Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Week 4 Spoilers

It was a week of improvement for many of our couples but two of them did not improve enough to avoid the dance off. There’s no need to wait until tomorrow night to learn which couples fell into the dance off this week because you dear reader have access to the internet. So here are the results!

Viscountess Emma and Dev had to dance off. The judges unanimously saved Viscountess Emma. Dev was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole arranged by one of the sources I work with and should be accurate

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Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Week 4 - Who Were Your Favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Kelvin and Oti (22%, 10,332 Votes)
  • Karim and Amy (16%, 7,480 Votes)
  • Emma B and Anton (13%, 5,817 Votes)
  • Chris and Karen (6%, 2,947 Votes)
  • Dev and Dianne (6%, 2,874 Votes)
  • Catherine and Johannes (6%, 2,863 Votes)
  • Michelle and Giovanni (6%, 2,787 Votes)
  • Saffron and AJ (5%, 2,422 Votes)
  • Mike and Katya (5%, 2,313 Votes)
  • David and Nadiya (4%, 1,869 Votes)
  • Alex and Neil (4%, 1,749 Votes)
  • Will and Janette (4%, 1,708 Votes)
  • Viscountess Emma and Aljaž (3%, 1,268 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,700

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13 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Week 4 Spoilers”

  1. Absolute travesty that Dev was eliminated David should have gone, no personality, zero dance skills, a serious lack of entertainment from him. I am sure Dev and Diane are devastated.

    1. you most definitely mean Mike, who’s unfunny, flat footed, lack of entertainment qualities, and harshly overmarked, a 9 Lmao

      a farce dev is eliminated and wooden mike, and also david get to stay for another week

      also because people were spam voting for Alex & Neil because of the potential while alex hasn’t had one single wow moment, and also is a bit wooden

      the Viscountess landing in dance off, because of that silly ”rich posh people aren’t relatable” thing, she danced really well, a improvement from her first latin and yet undeservedly in the dance off

  2. The wrong person left. So sad. Judges overmarked Mike. Alex wasn’t good either. That’ll shake them all up!!! 💃🏻🕺🏽😱

  3. Not happy with that result! Dev was not the worse dancer. The judges scoring were all over the place. Yes David has improved but did not deserve 8’s and 9’s!. Bizarre

  4. Dev had a weaker dance, coming after his showstopper street dance last week, that combined with the dance of death cha cha can be fatal

    no hate for Emma W either please, she had a huge improvement in her second latin, after her week 1 cha cha

    Mike was overmarked, he is on borrowed time now dev is gone, dev is a way better dancer than mike ever will be

  5. So enjoyed Dev and Dianne dances, so good we thought he would be in the final, gutted for him and us! Just don’t understand how the judges award the points?? They are so erratic even Kelvin who I think is great did not deserve 10’s after a fumbled lift. So frustrated I can’t see myself and family watching anymore this year.

  6. Oh well. Never mind.
    Better dancers than Dev have left earlier. No doubt Dev will now win the Christmas special…

  7. Judges went a bit doo-lally last night didn’t they. Embarrassing! Silly scores with Shirley making a cake of herself. Result – via #strictlyspoiler – none of us could have guessed who would go based on their scoring. Pity, good dancers lost.

  8. I wonder whether the SCD bosses became aware of Dev’s plans that they saw clashing with SCD’s schedule.

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