Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 13 (Final) Discussion/Poll

There might be no spoiler tonight as not even the BBC are stupid enough to pre record the results of the Final of Strictly Come Dancing but just because it is the final doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot to do here at the home of The Strictly Spoiler.

There’s still the Christmas Special Spoiler available if you like to take a peek at your Christmas presents early. Santa won’t mind!

Polls will be opening right here at multiple points throughout the course of the final so check back to cast your votes for your winner after each round of dances. Plus you can get involved with the discussions over on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments section below for your final chances to win a £20 Amazon UK Voucher in the competition.

[poll id=”84″]

[poll id=”83″]

[poll id=”82″]

Operating and hosting this website has cost me close to £1000 by the end of this series. If you can afford to and want to help me out with these costs or just want to say thanks for all the spoilers or buy me a beer you can do so using THIS LINK or the button below.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times this site will go down for maintenance at some point next week to migrate the content to a web host that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg for the off season so if you have any issues getting on that will be why!

Beyond that I hope you all enjoy the final and hopefully the best couple wins! I’ll catch you all in 2019 for the new series assuming the BBC doesn’t do something crazy like a live results show!

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