Fourteenth Strictly 2015 Contestant Revealed

Time to beat the BBC for the 3rd time in these reveals and reveal who they will be announcing either 14th or 15th. This spoiler comes thanks to some (hastily deleted) slip ups on Twitter from some of the pros. The fact the tweets were deleted means this is very likely to be accurate as they wouldn’t need to delete tweets if they hadn’t let the cat out of the bag. So here is who is probably the next contestant:

Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty is best known as a presenter on Sky Sports News. Coral haven’t opened the book as yet as she is yet to be officially announced but as soon as they do I will update with a price. I’d expect something in the region of 10/1 to 14/1. Possibly shorter since at least one other bookie has her listed and at 8-1

Update – 27/08/2015 Nearly a full day after me the BBC have finally confirmed Kirsty is a contestant. Coral opened the book at 9/1

Complaints to the BBC

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