Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 10 Spoilers

Thanks to all the people who signed the petition last week after this site’s Facebook page was taken down. Don’t forget that you can enter The Strictly Spoiler competition to win a £50 amazon voucher. The remaining 7 couples had to survive the quickstepathon this week. But who passed with flying colours and who got carted off to casualty? The Strictly Spoiler is on hand to provide the information that so many of you crave. So here are the results:

Peter and Kellie had to dance off. The judges saved Kellie. Peter was eliminated.

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate.

Complaints to the BBC

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51 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 10 Spoilers”

  1. Kellie should not have been in the dance off, hope the public are happy now that Peter is out and will stop complaining about what happened last week.

  2. Not happy at all that Kellie was in the bottom 2!!! Apart from Jay + Georgia she is the best dancer!!!! Come on Kellie!!!

  3. Anita should have been in the bottom 2, however, I feel people are voting for her because of Gleb.
    Don’t like Kellie ( she’s frequently overmarked- tonight she looked laboured, and she doesn’t do sexy well at all) or Pete (overrated) so wasn’t fussed about the bottom 2.
    Loved Helen and Jay.

  4. I think that is about right. Peter lost his confidence after last week and I didn’t really enjoy his dance tonight. A lions is an excellent choreographer but hoping Helen wins

  5. Possibly lucky that Anita was safe since if she was in danceoff with Peter, we could have got a one-week drama extension and a shock exit!

  6. It was Peter’s time to go. Love Georgia and Helen, but secretly I’m just happy that Anton’s doing so well this year!

    1. I can’t stand Anton – he is really smarmy and not as strong as other pros in fact I’ve seen a good number of celebs outshine him and he sticks out like a sore thumb in the pro dances! Not impressed with Katie either, the judges always ignore how awful her frame, footwork and timing is! And what’s with those fake or facial expressions – nope she should’ve gone before Jamelia but hey ho

  7. Thanks Dave for letting us know who has been voted off, I don’t know what we would do without your blog.
    Glad that Peter has been voted off tonight. I would like to see Anita in the final.

  8. Apologies anyone who had issues getting on this site on Saturday night. My host had some gremlins in their systems it would seem. I don’t think it is capacity related like the issues of last year prior to me switching to this host. This weekend is proving to be quieter than last weekend (as expected as last week’s spoiler was later) and it coped just fine last weekend.

    I will continue to monitor but hopefully the issues were just a one off.

    Quite a few people on Twitter asked me to post the spoiler on there when the site was down. This is something I won’t do as it would appear publicly on my timeline for all to see including those who don’t want to be spoiled. This is why I always post it as a link to here on social networks

  9. This result doesn’t suprise me in the slightest. Last week had the opposite effect of what the BBC wanted regarding Andre staying in the comp. I actually felt sorry for the poor guy tonight. You could tell he had no faith in himself at all and it clearly played a role in his mediocre performance tonight. BUT Kellie should NOT have been in the dance off! Anita or Katie should have been, they have each of their partners fan bases to thank!

    If only the BBC hadn’t of messed about with last weekends results. Peter wouldn’t have had to leave like he did; being immensely disliked by the public.

    Personally I want Jay to win.

  10. about time peter went. hes nothing but fake and he wasnt great tonite. shocked kellie was in the botton 2. shes so funny and she can dance. Jay to win.

  11. This is right. Peter should have gone last week and really, he was the worst dancer left on the show and that’s only become obvious since all the less able ones left.

    I liked Anita’s dance and thought she was treated harshly by the judges tonight. Whilst I like Kellie and Kevin, and I don’t doubt their dance was good, the recap showed it was a bit stilted and I think it’s the same as the last time she was in the dance off – it didn’t wow people enough so people voted for others’ better dancers.

    I couldn’t call it from here though. Anyone doing the rumba next week should worry or at least learn from the feedback given to Anita and Gleb (and tbh, Georgia and Giovanni earlier in the series) – Anton played it well with getting all the steps in! But a dance that doesn’t suit you or you just don’t get and you could be out. Katie is possibly the weakest but she’s good at covering it up.

    Loving this series though.

    1. I agree apart from Anita – her poor dancing and looking like she is trying to smell he own farts face when dancing is extremely grating! Don’t rate Gleb much either (and don’t get why they keep saying he is gorgeous – boalk!!) his choreography is week and weird!

  12. That’s awful – how could the judges save Kellie over Peter?! I’m no Peter fan but I’m so fed up of Kellie, Anita and Katie being overmarked when their timing, footwork and dances are awful! IMHO (and as a trained dancer) it should’ve been Kellie and Katie in the dance off with whoever didn’t go tonight going next, then Anita then Peter leaving but hey ho They work for the BBC so that explains the extreme bias we have seen! Jay, Georgia and Helen for the final, I hope!

  13. Kellie should not be in the bottom two, she needs to dance in the final. Viewers need to stop voting for their favourite pro-dancer. There is no way Kellie should have been in the dance off, it should have been Katie. be in it still. Anton is a favourite but we all know he can dance we should be voting for the celebrity only. Wxxx

    1. Thats an interesting point because if people are voting for their favourite pro dancer Kellie would definitely stay in as everyone loves Kevin. I just think more people find her annoying (even though she is a good dancer) than like her. IMHO anyway.

      1. To add to my last comment (mine from last night seems to have disappeared – maybe lost with the hosting issues?), I find Kellie very annoying with her constant screaming. I also find her very ‘angular’ (if that makes sense) I agree with Nick, I just dont think she does soft and sexy well. She comes across as very tough’ (Eastenders knock on effect? Though I’ve never watched, as everyone always seems to be yelling or fighting, so wouldn’t know). Good dancer or not, I’m afraid that impacts on my pleasure and voting. Dave, thanks for this site. I still watch sunday whilst BBC continues to treat us like idiots and pretend its sunday night! Just like to know. Love watching Jay and dread what negative comments judges will come up with each week. He seems such a nice and caring lad – I remember seeing him during one of the couples getting their results with Claudia spot someone behind him and move to guide her to the front. Now, right or wrong, that sort of behaviour does affect my voting. BTW , did anyone else think Georgia looked like she was wearing a dead crow? Thought her dress was awful – rare event though, they are all usually gorgeous!

      2. I can’t stand Kevin (or Karen for that matter – Jo is tolerable)! There is a reason that Kevin and Jaren have never had 10’s from Craig!

  14. Last week wasnt fixed!! And people really need to stop moaning-jamelias comments were just sour grapes, it was right she left she was an awful dancer!! It seems to me that james and ola jordan are eating a few sour grapes aswell . Personally i would love either helen or jay to win

  15. Glad Peter went as the mask was starting to slip… Jay to win.
    Anyone else think Helen is not sincere and quite false

      1. Nope! I ca see where she is coming from the judges pick up the tiniest points week in week then turn around and say it was too perfect – I would be frustrated too! And I don’t believe everything I read in gossip columns either – that just leads to trouble!

  16. No one has mentioned Len and his attitude towards young handsome men. Soooo jealous. Anita and Gleb were really good and deserve to be in the final. With her there are no dramas – she just works like stink and gets the results. Sorry Len you’re too old for this game now. Jay is terrific with Aliona but i detected a few bitchy comments about the twosome last night

  17. Agreed! I quite liked Helen until her tantrum last week. Both Anita and Katy have received much harsher comments from the judges without the need for the drama. Jay to win ?

  18. I am sorry to see Peter leave as he is a lovely guy and tried so hard.In saying that he and Kellie were the weaker two ..just a shame it wasnt Kellie as dont like her much after watching her on the show she is always over marked..but guess that happens when your the judges pet. LOVING Jay ,Anita and Georgina …love one of them to win … I think Anita or Jay …be nice if Anita won as has no dance background at all so is doing so well every week . On a last note …chuffed Anton has got so far with a decent partner at last ..Katie is stunning and can move!

  19. Len is right, many e.g. Anita do not do enough steps, all drama and no substance, Jay is always full of steps and content and does not always get the top marks why? how is it that every time a girl contestant gets top marks for the Viennese Waltz, is it because their pro dancer is so skilled at taking them around

    1. Regardless of whether they are guided by their partner in the Vienesse Waltz, they still need to have their feet and head/arm placement in the correct place. Helen’s storytelling was as sublime as her dancing.

  20. I am delighted to have found a way of knowing on Saturday night who’s been knocked out. The BBC might like to know that it doesn’t reduce my enjoyment of the Sunday show one iota, I still watch and fully enjoy. What is uncomfortable viewing is all the judges, dancers and hosts having to try to remember to call Saturday Sunday all the time. Not relaxing in the least. Thanks for this, Dave.

    When it comes to the dancing, they are all great now, Peter was the weakest link so had to go. It does often seem to come down to a popularity contest but the British voting public mostly seem to ensure fair play in the end. in the second half of each season, the weakest ones get picked off, one by one, usually in the “right” order.

    My favourite this year is Katie. Do I think she will win? Probably not. If I were a betting woman, I’d back Jay, he seems the most popular in your polls week too. In Blackpool I thought Anita was awesome. I’m not a Helen fan, but do like Kellie and Georgia has done great over recent weeks too. May the best one win, I shall decide on the night. As long as honour is served, I shall be content.

  21. I love knowing the result before it airs on Sunday… always annoys me when they pretend it is Sunday when it is recorded the night before! That aside there is so much talent in this show. The best dance by a mile was Jay’s Pulp Fiction Five…. it was incredible and Aliona is my favourite lady dancer, she is an awesome performer who brings out the best in her partner. If the Jive had been done in later weeks I am sure it would have scored 40 and I am sure they will repeat it if they get to the final and will receive the top mark they deserve. I love Georgia and Anita but not so keen on Helen or Kellie…but that is just a personality thing, they are both good dancers…just annoying!!! my order is 6) Katie 5) Kellie 4) Helen 3) Anita 2) Georgia and FIRST Jmazing Jay!!! although if Helen was in the final instead of Anita that would be ok…but must be Georgia and Jay ..whatever happens..

    1. It’s standard for pre recorded programmes to talk as if it’s the aired day – they all do it from strictly to Ross to Norton etc etc its not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes it’s continuity – sick of ppl complaining about it with strictly they way they do!

  22. Pete was never gonna get through this week after all the rubbish jamelia has been spewing all week. He could have got 40 and still gone! I personally can’t stand Kevin…or Georgia…they get over marked a lot and are chronically annoying. Would love to see Jay, or Anita, win.

  23. I think peters downfall was his constant need to be liked. We do have a tendency to support dancers even if they’re weak if we see potential. But I think Pete was just really full of his need to be always the nice guy with his God awful jokes and his plastic smile and smarm.
    I can practically predict what he will say tonight on his exit.
    I’m cringing already.
    We all know that this is about dancing, but we still have our favourite personalities and will vote for them whether they are good or bad.
    This is the only season I haven’t voted for Kevin… Even though he was always my favourite. All my votes have gone to Jay. And now Kevin has been in the dance off twice…. Sorry Kev

  24. Hey everyone I’m just trying to figure out what dances everyone has left. Next week being musicals week I hope Jay doesn’t get the Rumba.

  25. Anyone else noticed that for the past couple of weeks Ainslie and Len have been doing a foodie programme every afternoon?Now, if Ainslie was still in Strictly where would that leave the BBC. Favouritism or what!! All of us here really want Jay to win and find Katie really prissy and smug.

    1. Len and Ainslies food journey is a repeat as is pretty well all programs on the BBC, well really about 40% if you include News Broadcast as fresh programs. I think it was first aired last year, Ainslie got kicked off because he always wanted to do his own thing ” wobble his shoulders and wave his arms about”. Intresting comments above but all about peoples favorites and not about the Dance.

  26. The only dances Jay has still to master are the Rumba, the samba, the Charlston and the Viennese waltz ( I think). I find him wonderful to watch and very sexy on the dance floor. Where does the shy wee lad come from off stage? He was in a boy band, how can he be shy??

    1. Yep those are the dances I figured Jay hasnt danced yet. Really looking forward to the Samba, Charleston and Vienesse Waltz ( and obviously the show dance & Jive again) if he gets to the final worried about the Rumba as no body has done particularly well this year and I think it’s the hardest dance for the celebs. I acually hate watching the Rumba as I find it boring to watch but it seems to be a lot of the professionals favourite dance.

  27. WHat is Claudia wearing. Her dads vest under her Sunday dress. Who ever dresses her and tess needs replacing. And why does she keep sucking in her cheeks. Is she chewing gum? Glad peters gone. I would be upset if he called me a peanut

  28. I really enjoy knowing the results on a Saturday night and it doesn’t spoil the Sunday night show. I have to say I am disappointed that Peter has gone out as I think when you look at the ability of all the celebs, Katie is the worst dancer left. There is no way that Peter was the least able of the celebs, he might be the least popular but that’s a different matter. Next week I think it’s Katie’s turn to go and after then I wouldn’t like to say as I think the rest are all very good and I think this year it’s going to come down to who is the most popular. One other thing, in the voting on this site for best celeb, Peter and Kellie are in the bottom two so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she was in the dance off.

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