Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 (Musicals Week) Songs/Dances

Yes I know this is quite a bit later than normal but obviously the recent site move has taken priority for the last few days. On Tuesday, The BBC announced the songs and dances that the remaining 6 couples would be dancing to during musical week tomorrow. And they are……

  • Davood and Nadiya perform an Argentine Tango to The Phantom Of The Opera from The Phantom Of The Opera
  • Joe and Katya will Samba to Money Money from Cabaret
  • Alexandra and Gorka dance the Charleston to Supercalifragilistic from Mary Poppins
  • Debbie and Giovanni perform an American Smooth to Memory from Cats
  • Gemma and Aljaz will Quickstep to Hello Dolly! from Hello Dolly!
  • Mollie and AJ dance the Rumba to Hopelessly Devoted To You from Grease

What do you think of the song choices. As always you can let me know in the comments section below, or over on Facebook or Twitter

Once again I’m letting you guys down on the winners front as again the site move has taken priority. Sorry for that. What I will definitely do is draw a winner for this week and last week on each entry method when I draw this week’s winners over the weekend and all 6 winners will be announced on one of the posts over the weekend.

Don’t forget that the Christmas Special Spoiler is available for your viewing pleasure. As featured in all the newspapers including the front page of The Daily Star (again!). Just as well there isn’t any other important world events happening right now so newspapers can waste their time talking about me!

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