Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 10 Poll

Another Strictly weekend is upon us and that means that once again it is time for a poll to tell me who your favourites were this week. Jay and Aliona reclaimed the top spot last week bumping Anita and Gleb into second place and relegating the previous week’s narrow winners Georgia and Giovanni into third. But who is your favourite now? Whilst you wait for the spoiler to come in you can tell me by selecting up to 3 choices in the poll below.

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Who was your favourite (Week 10)

  • Jay and Aliona (42%, 2,251 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (14%, 720 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (13%, 690 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (13%, 671 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (12%, 615 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (5%, 288 Votes)
  • Peter and Janette (2%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,057

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  • May

    Wow Helen u did awesome but love that Georgia and Giovanni

  • David C

    Anita under marked yet again. Len looks like he is totally fed up and he is a grumpy old man. They look for the positives in some of the dancers and the negatives in the others.
    Interesting that we lost the useless vts and looked at the training.
    It is incredible how they massage Helen’s ego every week.

    • Ellen Sullivan

      I agree with you. Darcy is so biased towards Helen. If Helen had done a few of Kellies dances and danced exact the same as Ie she would have got 10s

    • polly

      Totally agree they may as well wave a flag saying we love Helen!!! It just seems like he starts liking for it. It is driving me bonkers. Loved Jay & Georgia gave me goose bumps. Someone needs to have a word with len to just ignore the boo’s as he moans every week. Anita again with them nitpicking, len may have not liked the dance but he still should have judged her moves. Oh and let’s guess who’ll win the quickstep-athon! !! All that I remind myself is the public love Jay and Georgia so I just don’t believe Helen will win.

      • Monica

        Hope not Polly !!

    • leonora ellis

      correct len is still holding old fashion attitude
      len gleb is the best come on

  • Jeff Meyers

    How come the judges didn’t notice Katie trip on Anton’s foot or Peter’s very wobbly hold / spin with Janette? Glad Len said he didn’t enjoy Anita’s dance tonight… she looked pained rather than passionate to me, while Gleb should have known better than to include an illegal lift. I really liked Helen tonight (a first!) and thought both Jay and Georgina were smashing. Kellie had a very strange, ‘out of it’ look on her face backstage, as if she had just received bad news or something! I have a feeling the dance off will be between Kellie and Katie.

  • Lynda

    Well loved Jays dance and Anita but really didn’t see how Helen got the top marks in both parts of the show tonight……still it’s Strictly!

    • Carol

      Its obvious to me that the judges want cry baby Helen to win. Anita always under marked, especially her fantastic dance last week. And dont get me started on that miserable old man Len, what is his problem?

  • Anise

    For me, it’s Jay all the way – loved this week’s routine. I felt Anita was under marked but that dance rarely gets great scores. I can’t help thinking it’s turning into the ‘Helen Show’ however.

  • Dom

    Loved Jay again he is by far the best celeb dancer. How they judged the quickstepathon I don’t know but the celeb males were harshly marked!!

    • Anna

      Well it is hard for them since they have to lead

    • emma

      I was watching Jay closely in the quickstep-athon and thought he was much better than Helen. Saying that, kellie and Kevin were better too. Not sure why Helen got top of the leader board last night (although glad it wasn’t Georgia! ) but they need to stop under marking Jay.

  • Brian

    Every week people pay to place a vote. They deserve to know the number of votes each dancer gets.
    In my opinion Jay and Georgina where great. Anita’s dance was the best rumba this year, pity about the lift.

  • jenny

    Quickstepathon is pretty hard for any male dancer – at least they acknowledged that. The professional dancers have years of practice guiding round a busy floor, poor male celebs don’t stand a chance. Much easier for the women. Kellie may be a good dancer but her screaming is SO annoying, and she pulled that face again after getting low scores. Jay is just so watchable. Not that impressed with Anita this week, didn’t really flow. Thought Georgia’s wasn’t so good either, she suits the softer dances. As for the dress, she looked like she was dressed as a dead crow!

    • Monica

      I agree about Kellie – she is a good dancer but is so loud and coarse somehow. Wouldn’t mind if she went tonight but everyone seems to think that Peter’s time is up.

      • I think Kellie is constantly undermarked I don’t find her coarse or loud and I think Kevin is a brilliant choreographer.

  • Jenny

    I love watching Anita and Katie, as you can see them improving every week, while Jay and Helen have been brilliant since Week 1 – I’m finding them kind of boring to watch. I can see Peter going tonight.

  • jean white

    Anita suffered tonight because of the choreography and the lift such a shame as she is brilliant. I hope her and Jay make it to the finals

    • Monica

      Jay, Anita and Georgia for the final ?

  • If Anita is in the dance off with Peter I fear she will not be saved especially if Len had the last word. May not have been her best dance but it would be a shame as she has done so well.

    • Bern

      After last week’s voting shambles by the judges, it wouldn’t surprise me if Peter is only eliminated when he’s up against someone like Jay. Every one else is fair game with the judges it seems. Or was there such a backlash after last week that the judges won’t dare to be so biased this week???

  • I hate p

    Don’t vote for Peter Andre

    • Don’t worry. No one will be!

      • Liz zie

        Wrong I will !

        • Correction one person will be voting for Peter this week!

    • I have ,so too bad !

    • Too late I have

    • Izzy

      Why shouldn’t people vote Peter? It’s not his fault that the judges chose to save him last weekend and people need to stop taking their anger out on him for the choice that was made.

  • linda belshaw

    Jay was fantastic , think as Len going back to do dancing with the stars next year he may take a year off from strictly, which I think would be good for the show. Would love to know who is going on the strictly tour this year not many have committed to it yet.

  • Liz

    There is no way the judges will save Peter Andre if he is in the dance off this week! The public were outraged last week and the programme will not want to lose any more credibility!

  • Jess Jones

    Georgia desevers to win. She is amazing.

    • Polly

      Don’t know why but I can’t take to her. She didn’t look happy when Helen did so well.

  • Angela Davies

    Slightly off topic, but is it driving anyone else mad the way Tess keeps grabbing the celeb’s hand and holding it all the way through the judging!

    • Wendy J

      I saw someone mention this last week either here or on the blogs. I hadn’t noticed till then but I looked for it this week and you’re right, she does! Maybe it’s a hold over (no pun intended) from the first week when the celebs were very nervous. Or maybe it’s so she can squeeze their hand as a warning NOT to answer back?

    • Claire Bear

      I agree! And this series she’s started making stupid comments and talking over the judges as well.

  • superfan

    Peter has been poor a few times. I think the only dancer he would have a chance of beating in dance off would be Katie. In my opinion all the others are clearly better and far more consistent. I feel tonight is his time and hope the public and judges do not let me down. Would love to see Anton and Katie progress further.

    • Jenny

      Yeah, I would love to see Anton’s showdance

  • Kicksandflicks

    So Jay gets his first 10 since week 3. About time!
    Loved Anita’s dance and wonder how much control she has over the choreography. Would she argue with Gleb about a lift?

    And Len. Oh Len. Somehow it all seemed a bit too much for him. But did like the judges being more precise with their criticism.
    Not long to wait now…

  • Eden

    I thought Jay’s dance was amazing tonight and he should have been top of the leaderboard. I don’t know if anyone agrees but I feel like Helen was over marked this week as she turned on the water works last week and I’m just finding it really hard to warm to her. I think it is definitely peter’s turn to go tonight though.

    • Monica

      Helen is always overmarked …..

  • Sharon

    Just love Jay. Think Anita is always undermarked and Helen over marked but just love alijaz.

  • Ricky

    I read in the paper that Ola has been fired from Strictly because she said “it was fixed”. Obviously the BBC dont like the truth

  • Reilly4

    I usually like Anita but didn’t like the Rumba tonight. Katie stumbled in her AT and the Quickstepaton so I think she should have scored less in both. Kellie was mediocre and I HATED her costume, Peter was stompy and his silly grinning drove me nuts. Helen was really good but I just can’t warm to her. Georgia was good but hard to live up to previous weeks standard. Jay really wowed me but I can’t believe he scored so low in the group dance. I hope it’s Katie and Peter in the bottom 2 with Peter going home.

  • Kieran

    I am definitely gonna put a fiver on Helen to win.

    • kathryn

      Save your money she has no chance.

  • Izzy

    What’s with all the hate towards Helen? She had the best dance of the night for me followed by Jay then Katie. As for Anita,her Rumba was not great and actually surprised she got 31, I thought her routine was a 7 at best but that’s just my opinion. Anita is in trouble this week and could end up being sent home if she is in the dance off.

  • Lynda

    Well I am sorry to see Peter go….I do think he is a genuinely nice guy and a good dancer and performer too….still someone has to go…..Jay for the crown….

    • Monica

      My comment got lost in the gremlins last night ! I too am sad that Peter has gone out in this way. Although I do think he should have gone last week after that awful jive, Jamelia was never the best or the most popular with the public and the furore that followed was not his fault – I don’t suppose for one minute it is the sort of publicity he had hoped for when he signed up for the show. I think the result last night was fair enough. So now onwards and upwards Jay……….

  • Lynda

    Sorry to see Peter go as I think he is a genuinely nice guy and good performer too….still someone has to go. Jay for the crown….

  • Claire

    Can’t stand Georgia!!! She’s playing actress rather than dancer!! Prentending to be the ”cute little one”….she is in fact very bitter; when the other contestants get higher praise and scores just look at her in the background such a sour puss. And NO I’m not “jealous” I think Georgia has what it takes to win but would much rather see a more grateful and and more genuinely modest contestant win.

    • Pete’s hairpiece

      I couldn’t agree more! She has an unfair advantage in both dancing AND acting, over some of the others, yet she’s trying to pretend it’s all new to her!? Journey? What journey?

      Last week’s “I think I’m gonna cry!” was the worst acting I have ever seen on Strictly!

      This week’s Paso was awful – too loud, stompy, aggressive & all the shapes were just THRUSTED, rather than placed or invested with any real artistry or emotion. I also don’t like the way Giovani is so disrespectful towards Gleb, at every available opportunity. Very unprofessional 🙁

      Pocket Rocket? What a pile of steaming horse dung…

  • Judy

    I would love Anita or Jay to win Strictly. I cannot warm to Helen because she does not come across as being a genuine person…..

  • Its not fair, but its fixed. They have a plan. If Kaitie and Anton win I’m gonna kill someone

  • Paula. Surry

    So not going to slate anyone here, I don’t like to read the ‘I hates.. It’s not nice… Peter gone and that his time has ended very bitterly thru no fault of his own.. Very sad. But why did Anton yell out ‘Ola!’ when Claudia was talking???
    The atmosphere was definitely strained and Len saying he should have bought a hard hat in, oh dear. Sad that this fixed gate has now blotted strictly..

  • Becca

    I’m glad they finally marked Anita and Georgia correctly. Tired of the over marking. However the real reason to do that was to make suure people did vote for them. The show is so obvious.

  • Aud

    Jay was tremendous this week. A superb Tango which was my favourite ever on the show and a fantastic quickstepathon which was way undermarked.