Site Migration Complete

Took a bit longer than I originally expected but the site should now be back up for most users!

Some elements of the site move had to be done manually and also it took a while for the change of host to spread throughout the internet. Some people may still be pointing to the old host (virgin media in particular seem to be slow at updating their DNS) in which case they’ll see an “origin DNS” error rather than this post. This should clear up in the next few hours.

Thanks to everyone who donated using the donation button who made this site move possible. Whilst I didn’t manage to get a dedicated server I’ve done the next best thing which is something called a VPS. My new host also claims that under my package I should be able to cope with 300million page views a month. Maybe not test that too thoroughly but we’ll see how we go at the weekend.

The site will remain with this host now until the end of the series then I plan to move it back to a cheaper solution during the quieter period as I don’t really fancy paying £70 a month to host the site when cheaper solutions will be fine while Strictly isn’t on.

Donations will remain open and if you want to help out with next years hosting costs or simply want to buy me a pint you can donate using the button below (paypal will take a cut) or this link (all money goes to me)

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