Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Spoilers

It was the annual Halloween Spooktacular with our 11 remaining couples donning ghoulish outfits and performing halloween inspired routines for their survival. But one of our couples has received a trick from the public and the judges and has just been eliminated. The BBC might want you to wait a horrifying extra hour and a half compared to normal this weekend to learn the results but the internet is on hand with the information you crave. So here are the hellish results………..

Seann and Graeme had to take part in the devilish dance off. The Vampire Judges unanimously saved Graeme. Seann was turned into a zombie. And eliminated too!

Complaints to a medium

This week’s spoiler has come from a vampire audience were-mole sourced through my usual coven of witches and should be accurate.

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You can also vote in this week’s poll and tell me who your favourite couples were this week. You can select up to 3 options

Week Six (Halloween Week) - Who were your favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Stacey and Kevin (21%, 9,039 Votes)
  • Faye and Giovanni (20%, 8,908 Votes)
  • Ashley and Pasha (17%, 7,574 Votes)
  • Joe and Dianne (13%, 5,575 Votes)
  • Danny and Amy (7%, 3,151 Votes)
  • Charles and Karen (5%, 2,370 Votes)
  • Kate and Aljaž (4%, 1,871 Votes)
  • Lauren and AJ (4%, 1,749 Votes)
  • Graeme and Oti (3%, 1,367 Votes)
  • Seann and Katya (2%, 1,016 Votes)
  • Dr Ranj and Janette (2%, 992 Votes)

Total Voters: 17,353

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2 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Spoilers”

  1. The non dancers seem to be dropping like flies. I guess it’s the same old argument of experience over non dancer. Dance competition Vs Entertainment. I just wish it was a level playing field. And please don’t give me the same old excuse of “well it’s a different kind of dancing” because that just doesn’t wash. The likes of Faye and Ashley will always have an advantage.

    Ah well, having said all that and had my little moan, I’m going to be hypocritical and say that Seann deserved to go. Not good and to my mind, not showing the improvement he should be.

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