Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Week 11 (Quarter Final) Spoilers

We’re in the serious end of the competition but things got very serious for two of our couples. No need to wait until 8pm on a Sunday to learn the results when the Strictly Spoiler is on hand to give you the information you crave. So here are the results:

Dan and AJ had to dance off. The judges unanimously saved AJ. Dan was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate

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7 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Week 11 (Quarter Final) Spoilers”

  1. It’s not a surprise craig said on the one show on Wednesday that he’d vote Dan out and he hadn’t seen the dance. I’m afraid that the judges have decided John will win even if he fails on his bottom, craig is insisting on that pairing will win.

    1. I think the producers know at the beginning of the show who will win as it’s a strategic planning exercise and spin doctoring exercise to see what the public reactions are going to be. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, baby girl Scott XX

  2. Craig’s insisting on that pairing to win because it’s another rung up the ladder for same-sex couples being accepted in everyday life. Which I don’t mind, but only if they’re the best dancers. He was rather stupid and unkind to say that about Dan. I’m still a bit upset about my first favourite being voted off (wrongly) because Sara was a complete non-dancer and was making much better progress than Dan. Still, them’s the breaks.
    There was no question tonight about the best couple. I was simply blown away by Nancy and Rhys’s dance. He’s been a dark horse and I reckon all the dance-offs he’s been in have toughened him up and made him more determined than ever. I’d love to see them win. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Nancy and finding out how cute and funny she is, but with a will of iron as well.
    After their unfortunate dance tonight I made a few phone calls on behalf of AJ. I’ve never voted for her before but I felt she was in the danger zone and wanted to help. The difficulty she had was one of trying too hard. I reckon the choreography was just a tad too much. I wouldn’t mind if this couple won the glitterball. I’ve got my fingers arms and legs crossed for either Rhys or A.J.

  3. No one really knows who will win. We all have speculated who will win or should win but! Anything can happen. The bookies favourite is John then Rise Aj and Rhys but! They way things have gone for Rose she moving up there and the fact she can’t hear gives her a extra points so to speak. Yes we know it’s not her fault she can’t hear but! The public can’t help but! Fall for someone that as disadvantaged.I’d love either John or Aj to partner deaf and he’s routing for AJ.

    1. The fact that she can’t hear makes it more difficult to dance in time to the music. Perhaps she is awarded extra points because of that, rather than being scored higher because she has a disability. Rose and Gio to win!!!

  4. My fave is Jon, definitely the technically best dancer then Rose then AJ. I did think AJ might have got it but found her salsa a bit messy and rushed. AJ need to close the gap in her thighs, there’s nothing worse than a female Latin dancer with her legs open (big hate) not classy or neat. Who knows who will win it but the grudges know who is capable of what and we can’t always see their floors on tv.

  5. Rose is the best dancer and although Craig wants the same sex couple to win for political reasons the same goes for deaf people. Rose to win

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