Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Discussion/Poll

It’s the annual halloween spooktacular with ghosts and ghouls coming to the dance floor. But whose performance was a halloween treat? And who was just ghastly?

You can let me know your devilish thoughts about Strictly’s halloween show right here in the comments section (comments only display on frightening individual posts and not on the ghostly homepage).

Or you can join the covens over on Facebook or Twitter (on Twitter please remember to tag @davejthorp and include the terrifying hashtag #StrictlySpoiler) and let me and the rest of the mediums know your thoughts about tonight’s show.

Each time you get involved in the discussion you earn a secret potion. And an entry into the prize draw to win one of the £20 Amazon UK vouchers I have up for grabs each and every week.

A ghoulish poll will open right here once the 11 couples have all danced tonight and will give you something to do whilst we wait for the chilling spoiler to come in tonight. You will be able to select up to 3 options as normal.

Week Six (Halloween Week) - Who were your favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Stacey and Kevin (21%, 9,039 Votes)
  • Faye and Giovanni (20%, 8,908 Votes)
  • Ashley and Pasha (17%, 7,574 Votes)
  • Joe and Dianne (13%, 5,575 Votes)
  • Danny and Amy (7%, 3,151 Votes)
  • Charles and Karen (5%, 2,370 Votes)
  • Kate and Aljaž (4%, 1,871 Votes)
  • Lauren and AJ (4%, 1,749 Votes)
  • Graeme and Oti (3%, 1,367 Votes)
  • Seann and Katya (2%, 1,016 Votes)
  • Dr Ranj and Janette (2%, 992 Votes)

Total Voters: 17,353

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Reminder that spoilers have been generally much later than normal this series around if not after 11pm. Once again can I ask that if you are part of the communities on Twitter or Facebook please do not bombard me with messages asking if I’ve heard yet. If the spoiler is not posted to this site the answer will be no and I receive hundreds of notifications on Twitter and Facebook on a Saturday night and your messages will get lost in among them

3 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Discussion/Poll”

    1. They had the chance last week though, and should’ve taken it. I think they were worried about a Twitch-hunt with all the publicity at the time so kept him in.

      1. True. As you say I think they wanted to avoid another media melee. Definitely think he’s a goner this week.

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