciate knowing the result in real time. Thank you and see you next year – unless the Beeb changes the format! Jean

  3. Thank you again, Dave for giving us this information, you are a gem! Have a great Christmas and see you in September!

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