Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Week 3 (Movie Week) Songs/Dances

Firstly apologies for the lateness of this post (and the complete absence last week). It’s been a hectic week or so as my fiancée has been moving her stuff in. But The BBC announced the songs/dances for movie week a couple of days ago and for the benefit of the 3 of you who haven’t already checked them elsewhere I can reveal that our 14 remaining couples will be doing the following routines:

  • Adam and Katya: Rumba to I See You by Leona Lewis, from Avatar
  • AJ and Kai: American Smooth to I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, from The Bodyguard
  • Dan and Nadiya: Foxtrot to Once Upon a Dream by Seth MacFarlane, from Sleeping Beauty
  • Greg and Karen: Paso Doble to The James Bond Theme by Monty Norman, from James Bond
  • John and Johannes: Paso Doble to He’s a Pirate by Klaus Badelt, from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Judi and Graziano: Charleston to When You’re Good to Mama by Queen Latifah and Taye Diggs, from Chicago
  • Katie and Gorka: American Smooth to Cruella De Vil by Mel Leven (Dr John version), from Cruella
  • Rhys and Nancy: Couple’s Choice to Spiderman Main Theme by P. Webster and J. Harris, from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Robert and Dianne: Quickstep to The Muppet Show Theme by The Muppets, from The Muppets Movie
  • Rose and Giovanni: Foxtrot to Rose’s Theme by James Horner, from Titanic
  • Sara and Aljaž: Samba to Best Years of Our Lives by Modern Romance, from Shrek
  • Tilly and Nikita: Jive to Nicest Kids in Town by James Marsden, from Hairspray
  • Tom and Amy: Jive to Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, from Back To The Future
  • Ugo and Oti: Couple’s Choice to You’re Welcome by Dwayne Johnson, from Moana

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