Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 8 Poll

Another week and here’s another poll to keep you amused whilst you constantly refresh this site waiting for the spoiler to come in. Jay and Aliona have been clear favourites with you pretty much every week so far but are they still your favourites or has a new pair taken that crown. Let me know in the poll below by choosing up to 3 couples!

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Who was your favourite (Week 8)

  • Georgia and Giovanni (28%, 1,446 Votes)
  • Jay and Aliona (28%, 1,434 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (13%, 682 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (9%, 455 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (8%, 399 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (6%, 302 Votes)
  • Peter and Janette (4%, 232 Votes)
  • Jeremy and Karen (4%, 188 Votes)
  • Jamelia and Tristan (1%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,548

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51 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 8 Poll”

    1. For fuck sake why do people still not realise we all have our favourites you don’t need to single anyone out on the basis you don’t like someone.. She has loads of fans (me included) so keep it to yourself.

      1. Well said olly, I could call some other dances who are getting in my nerves with the screaming, but their dancing is good

    2. Absolutely agree with you! They go on about Jay’s face yet she had the same look on hers every single week. The only time she even acts like she wants to be there is the dance and when they’re saying nice things about her, the rest of the time she just tunes out with blank expression that she’s better than everyone. For me Georgia is the better dancer and has more personality in her little toe that Helen has in her whole body! My dream final would be Jay, Georgia & Anita oh and truthfully it’s not because I think that Gleb’s is cute (he may be with a shaved head) its for his fresh fabulous choreography.

    3. Yes. As for her dancing I find her wooden and not that good in transitions. But she is a favourite with the judges.

    4. Yes very much and do you find Darcy Is so biased in her favour.
      I also think Jay and Aliona were undermarked. I also think Kellie and Kevin have been undermarked on several occasions

  1. I hope Katie and Anton get to Blackpool, and I definitely agree with you about Helen. Jay is going to win the show, so don’t worry

    1. He is not brilliant it’s a dance completion not a popularity contest and although he is obviously having fun and trying hard he simply cannot dance

      1. Actually it is neither a dance competition nor a popularity contest. It’s a piece of light entertainment masquerading as a dance competition masquerading as a popularity contest .
        If it were a danc competition then the “expert judges” decisions would be final. If it were a popularity contest then the public choice would be final.

        Instead we have the worst bits of both.
        With none of the good bits of either.

  2. Getting fed up with them underscoring Jay. And please, like the show, nice, fun entertainment so please, do we have to have bad language in this forum? Is it really necessary to make a point?

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds Helen so annoying. I have never liked her she seems to think she’s superior to the rest of the dancers.
    Poor Aljaz

  4. Loved Anton and Kate, good dance, beautiful dress … She looked exquisite!!!! Whoever goes tonight, let’s hope it’s the right ones & not a good dancer…remember Pixie Lott???

  5. May I ask why is Helen becoming
    In-popular???? I think she is lovely… But a celebrity on strictly it takes 2 said she may be in the bottom two! Quite the surprise if she is….

  6. Helen is just so smug and butter wouldn’t melt. I just don’t buy it.
    My dream bottom 2 would be her and Jamelia, another one who smiles sweetly for the camera but you can see she is a b***h really! Get them both gone! Double elimination please!!

  7. Looking at the poll every week Peter’s not as popular as he and the judges like to think. He’s next to bottom in today’s poll so far, now wouldn’t THAT cause an upset if he’s in the dance off?!?!

  8. I thought Jay was poorly under marked. Georgia and Kellie stole the show for me. I find Helen has a lack of personality, I cannot warm to her or Jamelia. However I do think it is time that Jeremy was voted off…he might be funny but I would rather watch my Dad dance! Him or Jamelia to go tonight.

  9. I’m getting more annoyed every week with the inconsistent scoring. Are the judges really putting Jay 3rd from bottom and saying all the others are better than him because of his facial expressions. Does that mean if he was in the bottom 3 he would be sent home over Kellie,Helen and Peter? It’s feeling very manipulated to keep certain people who got a big pay cheque in the competition.

    1. I do find there is favouritism going on more this year than ever before. Or maybe I wasn’t so involved.
      I’d never thought it maybe how it may be so biased by how much they are paid, because I thought all the celebs are paid the same! Probably not.

      I feel for Jay, because it feels like they are attacking him every week. I can only imagine that he feels demoralised after all those negative comments.

      1. Jay did make a big mistake this week though; that’s why he was penalised. He is the best dancer there, alongside Georgia, however, the competition is tough and he needs to be error free.
        Although I do worry that he is suffering from peaking too early with the Pulp Fiction number. He is so much better than Peter, who is overmarked each week.

        1. Yes, sadly he is struggling to deliver when the others are upping their game and moving on to a totally different level. He definitely peaked too soon, for his own sanity and others expectation. A very big shame.

          I find it painfully unpredictable to watch him, I almost can’t watch, when he does a mistake he really does do a mistake. Others manage to hide theirs as they are less dramatic.

          Also Jay has yet to do the really tough dances for the men like the Samba and Rumba, which will come at a time when only the good dancers are remaining, so may struggle to keep up with the improvement of the others.

        2. Yep, I fear he will never quite meet the expectations of the jive. And funnily, with the jive Aliona said he couldn’t get the timing right for the two rehearsals with the live band that morning. It just came together on the night.

          I get too nervous watching him as he has messed up a few times. And big messes too.

          The others are steaming ahead. They are all progressing.

          Jay still has the nightmare dances to do, Samba, Rumba, which most men find the most difficult. He will need to show emotion for the Rumba. These will land in a week where only the good dancers are left!

  10. to the people commenting about how irritated they are with helen, i think she’s just quite introverted and a bit socially awkward. she always comes across as very polite and gracious when the judges critique her dances, and she’s a bit like jay in that she’s quite humble and doesn’t really realise how well she dances. if you watch her on ‘it takes two’ you would see that she’s really rather self-effacing and and almost a bit self depracating too. obviously some are without the higher mental capacity/understanding to see or understand that, but there you go. personally, i find her very sweet and endearing and think that she’s lovely, and a wonderful dancer.

    having got that off my chest, please PLEASE let jeremy or jamelia be voted out tonight. i feel so terribly sorry for tristan because you can just tell that the poor man doesn’t even like her. as for jeremy, he’s so very nice but it’s a dance competition and i feel his scores consistently and accurately reflect the judges’ opinion on his performances.

  11. Disappointed with scoring tonight, agree Helen is very wooden, Jamelia sadly didnt have it, Kellie can certainly dance but i do wish they would just stick to real dancing not all this themed non
    sense. Jay and Katie were both awesme imo.

  12. Jeremy really needs to go but I bet his Radio 2/Eggheads fans will save him. Therefore, I think Jamelia and either Peter or Helen will be in the dance-off. Jamelia will be eliminated.

  13. Am I the only one on here who saw the big mistake Jay made. I thought he was scored to highly. He nearly fell for pities sake

    1. Yes, he did make a big mistake. I do not want to be lynched but Jay gave a great jive and the rest was not that great in my not so modest opinion. I like Anita, needs cleaner footwork but she is great but not the judges favourite. She will not stand a chance if she is on the dance off with anyone other than Jamelia and possibly Kate. Peter is grossly overrated by the judges and so is Helen.

      1. Disagree! Jay’s Argentine Tango was amazing! Probably one of the best AT’s in the history of SCD.
        Even better than, dare I say, Mark Ramprakash’s…

  14. Well I guess Jeremy had to go at some stage but I think he had fun. Jamelia next week ? Would still rather it had been Helen ha ha !

  15. I’m so sick of the judges and people thinking people should be put down on score because of an “accident” (do not get this confused with missing steps) he didn’t work his butt of all week to say ‘ok aliona when we a minute in to our routine I’m gonna trip over you as this means nothing to me so I don’t feel like high points this week” no one means to do it!! so when all 4 judges moan about the accident what would they like him (or anyone) to say or do about it – its done move on and talk about the rest of the brilliant dance!!! No one should be badly scored cos of an “accident”!

    Oh and on scoring Georgia should’ve got 4 tens tonight, as Craig only said ‘luv’ we don’t know why but it’s annoying. If someone is bad they deserve a low score but apart from Craig they don’t seem to think about the marks over the night. They’ll give mid points to Jamelia(7) so she doesn’t cry and then give someone fab an 8 are they saying your dance is only one point better?! Craig said it himself that the judges don’t know what the numbers under 5 are for!

  16. Jay & Aliona vastly under-marked – as per usual, purely and simply because Jay hasn’t lived up to his fantastic jive again yet. Come on Aliona, give him a theme that he obviously relates to – and watch him ‘perform’ then! I still watch the jive every week – just to remind myself how fantastic it was – content, timing, performance, musicality etc – and the only judge who saw and marked it as 10 was Bruno …
    I’m sad Jeremy will miss Blackpool and would much have preferred Jamelia to leave now but IMO neither can dance anyway – so Jamelia next week – fingers crossed.

  17. A little disgusted at Craig’s completely transparent and farcical effort to protect his favourites, Peter and Kellie, last night. He has made it clear that he wants them in the final – check out his Radio Times article – and last night he did not even attempt to conceal the fact that he was protecting them.

    Peter, as ever, delivered a stompy, graceless Viennese Waltz – in which his footwork was conveniently concealed by lots of dry ice. Kellie delivered a samba that contained about 2 seconds worth of samba content. It wasn’t a samba – it was a hip hop mash up that any of the other dancers could have performed just as well, if not better. All of the content that makes a samba so difficult – which the other dancers have been penalised for not perfecting – was missing. Even Len couldn’t award it more than a 7. And what does Craig do? Whip out his 9s for both!

    Anita had the right score (32) but should NOT have been below them on the Leaderboard. When the likes of Peter and Kellie are overmarked, she is undermarked by default.

    This blatant attempt to manipulate who remains in the competition irritates me beyond measure. It insults the intelligence of every single viewer and undermines the integrity of the show.

  18. They keep going on and on about Pete’s perfect syncing with partner JM yet every time you see it in slow motion we can all see it is not in line, and he is even missing steps, facing the wrong direction…..

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