Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 11 Discussion/Poll

Strictly is at the musicals this week, but more importantly it’s the Quarter Finals! The 5 remaining couples will once again be taking to the dancefloor to earn a place in next week’s Semi Final.

Who did you think was a broadway hit and whose performance just flopped? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else relating to this week’s Strictly right here in the comments section or why not head on over to Facebook or Twitter (please tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler on Twitter).

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As always a poll will open when all the couples have danced and it’s a little different as I’m asking you this week who are your 3 finalists? Please choose 3 options this week and lets see if we can predict the final three couples! As well as voting in the poll and joining in the discussion to keep you amused whilst we wait for the spoiler you could also check out my Brucie Bonus of a spoiler. The Christmas Special was filmed this week and I’ve got a spoiler right here!

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Who Do You Want In The Final? (Please choose 3 options)

  • Danny and Oti (28%, 5,583 Votes)
  • Louise and Kevin (27%, 5,372 Votes)
  • Claudia and AJ (24%, 4,868 Votes)
  • Ore and Joanne (16%, 3,185 Votes)
  • Robert and Oksana (6%, 1,232 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,018

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  • SaraVictoriaSmith

    Well I’ve learned Anton can’t sing and Ore is yet again over – marked. Both bleedin’ awful.

    • Missus Bee

      Agree re: Ore. I though Anton had a good go at it!

  • jk

    For what it’s worth my scores would be: Claudia 10 (loved it!), Danny 9 (mainly due to Oti’s choreography though), Louise 9, Ore 8, Rinder 7 (his counting timing during the dance put me off).

  • Fran

    Don’t think Danny did as well this week, Oti shone which covered for him really. Her Choreography is fantastic. I think Louise is brilliant and Claudia. Didn’t enjoy Rinder so much this week either

  • Linda.newark

    Well if DO between judge and ore I would save the judge

    • Kit MacLean

      I agree but I’d put my money on the judges saving Ore.

      • Martin

        He has been horrendously over marked all through. I’d love Claudia or Louise to win.

  • Emily Megan

    This was such a boring musicals week by comparison to others, Danny was painfully average for somebody who got two fourties (and made rookie mistakes with his footwork and frame), Ore was yet again overmarked and shock horror, Claudia was undermarked

    • Emily Megan

      I’ve seen lots of people say the music / concept didn’t help Danny’s routine, and fair enough no it didn’t. But heel leads / his frame not dropping at this stage in the competition should be basic and not something he needs to be told about.

  • Claire Timberlake

    Didn’t like the extra dancers in the routines again

    • Gina

      Me neither, especially those giant flower/sweet things in the opening number.

    • Lynda Pace Avery

      The extra dancers detract from the couples.

    • Martin

      I agree it is so distracting.

  • Emma Smith

    loved judge rinder tonight i just not happy with them giving him low scores

    • Fran

      Really ? I didn’t think he looked as comfortable and enjoying himself so much as usual. I have loved watching him each week because he throws himself into each dance with all he’s got but felt he didn’t quite hit the mark this week

    • Martin

      Oh come on he’s about the only one marked realistically.

  • Angie Bishop Barletta

    Loved Louise tonight. Thought Ore was fairly boring! This was Claudia”s best dance for me. She seemed to really let go. Think it’s time for the judge to go.

  • Beth Killen

    Has anyone else noticed that whenever Len criticises people he waits so that the audience will react before criticising them? I find it very annoying!

  • Aidan Tagg

    Not the best week I’ve ever seen on Strictly. Claudia was the best by some way I feel.

  • Susan Lund

    Don’t like the inconsistency of marks to comments yet again. How can Craig tell Louise she is a brilliant dancer & a brilliant routine & give her a 9. Then he criticised Claudia’ s dancing but still gave her a 9. Unbelievable 😡

  • Doreen Margaret Yates

    Didn’t enjoy tonight’s show as much as usual. Judges not consistent with comments and marks.

  • Gina

    I thought Ore was going to cry again the moment the judges began criticising his performance, just like last week. God knows how he’d react to being in the dance-off. He’s just too saccharine for me, especially with the tears and his gushing over Joanne Clifton.

  • Lynda Pace Avery

    Ore is awful. Not keen on Danny either. I know they can dance but Louise and Claudia demonstrate improvement.

  • Kit MacLean

    Is it just me or did anyone else think of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland when they saw those weird flower things? Frankly for all it was technically decent, that dance was just way to artificial sweetner for my taste, although I suppose JC has to work with what she’s given.

  • Pamela

    I agree in part anyway it wasnt the best week they all made mistakes tonight. I thought that ore and jo were great as well as claudia even with tiny mistakes and anton was good and wow those group dances. Mainly the added dancers always seem to get in the way and im not fond of theme weeks.

  • Fran

    Certainly wasn’t the most entertaining week of the series. Thought Musicals week would be loads more fun

  • L9gue

    Ore is a fantastic dancer when you consider that he’s not in the entertainment business, if anything Jo let him down with the choreography. His American smooth and jive where outstanding in my opinion. I’d love to see Ore win it!

  • Anna Pickett

    You couldn’t see most of Ore’s dance since the large dancing flowers were in the way. Just annoying

    • Kit MacLean

      Rather like GMF’s Beauty & the Beast Foxtrot last year.

      • Anna Pickett

        Oh yeah I forgot about that

  • Rorosi

    This week was not the best for sure. Danny is by far the better dancer but tonight even I thought it was a bit underwhelming. Claudia has potential but is still in control too much. I dance salsa and strictly’s salsas are normally bad anyway but this one could have been better but she just couldn’t let go. Everything is still too calculated. Shame.

  • Joanne Bungay

    Really enjoyed Claudia’s salsa- it really suited her. Couldn’t see half of ore’s routine, dancing flowers added nothing. Both Louise and Danny danced brilliantly and great timing with the other professionals! Not really keen on theme weeks overall though

  • Rachel Grimes

    Late with my comments and I haven’t checked the spoiler yet. But Antony needs singing lessons big time! That number was brilliant but a West End luvey should have been brought in to sing it – Michael Crawford for instance. What about Michael Ball or even Elaine Paige (they work for the BBC anyway!) Rant over, I’m off to check the spoiler. Ore or Robert to go, both gone by next week anyway.