Jonnie Peacock Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2017

As revealed in last night’s Strictly Spoiler Jonnie and Oti have been eliminated after losing in the dance off with Debbie and Giovanni.

You can relive their Tango from Blackpool in the video below:

Did the right couple leave? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with tonight’s results right here in the comments section below or over on Facebook or Twitter using the links above.

Apologies once again for those of you who had site issues last night. I’ve talked about it quite a bit here although some of you on Twitter took issue with my explanation that it was down to constant site refreshes and my suggestion that people should ease down on the refreshing of the site at peak times. I am working with my web host to see if the issues can be solved although that solution may involve upgrading the hosting to a dedicated server which will be VERY expensive and may be completely unaffordable for me especially since we have 3 spoiler weekends left. If you want to help out the server fund which is currently about 1/3 of the way there you can check out the donation page Any contributions would be gratefully received but are entirely optional and please only consider donating if you can afford to do so.

I promised you some winners today but again real life and all the dramas with the hosting and the backlash I received on some social networks got in the way and I needed some time out. I will get the competition drawn in the next couple of days and announce it on the songs/dances post.

Don’t forget you can vote in this week’s poll and tell me who your favourites from week 9 were. You can select up to 3 options

Week 9 (Blackpool): Who were your favourites? (Choose up to 3)

  • Gemma and Aljaz (25%, 6,742 Votes)
  • Davood and Nadiya (16%, 4,430 Votes)
  • Joe and Katya (15%, 4,156 Votes)
  • Alexandra and Gorka (14%, 3,889 Votes)
  • Susan and Kevin (9%, 2,403 Votes)
  • Mollie and AJ (8%, 2,186 Votes)
  • Debbie and Giovanni (8%, 2,073 Votes)
  • Jonnie and Oti (5%, 1,229 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,185

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2 Replies to “Jonnie Peacock Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2017”

  1. Debbie went wrong 3 times in the dance off and still Craig said she was outstanding. Says it all really

    1. She could’ve gone wrong a dozen times and would still have been the better dancer in the dance-off. The dance-off is probably the only time Strictly actually becomes a dance competition with the result determined by the judges. The rest of the time it’s a bizarre popularity contest… how else can Susan Calman’s still being there be explained?

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