Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Spoilers

There were ghosts and goblins on the dance floor for the annual Halloween Spooktacular but the spooktacular was too scary for some of the couples with Will and Janette getting a bye into next week and Neil being replaced at the last minute by Kevin (from ghastly Grimsby). The BBC may want you to wait a spine tingling extra hour this weekend to learn the results due to the clocks going back. Fortunately the Internet is here to give you the results you crave. So here are the revolting results……

Mike and Catherine were in the devilish dance off. The vampire judges saved Mike (votes as follows: Craig – Mike, Motsi – Catherine, Bruno – Catherine, Shirley – Mike). Catherine was thrown into the pit of oblivion.

Curses to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from me consulting a Ouija Board with my normal coven of witches and contacting the spirits of a zombified audience weremole and has also been confirmed by an additional zombified audience weremole sourced by my own link to the spirits and should therefore be devilishly accurate.

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You can still vote in this week’s putrid poll to and tell me who your halloween favourites were. As always I’ll allow up to 3 options

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Week 6 (Halloween Week) - Who Were Your Favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Kelvin and Oti (22%, 9,843 Votes)
  • Michelle and Giovanni (22%, 9,708 Votes)
  • Alex and Kevin (14%, 6,212 Votes)
  • Karim and Amy (13%, 5,845 Votes)
  • Saffron and AJ (8%, 3,746 Votes)
  • Emma B and Anton (6%, 2,629 Votes)
  • Chris and Karen (6%, 2,485 Votes)
  • Viscountess Emma and Aljaž (4%, 1,983 Votes)
  • Catherine and Johannes (4%, 1,643 Votes)
  • Mike and Katya (2%, 816 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,076

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12 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Spoilers”

  1. Well that’s a bit of a shock! I expected Mike and Chris in the dance-off! Can’t believe they saved dad-dancing Mike over Catherine!

  2. In think this is the correct decision with these pairs in in dance off. I had expected it to be Catherine v Chris in the dance off . Poorest 2 dances of the night.

  3. I cannot believe they saved Mike. It’s time he left. I find him so uncomfortable to watch. I really like the partnership with Johannes. What a complete shame

  4. In my opinion, Will should’ve been forced to withdraw from the competition, and votes should’ve carried over to the following week. In DWTS US, if you can’t perform, you don’t get a free pass to the next week.

    I’m sad for Catherine. I thought she would’ve been in the top 6. We really don’t need to see another Mike performance.

    1. Well, I’m not particularily fond of Will and I didn’t miss him last night. But I do think it is ok that he got a pass for this week. However, if he still isn’t cleared to return next week, he should or must withdraw. I would actually like to see the german System be applied then: the last eliminated couple will return instead. I don’t know what will happen in the UK Version though, as there rarely seems to be a withdraw due to injury. Injuries happen quite often on the german Version though somehow.

      1. if he’s not fit to return, there will one less couple in the final, seen it a few times – when Will the singer dropped out, and Kelly I think when her father died or John Sargeant withdrew

    2. been the rule here forever, one of female contestants had chicken pox I think years ago and got a bye. don’t mind the rule as long as it’s applied consistently.
      if Will not allowed to go on – should alex?

      1. What’s with Alex? That’s a totally different situation. If Neil can’t continue she gets another pro partner as it’s not her “fault” (assuming it would be Kevin since he already stepped in now).
        I don’t really like the british system then, I think it’s cool to bring back the last eliminated couple in case of an injury related withdraw (especially in this case as Catherine really didn’t deserve to go against Mike).

  5. think the issue last night was, as judges said, Catherine looked good from waist up, but mage load of errors in the steps, and didn’t appear strong through her core.
    Mile – not the best dancer but he got the steps right and that’d what judges especially Shirley and Craig look for

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