Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 9 Discussion/Poll

The SEVERRRNNNN remaining couples are hitting the bright lights of sunny Blackpool for the annual Strictly trip to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

But who is dancing their way to the top of the tower for you during tonight’s show? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with tonight’s show right here in the comments section or over on Facebook or Twitter (remember to tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler over on Twitter).

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As always I will open a poll once all the couples have danced tonight. Please vote in it and tell me who your favourites are this week. As usual you can pick up to 3 options.

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Week 9 (Blackpool): Who's your favourite? (choose up to 3)

  • Danny and Oti (24%, 3,828 Votes)
  • Louise and Kevin (21%, 3,396 Votes)
  • Ore and Joanne (13%, 2,077 Votes)
  • Ed and Katya (12%, 1,873 Votes)
  • Robert and Oksana (11%, 1,800 Votes)
  • Claudia and AJ (11%, 1,798 Votes)
  • Greg and Natalie (8%, 1,336 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,173

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116 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 9 Discussion/Poll”

  1. I must have been watching a different dance to the judges with Ore. 3 10’s seriously. I thought Craig was spot on with an 8

      1. It just seemed like they spent pretty much the entire dance just spinning on the spot. Actually very underwhelmed with all the dances tonight.

    1. Fully agree Martin. Not only was he very much overmarked, Ore has not progressed in many weeks now. He creates an energy low in our living room and should be in the dance off. (By contrast, Ed is improving week by week..)

        1. Given the chance i would love to… especially at blackpool which is always a treat to watch and a beautiful ballroom… seriously he needs to go now however entertaining he is

      1. I’ve always thought AJ will ruin Claudia’s chances with his brash insistence on everything being so fast. She’s always on the edge, and technique suffers as a result. The judges have warned him about it too.

    1. That a massive dance floor though. Without the extra dancers it would feel very empty.
      Plus it’s an extra test for the contestants, who have to really hit their marks and up their game to fit in with a whole bunch of pros.

      1. Yes
        I like Craig though- he plays at being mr nasty but especially on ITT he’s down to earth and normal!!

    1. I agree “Martin”,

      I really think that “ED” should go tonight!

      The other “Celebrities” are in a different league to “ED”!

      He should be in a “STRICTLY PLAY FOOTBALL” show!

      He would be the “BALL” BOY!???

    2. thinking back to some of the other older male dancers and Ms. Widdecombe, I am impressed that he actually learns the footwork and his timing is good, family enjoyment definitely a 10 from our house

  2. I thought if Craig was getting a 10 out he would have waited until for a good dance. Really didn’t think Danny was worth a maximum

    1. It’s high time a worthy man got a 40 – Jay never got one and his Jive most certainly deserved a 40 at least. My wife and I are sick to death of the judges’ favouritism towards the women dancers. Claudia’s routine tonight was terribly performed and she still got 36. If her’s was worth 36 i.e. 9 per judge, then because Danny’s was so infinitely better then each judge had to give him 10 if there was any fairness in the competition at all. Well done, Danny and Oti! An outstanding performance well worth the mark you got 🙂

      1. On this one fully with Graham and his wife. We knew that Graig would pull a 10. Regardless of any presumed Clifton boost preceding, this dance was just really worth it!

  3. I thought Danny was fantastic tonight and I’m not his biggest fan normally. Louise was great and I really like Ore. Was very disappointed with Claudia tonight though.
    Think the funniest moment of the night was Peter Kay. Was almost crying with laughter

    1. He could just stand there and do nothing and I’d still laugh.
      Louise and Kevin were amazing, I live his Pass.

  4. Sorry Claudia I thought was struggling, liked Danny and thought Greg tried really hard. Can I ask please am in bed poorly but missed judge rinders score what did the judge’s give him

  5. Thought Louise, Ore and Judge Rinder were the best tonight. Didn’t like Danny charleston.. Nothing like it should be.

    1. It was an outstanding Charleston with loads of rotation and if you’ve ever tried rotation in the dance then you will know how difficult it is. If you’ve never tried it then you shouldn’t be criticising someone who does that essential feature of the dance outstandingly well.

  6. Thought the show was fab as always
    enjoyed ore the most and thought claudia struggled but loved it all. I did think that peter kay was funny and im not a fan as a rule

  7. I thought Claudia was over marked and Danny definitely not in time at the beginning. The judges have their favourites!

    1. danny deserved the score he got, he possibly shouldve had it for the last few weeks. the judges dont seem to expect nearly as much from claudia and will give her tens for simply not making any mistakes, which is a shame for the others who seem to be getting pulled apart by the judges for the smallest things

      1. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but I just can’t take to him , feel like I’m in the minority, thoughpleased to see not completely alone

      2. Dave, very much surprised with this contribution. Danny is not just popular with the visitors on the site, he is by miles the best dancer this year. (Please look beyond the too bleeched teeth, if that is what bothers you) 🙂

  8. I’d say Ed will be in the dance off this week (a bit overdue) with either Claudia or Greg. But Ed will go with the other two following over the next two weeks unless they really up their games.

    1. Do you really believe he’s FINALLY going to be eliminated…. he should have gone out in week 1 ffs!
      If the vote here is anything to go by, Judge and Ore will be in the dance off

      1. They always have the novelty dancer but they’ve stretched it too long with Ed. I agree he should have been long gone by now.

  9. Really enjoyed Greg and Natalie’s quickstep, thought they were a bit undermarked. But think they will be in dance off again.
    Agree with a number of comments on here, cannot take to DannyMac.
    Thanks for the site Dave Thorpe rounds off my Saturday night.

  10. DAnny went wrong in the beginning it wasn’t mentioned and he got 10s. Judges favourite as usual. Claudia, & Greg went wrong And were marked accordingly! ED Balls was rubbish tonight, he’s got to be in the dance off otherwise another good couple will go!. Although Ore got 10s still think he might be in the dance off as not the viewers favourite like Daisy wasn’t. Viewers start remembering it a dance competition ad stop voting for Ed. he wasn’t even entertaining tonight!

  11. For some reason I don’t like Oti I’m sure she is lovely but the rumours about her whinging about her dance partner last year put me off her. I wanted Ore to win from week but Louise is growing on me ?

    1. Me too Jane cant take to Oti, something about her attitude! Louise seems just a normal girl, more power to her!

    2. yes, I recall last year Oti was quite nasty. I guess there is another side to her, have seen some of Ola in the jungle, I never liked her on strictly, in the jungle she seems ok

    1. I’ve seen a few newspaper articles saying the same. I’ve watched the clip on those articles and Robert seemed to take Peter’s jokes in the good humour they were intended

  12. Well for my tuppence worth, underwhelmed with pretty much the whole show tonight, sorry. Opening group dance was good. Claudia did an OK job but looked like she was struggling, Ore seems like a nice guy, but only average as a dancer, Louise had good technique, but totally lacked attack, Danny, to be fair, put on a good show, but I just can’t take to him. Ed had terrible technique but was top entertainment, Greg was decent, but I found the song and setting a bit manic and frankly I find him rather wooden, although I like Natalie and I thought the judge and Oksana were pretty good, but had a terrible song and were somewhat overcrowded by the backing dancers. My money is on Greg for the dance off, probably against Ore, maybe against Ed, the judge or Claudia. If I’m right then I think the only person he’d be guaranteed to beat would be Ed, he might beat the judge but not only did the judge get a higher score to start with, but he’s never been in the dance off before, which, frankly, I think should count. I don’t see him beating Claudia or Ore, but, hey I could be totally wrong about everything.

  13. I loved Judge Rinder,he brings so much joy to his dancing,cant understand Claudia overmarked every week,same with Danny 40 seriously! Ed is usually comedy gold,but was a bit flat this week.Not sure who’ll go this week,possibly Greg ( not much personality but nice guy)

  14. I too was underwhelmed with the show overall tonight. They have that super space to dance in and fill it with clutter and other distracting dancers. There were some bizarre music choices. I thought Claudia made a number of mistakes.
    If Blackpool is the top venue then why is it not used for the final,

    1. I’m guessing a combination of factors. Firstly I’d suspect the venue charges a lot more closer to Christmas. Secondly there are fewer contestants and Blackpool is a big space to fill and thirdly it’s logistically dicey. November is late autumn/early winter, whereas the final is very definitely in winter. Blackpool is in the North of England, where there is a much higher chance of heavy snow than in London, meaning that it could be difficult to get the show there and/or back, plus I’m guessing that celebs who are doing other work at the same time will be at their busiest during the run up to Christmas.

  15. Ah, yes I see “this is a dance competition” comments again. If that is the case why do the bbc bother enlisting Balls, Widdecombe, Sergeant every year when they know a public vote is likely to save them for weeks for entertainment or sympathy value. If you want a “competition” then enlist “celebs” who can actually dance!

    1. To be fair, it’s certain members of the audience who are posting the comments, rather than the BBC. I can see that some of the people who watch Strictly are dance purists and therefore find it frustrating that people like Ed Balls can stick around for weeks on end thanks to getting a huge number of votes from people who treat Strictly as being purely for entertainment, which, I suspect, is most of the audience.

      1. To be honest, I think the show itself is getting way past its sell by date. Very samey one year after the next and predictable. And, the so called “celebs” are becoming more and more who is he/she?

        1. I don’t think it needs to be binned completely, I do think it needs a refresh, by which I mean a return to its roots. If I were in charge (like that would ever happen). I’d put AdB on the judging panel instead of Len and drop Craig for Karen Hardy. I’d put the pros back in charge of song choices and get back to routines which were about the pro and the celeb and the occasional prop like a table, a chair, a hat, a stick etc rather than having routines which look like they’re mini West End shows with full sets and, in the later stages, backing (cough) dancers as well.

          1. I think Craig although is harsh he’s more realistic than Bruno and darcy
            Karen hardy is good but gets a bit ott and makes her too overpowering to watch
            Anton would be good and not forgetting the lovely Ian Waite!!

  16. Overmarked Ore. Undermarked Louise. One of the best Paso’s I have seen.
    I also thought Darcy lost her marbles. Marking Louise and Judge Rinder with a 9 apiece? Ridiculous

  17. Is it just me who’s struggles to connect with Danny as a person, he’s technically brilliant but as a person he leaves me feeling a little bit cold? That being said his Charleston was outta this world.

  18. Danny made 2 mistakes and didn’t get penalised … why not ?? They seem to have Eagle eyes usually about these tiny mistakes … instead he got perfect 10’s … hmmmmm .. aj once again went Ott with Claudia and she struggled… but Judge , once again , YOU ROCKED IT ❤️❤️

  19. Thought most were over marked tonight. claudia’s first 10-12 bars weren’t on the beat. Greg too strong, although when hold good, Louise couldn’t get round poor music and distraction of other dancers. It didn’t feel right to me, but v long time since I taught. Danny looked like the trained dancer he is, but some timing out at start, and I didn’t really like it. If balls isn’t out tonight I may have to give up on rest of the series, so far behind the others now it’s laughable, still mincing and smirking, little or no dance steps in bits. Never seen anyone stand still in a jive ( I think) before

  20. I wonder if Ore actually started dancing at the start of his routines every week he may improve but as he poses for the first 30 seconds every week!! 3 x 10’s?? No chance

    1. the choreography isnt ore’s fault, he dances with what he is given. please try and find a fault with ore’s dancing, since clearly the judges couldnt, which is why he got his tens

      1. Ok that’s easy, he is probably 5th best in the competition but the judges for some reason favour him, is it he works for the BBC, or something else? He missus the first 30 seconds because he can’t remember 2 minutes routine so 1.30 is his limit!! If you think he was better than Louise then you should switch over to watch X factor

        1. I don’t appreciate having words put in my mouth, but since you mentioned louise she is such a gorgeous natural dancer and with kevins amazing choreography she is shining every week and will be in the final for sure. danny is the best dancer in this competition, but im not sure who else you think is dancing better than ore? must be personal opinion, but regardless of whether or not you like the way the dance was choreographed or the way he danced it (which the judges all seemed pretty pleased with) you should be able to recognise that ore didnt miss a beat in that dance. please rewatch it and then get back to me with a fault in ore’s dancing, since maybe you misunderstood my question.

          1. My point is that a man who hardly dances and has very little to remember can score 10’s off 3 judges!!! I agree with Craig who gave him 8, my opinion

  21. Expected Greg to be in the dance off but thought he would he would be up against Robert or Ed. Didn’t expect Claudia to be in the bottom two. Rooting for Danny to win.

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