Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 Spoilers

Strictly was at the musicals and I’ve got a two for one on spoilers tonight as not only is there the regular elimination spoiler but there’s also the spoiler that all the newspapers are talking about as there’s no other important world events happening right now. The Christmas Special Spoiler is here for your viewing pleasure. But I’m sure most of you are here to learn who made the semi final. So here are the results:

Davood and Alexandra had to dance off. The judges saved Alexandra. Davood was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through a spoiler group who have previously provided accurate spoilers and should be accurate

No winners to tell you about tonight as the site move, and various site issues as well university have gotten in the way of me drawing the prize draws for last week and this week. I’ll have 6 winners to tell you about on the elimination post tomorrow.

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Sorry no poll this week as the caching being used to try and keep the site up at peak times is not compatible with the poll software.

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9 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 Spoilers”

  1. interesting bottom 2. sadly think the right person of the 6 went, although he’s been great last couple of weeks, last night wasn’t great.

    wait for the racism posts after bottom 2 announced

    1. It will be really sad if racism rears it’s ugly head again. Those on one side will rage if Davood or Alexandra get booted off. Those on the other side will rage and say it’s a politically correct fix if one of them should win the glitter ball.
      You just can’t win with the racist state of mind. It’s time folks understood it’s what’s in a person’s head and heart that matters, not what colour of skin they have.

      1. exactly, what I try and say to those who say it every week. I don’t think it is racism in any way, but some will always claim it is, they did when Ore did last year and when Nadiya Hussain won bake off couple of years ago. you can’t win someone will always complain

  2. I liked alexandra’s dance last night – except her boot colour being dark distracted me, but not related to her dancing at all.
    my question is alexandra had an hour of the one show this week, she has an interview in this week’s radio times, how come she’s getting all this preferential treatment? I know that all the finalists will be given time on radio and TV the finals week, but not seen anyone so pushed into media before.
    still rooting for Joe, hope he at least makes the final

  3. Here’s hoping Gemma & Molly get to the final. Then maybe one of the ‘lesser’ dancers stands a chance of winning.
    Not sure what Alexandra did to bottom 2 again. Hope it’s purely down to lack of votes and nothing to do with racism. She seems like a nice person.

  4. Looks like Alexandra will definitely be booted at Final 4.
    She’s a good cushion to be evicted during the live finals………
    Good luck to the 3 other pairs who will be at the finals with Alexandra
    Not many people are voting for her.

  5. Not happy that Alexandra was in the bottom two again after being joint top in the leaderboard, she had the best dance of the night for me. Gutted that Davood won’t be in the final as he deserved to be there with Debbie,Joe and Alexandra (hoping the three of them do still end up in final). Gemma and Mollie are the weakest contestants left.

  6. and the complaints about only 2 non white contestants have started. I really thought people were relatively sane. I was wrong. some people are never happy

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