How The Spoiler Will Look With No Audience

Ok I wanted to do a quick post to show you guys what to expect in future weeks since it is looking inevitable that due to the stay at home message from lockdown 2.0 there may not be an audience in Strictly for the next 4 weeks (at least).

As I’ve been telling you guys I do have a backup plan for if there are no moles. Firstly let me say that if it remains at all possible to deliver a spoiler in the normal way I will. There will be noticeable differences in the format of the spoiler post too if I have to go to the backup plan so you will know each week if it is a normal spoiler or not.

The backup plan involves making use of my polling data to predict the outcome of the public vote and plugging that into the scoring system to generate a result. This WILL NOT BE ACCURATE ALL THE TIME as no polling possibly can be however it’s all I have and as you’ll see shortly it can work and generate correct results. I did this with the data from this weekend prior to the spoiler coming in and here are the results…….

HRVY and Janette121123
Maisie and Gorka121022
Bill and Oti91221
Caroline and Johannes10919
Nicola and Katya11718
Max and Dianne8816
Ranvir and Giovanni10616
JJ and Amy7512
Clara and Aljaz6410
Jason and Luba538
Jamie and Karen426
Jacqui and Anton314

Based on the above the most likely dance off is Jacqui vs Jamie. In that situation the judges would probably save Jamie meaning Jacqui will be eliminated. Also potentially in danger are Jason, Clara and JJ

This spoiler has been generated using polling data to try and predict the public vote and MAY NOT BE ACCURATE!

Except it was accurate this week!!!!! And hopefully it’s going to continue to be accurate for the weeks when we have no moles due to no audience although as I said no polling system can be 100% accurate and I will hold my hand up now and say we will see incorrect results at some point while I use this system. But with no moles it’s all we have and the only way I can deliver you any kind of a spoiler going forward.

I’ve covered this in the FAQ post but best to mention it here too. I am perfectly happy for any spoiler source I work with (and they know who they are) to use the spoiler I provide from the polling data on the proviso that it is mentioned that it has been generated using my polling data and may not be accurate. As for any sources who just leech off the rest of us without ever giving anything back (and I’m mainly looking at the user on Twitter who operates under a similar name to me and posts the spoiler publicly for all to see whether they want to or not), sorry but my polling data and anything based off it is owned by me and subject to copyright so you’re going to be out of luck for the next few weeks.

One last thing to mention and it’s something that cropped up in my comments last night. Whilst we live in Covid times and there is a possibility that my poll data will be used to generate the spoiler the poll results are being hidden from view after you have voted until the spoiler comes in. The reasons for this are twofold:

  1. It helps generate a sense of anticipation over the spoiler but more importantly
  2. It stops anyone trying to preempt me and use my data to generate a spoiler before I do it (though as covered above this would be a breach of copyright so don’t do that unless you like receiving invoices)

So yeah that’s how things are going to look round here for probably the next 4 weeks at least. I know a few of you won’t like it as it isn’t going to be as reliable as normal but it’s really all I can do in the current situation and like many other businesses I have to adapt to the current health crisis if I am going to keep operating.

Speaking of operating providing this site is still going to cost me close to £1000 this series. I always stress this on the donation links but it is more important than ever in 2020 that you only consider helping me out with these costs if you can afford to do so. I would not want to cause anyone else hardship because they chose to help me out. However all donations are as ever gratefully received. You can make a one time donation by clicking on THIS LINK or using the button below:

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