Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 9 Spoilers

Strictly was in Sunny Blackpool this week but whose performances rose them to the top of the tower and who ended up in the tower dungeon? No need to wait until the not live results show to learn the fate of your favourites as the Strictly Spoiler is on hand to provide much needed illumination so here without any further ado are the results:

Greg and Claudia had to dance off. The judges saved Claudia.  Greg was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate.

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Week 9 (Blackpool): Who's your favourite? (choose up to 3)

  • Danny and Oti (24%, 3,828 Votes)
  • Louise and Kevin (21%, 3,396 Votes)
  • Ore and Joanne (13%, 2,077 Votes)
  • Ed and Katya (12%, 1,873 Votes)
  • Robert and Oksana (11%, 1,800 Votes)
  • Claudia and AJ (11%, 1,798 Votes)
  • Greg and Natalie (8%, 1,336 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,173

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14 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 9 Spoilers”

  1. .. and Ed is still there after being the bottom of the judges’ leader board every week bar one! Perhaps they should change the name to Strictly Come Voting

  2. This is supposed to be a dance competition not a popularity show, Ed Balls can’t dance, he hasn’t improved and he clearly is the worst, ( I can’t call him a dancer). He has the voters support which he didn’t get at the last election so he will hang on till grim death, that’s the politician in him. He will be in Jungle next year and then the worlds his lobster.if he wins the show will lose viewers in this house

    1. Of course it’s not a dance competition!!! It’s an ENTERTAINMENT show, and love him or lathe him, Ed Balls is entertaining. If you look on Facebook and Twitter he is probably getting more public votes than anyone. Personally, I don’t want him to win but many many MANY do!

      1. We started off with 15 couples and we lost one each week and there is a trophy for the winner…. hmmm by definition its a competition. And its really annoying that people are still voting for that bufoon!!! He cannot dance and never will be able to.

  3. That’s a real shame. Greg: No previous dance experience at all. No showbiz experience. He has shown the most improvement from nothing than anybody else. His quickstep was brilliant, a far cry from Ed’s laboured jive. The best I can say about Ed is that he can step in time to the beat. People cry that ‘it’s an entertainment show’, but for me, watching great dancing is entertainment. It’s not as if Ed even has an endearing personality.

  4. The producers’ have brought it upon themselves when they hired so many young, fit and experienced contestants this year… it seems like they forgot about the ethos of the show. Blackpool has historically been the place where we see off the last of the “duffers”, the fact that Ed and Katya keep dancing through to next week (despite possibly Ed’s worst performance in a while) is a testament to the viewers’ uneasiness about the direction the show is taking. It is unfortunate that other contestants have fallen by the wayside but we shouldn’t blame Ed for giving it his all. I’d like to see either Ed or Rob in the final… it’s going to be without excitement otherwise.

    1. I agree with much of this. The charm of the show was having non dancers dance with professionals and improve. Having a mix of ages and no ringers….musical stars, singers with a stage dance act, those who have had dance or ballet tuition etc. The public usually see through them! I usually vote for the most improved. In this years offering it is Robert or Ed.

      1. Having ballet or pop experience doesnt help them when it comes to ballroom and latin its a totally different discipline entirely. The only advantage is that it shows that they have a good sense of rhythm and some of the others have that too. As many have seen Ed has a great sense of timing and rhythm naturally but hes still got two left feet, he cant dance at all however much he tries. Ore has the same but knows how to use the rhythm and timing to dance well

  5. It may be a dance comp but Ed does have a appeal about him and it’s no surprise to see him get to and past Blackpool. As long as he can keep away from the bottom 2, he might survive another week but we are in the serious end of the series now and with Claudia about to go next week, his future Train or Canal Journey TV series can wait another week or so

  6. Expected Greg to be in the dance off but thought he would be up against Robert or Ed. Didn’t expect Claudia to be in the bottom two. Rooting for Danny to win.

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