Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 12 Spoilers

Strictly had double the dances this week but I’ve still got double the spoilers because as well as checking out the normal weekly spoiler which follows you can also read the most talked about spoiler in the UK, as featured in too many newspapers and magazines to mention, it’s the Christmas Special Spoiler. But anyway enough of that, whose Strictly journey ended one week too soon and who has sailed into next week’s final. The Strictly Spoiler is on hand to reveal all, so here are the results:

Danny and Claudia had to dance off. The judges saved Danny. Claudia was eliminated.

The finalists are (in no particular order):

Ore and Joanne
Louise and Kevin
Danny and Oti

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate

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96 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 12 Spoilers”

  1. Injustice. Our so called ‘tactical’ voting backfired as I’m sure it is the case that Danny voters voted for Claudia instead to try and overcome the bias of the judges and BBC

        1. I did tactically vote. Well to be fair not really although Danny is my favourite Claudia was my 2nd favourite. I thought Danny would be safe so spent all my votes on Claudia. Travesty doesn’t cover it. Danny and Claudia were head and shoulders above the other two!

      1. If the judges do their “judging” tactically to artificially inflate the least liked dancer’s position on the leaderboard, we have to try and rectify that. They got the result they wanted this weekend, next weekend they will be giving Ore and Louise 40 each for all dances, Danny will get 37s or 38s…..yet will be the public’s winner, so we will get chance to give them the finger.

      1. People couldnt vote for Danny or Claudia for 20 mins. People had no issue getting through for Louise or Ore after a few mins.

  2. Can’t believe Danny was in the dance off, he had two of the best dances of the night, actually think Louise was the weakest of the four semi-finalsts and actually would have preferred Claudia in the final instead of her.Still think Danny will win.

    1. At the start of the voting there was a technical issue with voting for 2 people, Claudia & Danny. Funny how those two were in the dance off….

        1. Voting online was also affected for those two. People couldnt register their votes for 10 mins after the voting opened.

      1. I managed to get my votes through for Claudia just fine. The voting is centralised whether you vote online or by phone. If people had issues voting they would have had those issues regardless of who they tried to vote for

        1. I eventually got through on the phone for Claudia. I know people who managed to get through straight away for Ore & Louise.

  3. Glad it was Claudia ,think she had been overmarked in previous weeks.Think Craig was very petty with Ore this week,he really did 2 wonderful dances

    1. Claudia has always been under marked, there are many especially two in the final that have been regularly overmarked

    2. Claudia overmarked? Undermarked more like! Ores Argentine Tango was awful, it was literally ALL Joanne. Danny & Louise were also overmarked

  4. Absolutely gutted, Claudia had the best dance off the night. The tactical marking from the judge’s has won out, I see and I won’t be watching the final.

    1. Please Emily, watch the final and make sure the judges don’t get their way – make Danny the winner instead of one of the Cliftons (as that is what appears to be about, not the celebrity).

        1. It’s not Clifton hating – it’s injustice hating. The choreography for that AT was poor, and Ore’s posture with hunched shoulders should have been picked up, but it wasn’t.

          I liked Ore’s QS….until I saw Claudia and that just blew it out of the water.

          Kevin played it very safe for Louise this time, Jo played it safe with Ore, it’s as if they knew they wouldn’t have to do any more.

          1. I could accept that if i thought that but comments not just from this week but from previius weeks never mention the choreography they mention only the fact that its a conspiracy to get a clifton win which is nonsense. You are the first to mention the content of the dances and while i agree about louise i dont about Ore i thought that both QS ‘s were equal. Ores was good but there was a mistake with a steo he did and at times claudia couldnt keep up with Aj so her footwork suffered a little because of the height difference

  5. Dear Lord. Couldn’t we have predicted that after the appalling over – marking for Ore. So incensed I may have to vote for Oti for the win despite thinking Danny has made no progress whatsoever.
    Poor Claudia and AJ.

    1. Mmm somehow i dont think thats playing the game properly. If you think he was overmarked its hardly his fault and you would just be punishing him. If you vote for Danny at least do it because hes a great dancer and for no other reason

  6. Nooo – neither of them were my particular favourites (thought I wanted Louise to win, though she struggled a bit tonight) but BOTH deserve their place in the final more than Ore. Poor Claudia and AJ. Such a shame that they can’t even go out on a high because of the judges’ harsh marking. Would have loved to see their showdance too!

    Instead we’ll have to put up with the judges’ gushing over how much Ore is like Fred Astaire. What a joke!

    At least the result is up to the public and I hope most people feel like the people on this website.

    I wonder what the formula will be for the final this year, since they are a dancer down? Will they still whittle it down by one to start or will all 3 dance 3 dances? (I think that’s how it normally works?)

    Thanks for the spoiler tonight – there was no way I could have waited until tomorrow evening!

    1. I don’t think most people do feel like people do on this website. Clearly as Ore gets through public vote every week – he’s a great dancer. I’ve only followed this website this year and don’t think i’ll bother again. Massize criticism of Ore every week even when he’s danced well. Lots of people on here with huge chips on their shoulders and who take things far too seriously.

      1. Ore has been in the bottom two twice, so I don’t think he is very popular. I don’t mind the guy, but I don’t like that he has been so regularly overmarked. It’s unfair and makes me want the others (e.g. Claudia who is always undermarked) to do better as a result. I think lots of other people notice this (my sister was fuming about it tonight and she normally couldn’t give two hoots who comes where on th leaderboard). He can dance well, and actually it’s a shame that the judges’ scores mean I can’t enjoy that.

        1. That’s my issue too. I was actually rooting for Ore too earlier in the season, but the regular overmarking put me off him. It takes away from the whole thing to see blatant favouritism on display. I’m bummed for Claudia, I really am.

          1. Me too Tracey, I was being open minded and said that they were the ones to watch, but didn’t count on the appalling favouritism shown by the judges, which means I watch him through gritted teeth. Claudia’s QS was nothing short of sensational.

        2. I agree about Claudia – I loved her Lion king dance last week and her QS tonight was the best dance of the night. Personally I think Louise should have gone. I’ve loved some of her dances but she was weaker than the other 3 tonight for definite.

          1. I agree Louise should have been bottom, but she’s the people’s favourite and was never really in doubt. Her samba was overmarked too, but at least the judges still give her some criticism.

        3. I agree Beth, ever since his Jive and AS he’s been good but hasn’t really made any progress, but I do think that is in part due to the choreography. Oti has brought something completely different to the show but she has a partner who can produce it. Danny works so hard and she pushes him, just like AJ pushed Claudia, and I think they knew that the Cliftons would get through pretty much no matter what and they had to work really hard.

    2. Yeah I’m wondering how the final will work this year myself and you’re right as to how it normally happens in a four couple final so who knows what option the BBC will choose for this three couple final

      Either they will do 2 dances each and then we lose one couple with the final two doing a third dance in which case in a bit of a novelty we’ll learn who came 2nd and 3rd which will be nice. Or all 3 will dance all through the final until a winner and two runners up are declared

      1. I have a feeling it will be the latter – they don’t like us to know the result of the public vote so clearly, and then the powers that be can get behind their favoured couple to get stooges to vote for them during the show!

        If Danny doesn’t win it will be a travesty, nothing more nothing less – Chris Hollins won because he and Ola weren’t trying to win, just do their best, so I didn’t mind Ricky Whittle not winning, but Ore has talked of nothing more than ‘wanting to win the competition’ for the last few weeks…very off putting.

    3. Having four couples in the final was only introduced in series 10. Before that,there was only 3 finalists and they way it worked was that the final was split across two shows. On the first show, each of the finalists danced their showdance and a redemption dance I think then the couple in third place was announced. On the second show, the remaining two couples performed two more dances(think one was their favourite dance they performed on the show,not sure who picked the second one) and then the winner was announced at the end of the show from the public voting that night.

  7. Personally I think Louise was the weakest tonight. Claudia didn’t deserve to go – she was great tonight. Hope Ore wins.

  8. How the heck was Danny in the dance-off?! Anyone with eyes could see that the judges inflated Ore’s scores to get him atop the leaderboard. This is BS! Poor Claudia. I was really hoping she’d make it to the end. I’m relieved my Team Doti is safe, but still bummed. And boring Louise never made it to the chopping block once!

    1. Anyone with eyes could see Ore danced well. Just most people on here have decided they can’t stand him so even when he does do well they’re not willing to admit it.

          1. The AT is probably my favourite dance, so I was looking forward to it as Ore and Joanne have been pretty good all series. But Ore mostly stood there and he didn’t even do that well. I’m not a Clifton hater, I was disappointed Joanne wasn’t in it last series and I’ve been voting for Ore (and Claudia) since Daisy left, until last night when it was just Claudia.

          2. I’ve been disappointed with the ATs this series, tbh. Louise’s was technically sound but lacked umph, Danny’s was technically brilliant, but the song choice was terrible & ruined it for me. Claudia’s was meh, & this one was tragic. The producers/judges obviously were trying to save Ore from the dance off, because they wouldn’t be able to justify saving him over any of the other three. Claudia came into her own last night & I am bummed she got shafted.

        1. He obviously couldn’t cope with two dances, at least even Louise had a good bit of technicality in both her dances, but that AT was utter rubbish – it actually looked like a rumba minus the hips, and his posture was awful.

    2. It’s all in the name of a Clifton, Clifton final.. If Will Young hadn’t walked, I have no doubt it would have been a triple Clifton final. I call fix, especially as the BBC refuses to reveal it’s voting figures. They can easily massage the scores as they please.

      1. A part of me was bummed for Karen when Will walked, but I also breathed a sigh of relief. I like Ore just fine, but come on. They were too obvious tonight. And Louise, bless her, has done nothing for me all series. There are always concerns about voting on these things. I remember once on the US version – season 16, I believe, they threw out the entire online vote for the final, citing a ‘glitch.’

        1. Their partners perform mediocre dances and are simply not worthy finalists. It is in fact pretty disturbing Pamela, if you like the dance aspects of the show. (As not only I have pointed out..)

          1. Totally agree John – I have nothing against the Cliftons but the completely obvious attempt by them to lift Ore out of trouble and into the final was disgraceful and they have simpered to Louise all series. She is a good dancer, nothing more.

          2. In your opinion .. i think otherwise . I think ore is a great dancer as he has proved it time and time again. What ever you say the comments above would suggest that its only because he is with a clifton and thats ridiculous. Danny is a fab dancer aswell of course and is obviously going to win. The one who should have left was louise.

      1. I hope so too. Oti’s choreography has been a breath of fresh air, and she has polished Danny to a shine as a dancer. Yes, he came in from a performing arts background, and folks are making it look like he’s got dance titles under his belt because of that, but no one can say he’s coasted. I see no one complaining about Louise’s performance experience, but I digress. Danny’s put in the work, Oti’s raised the choreo bar, and the pair of them deserve it most.

  9. I’m sorry but I think you are all being totally unfair towards Ore, he’s a sports reporter with no dance experience and has done tremendously well to get to the final. I think the bias is coming from the people commenting on here not the BBC and the judges. We all have different opinions, don’t critisise people if their opinion doesn’t agree with yours

    1. Ore took part in “Lets Dance” for Comic Relief in 2013, a dance competition. It’s true he didn’t make the final, but saying he has no dance experience is a bit disingenuous.

  10. Right decision. I loved Ore’s dances, and whilst Claudia’s dances were good, they were performances that left me feeling cold. She can perform but this is not a gym competition.

    Oh and FWIW, I had problems voting for Louise so not sure where it came from that Claudia and Danny were the only ones affected. It cleared after about 5 mins.

  11. The 3 I wanted in the Final are there, so I’m satisfied. Danny is excellent but Ore is my favorite. Interesting that Louise jumped Danny in the public vote tonight. She could come through the middle so to speak and win.

  12. Danny being in the dance off must surely be a result of tactical voting – a dance off between Danny and any of the others would certainly have resulted in the others going home, so people supporting Danny could feel free to vote for whoever else they wanted to save.

  13. I agree with the comments about Louise, tonight was her worst week. She should have been in the dance-off at least. I’m sorry that Claudia has gone, she deserved to be in the final. Ore’s dances were excellent! I’m delighted to see him get through as the media had him out this week.

  14. I’m in shock about Danny being in the dance off. Claudia defiantly was the right person to go but I thought Louise would be in the dance off with her, not Danny! Ore proved a lot of people wrong tonight and totally deserved to be in the final 3 based on his QS and AT. It’s going to be tough to call next week, hopefully Danny will win though!!!

    1. Totally disagree Kirsten, Ore did nothing more than a rumba without hips as the man in that AT, no ganchos, appalling hunched shoulder posture. His QS was good, but Claudia’s was sensational – he has been bottom of the viewer’s polls apart from the last two to leave (Ed and Judge Rinder) so the judges had to put him undeservedly to the top so he would get through. Why, I don’t know – Len has nothing to do with the Clifton family but the BBC do seem invested in them somehow.

      I do agree about wanting Danny to win though!

  15. It is simple
    If you read the Guardian Live blog, the writer says Danny will win, so many people say he will win
    So, I believe a lot of people really thought he was safe and so voted for others they would like to see in the final. They may want others in the final who they don’t necessarily want to win. I know I really wanted Claudia in the final, not necessarily to win but because I wanted to see her show dance
    I think as there are only three in the final they should let her do one anyway ?

  16. Run Ore, run!

    And we will totally overlook the fact that you’re so tired from the running in the first dance, that you’re standing still during the entirety of the second.

    And the fact that your shoulders are bouncing like a skippy, for which we penalise heavily in week 3… who looks after such detail!

    @darcy, please retire from the show also. urgently. utterly appalling scoring indeed.

    Louise finally delivered a dance that made me smile, irrespective of the fact that it was technically one of her poorest and exposed again how heavy she is as a dancer. But who cares about those details.

    And finally, unaware that I made a space trip tonight. As on my planet Danny smashed it again with a dazzling amount of technique that nobody matches by lengths, and Claudia convincingly confirmed that she is the only other worthy finalist this season. So where were you all at tonight? With Papa C or with me?

  17. Run Ore, run!

    And we will totally overlook the fact that you’re so tired from the running in the first dance, that you’re standing still during the entirety of the second.

    And the fact that your shoulders are bouncing like a skippy, for which we penalise heavily in week 3… who looks after such detail!

    @darcy, please retire from the show also. urgently. appalling scoring indeed.

    Louise finally delivered a dance that made me smile, irrespective of the fact that it was technically one of her poorest and exposed again how heavy she is as a dancer. But who cares about those details.

    And finally, unaware that I made a space trip tonight. As on my planet Danny smashed it again with a dazzling amount of technique that nobody matches by lengths, and Claudia convincingly confirmed that she is the only other worthy finalist this season. So where were you all at tonight? With Papa C or with me?

    1. I’m with you John, we are obviously on a different planet where mediocrity is rewarded and we didn’t know that the ability of the dancer to appear in the Strictly tour makes a difference to the voting of the judges! (Apparently Claudia may not be able to appear).

  18. I had a feeling this would happen after the judge’s so-called scoring last night. Luckily this is only a show and does not make or break a career, but Claudia and AJ have been robbed. The only dancer to improve last night was her in her Quickstep, which was insane given she had two dances to learn.

    Ore did his best with the AT, but 99% of us could see that it was all Jo dancing and not him, so therefore you blame the choreographer. As an AT, it was very poor, even 22 year old AJ managed to choreograph a superior routine. I liked his Quickstep, until I saw how brilliant Claudia’s was!!

    Danny is the only celeb to have beautiful swing and sway and emotion coming through in his dancing (if you don’t look at the faces, just the bodies you will know what I mean), whereas Louise is a good dancer, but nothing more than that. Still looking at the floor during the dances, still no wow factor – I can feel another ballroom based show dance from Kevin coming on.

    Judging by your poll last night Dave, Danny & Oti will win by a country mile, the judges could give Ore and Louise 120 for each dance and the public will give them the finger and vote for the worthy winner, not the one that they are yet again trying to push us to vote for……when will they learn??

    Claudia and AJ should be very proud, she went out on a real high and was the only dancer who actually improved this week.

    1. Normally I’d agree with you about Danny and Oti walking the final but this week has shown that votes in my poll don’t necessarily translate to votes with the BBC. Prior to the spoiler being posted my poll was predicting the other two couples in the Dance Off and therefore a Louise exit. I’ve seen so many people say they were voting for Claudia this weekend to get her into the final but Louise still managed to outpoll her with the BBC

      I think the final may be a lot closer than we are expecting and it won’t be the walk in the park last year’s was. Despite what my polls say it’s still very much anyone’s glitter ball and Louise and Kevin (or possibly Ore and Joanne) may still spoil Danny and Oti’s party

      1. Bum! Well, maybe we should all create new online presences and register with the BBC with all of them (which apparently people were doing to vote for Ed) and then see if we can’t get the worthy winner, not the one the BBC so obviously want.

    2. I don’t think you can necessarily blame Jo for Ore having nothing to do in the AT. I suspect he was probably struggling and she cut it down, especially since what little he did do wasn’t good.

  19. The BBC and Darcy all want Ore to win for pc readons.Craig and Len however are putting a spanner in the works preferring Danny.
    Bruno wanted Claudia to go further but Craig & Len never rated her…alot of microaggression against her height & profession.

    Louise’s last dance was poor compared to earlier shows. She is the best dancdr after Danny but Clifton has bad choices of music & themes. The judges are not willing to let Louise go ahead of the two boys and keep undermarking her.

    prediction final
    1 Danny
    2 Ore
    3 Louise

    should have been final
    1 Danny
    2 Louise
    3 Claudia

  20. Very disappointed that Claudia didn’t get through and Ore did. Claudia Louise and Danny (although I don’t like him) are by far the best dancers. Claudia has been in a fight all the way through the series with being under marked. Managed to vote online although it took a while to get the screen to come up. Hope someone has ordered a supply of tissues for the cry baby next week. He’s even worse than Helen was last year constantly turning on the tears.

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