Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 11 Spoilers

It was quarter final time and musical week and the 6 remaining couples danced in one of the shortest shows ever to see who would make it into next week’s semi final.  But despite the short show, the BBC still want you to wait a long time to find out the results. So who has been eliminated? Who are the semi finalists? The Strictly Spoiler is on hand to tell you all. So here are the results:

Georgia and Helen had to dance off. The judges saved Georgia. Helen was eliminated.

Complaints to the BBC!

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate.

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Who Should Be In The Final? (choose up to four)

  • Jay and Aliona (27%, 4,565 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (22%, 3,636 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (18%, 2,997 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (14%, 2,285 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (12%, 1,941 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (8%, 1,414 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,543

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105 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 11 Spoilers”

    1. Disappointed to see who is in dance off.
      Why do people take it so seriously? I think that Jay is very over rated. He has no personality, and dances around like a robot. Never mind it’s excellent entertainment. I would love to see georgia win. She and giovani are fabulous together.

      1. Jay is a class dancer and a complete joy to watch – hope he makes the final with Georgia and Kellie as these 3 are the best of the 5 left

  1. Wow, I am so shocked by that. Two of the better dancers left, both in the bottom??

    Sorry but IMHO it should have been Katie or Kellie to go this week.

  2. Looks like Anita got another lucky escape, gonna miss Helen but to be fair it was not her best dance. I did think anyone was safe from the dance-off tonight except for Jay but surprised that Georgia was there.

  3. I am genuinely shocked by these results (if they are accurate) poor Helen, no way did she deserve to be in the dance off. Anita was very lucky indeed.

      1. I thought Anita was really poor both last night and last week and I love her. I wanted her as one of the finalists but not at the expense of better dancers.

  4. Waw quite a shock to see that Georgia was in the DO – she’s rather good and seems popular (also on this site and tonight ‘s poll) l’m very very excited about the next 2 weeks! Jay to win – he has been my favourite since week one! Thank you for posting the spoilers even on your anniversary !

  5. Didn’t see that coming and not sure it was the right result but can’t pretend I am sorry that she has gone – never warmed to her at all.

  6. SCD is a Fixed Show !!

    Why is Kellie and Kevin still in ?
    Their dance tonight was awful!

    Papa Clifton (part of the Production Team)
    keeps sonnie in as long as possible!!

        1. I have noticed that Kevin is often at the front or in camera for longer in the group dances, and Kelly is when the celebrities join in.

  7. Katie should have gone not Helen who was tops. Disappointed. Good to see justice done with Anita. Do you think the producers are picking on Anita and Gleb to create a Twitter frenzy by viewers to boost the show’s ratings? I would not put it past them.

  8. Doubly shocked. At the 2 pairs in the dance off & Helen’s elimination. Fully expected it to be Katie & Kellie with Katie shown the door. Next week. For sure.

  9. I am really surprised that Georgia was in the DO. Fully expected to see Katie, Kellie or Anita there. It can only be that people assumed Georgia was safe and didn’t vote for her.

    1. I hoped it would be Kellie and Helen in D.O. with Kellie to go (blind hope). Think what “done for Helen” was the choice of music/musical for the Paso.
      As for Georgia…….I personally didn’t like her performance tonight but can’t put my finger on why , as usually I think she’s good. However, my family thought she was great. It’s just choice isn’t it?
      Now if Kellie goes out next week, my 4 choices will be in the final.

  10. It’s too much of a popularity contest at this stage. Anita was by far the poorest but has a strong fan base. She was a favourite of mine but bad performancesectors 2 weeks running andown better dancers leaving ruins it. Anton keeps playing the Ive never got this far before card ( actually he’s been 3rd &4th in previous series). I think the public are voting for Anton more than Katie. He cant do most of the latin dances. It’s about time he bows out and takes over as presenter maybe. Can’t warm to Kellie but she’s a good dancer. Jay and Georgia both fantastic and consistent. Both of these for the final and I’ll be happy.

  11. Really sad to hear Helen and Aljaz has gone…I didn’t like Georgia’s dance tbh but I really thought kellie or Katie should have gone.

  12. The way the two couples wind up in the dance off is not transparent BBC!
    The weighting of the public vote (to add to the leaderboard marks ) are never disclosed by the programme, so we have to not only take it on trust that the process is honest, but we also remain in the dark about how much sway audience votes will have. Judging by tonight’s result you would assume quite a lot as Georgia and Helen were not at the bottom.
    And I’m more suspicious about judges bias for certain dancers now.
    Bookies betting before tonight was a dead giveaway that Helen was going to leave.

    1. The judges definitely influence the public vote. Tonight they were tripping over themselves in praising Georgia!! Yet Anita and Gleb gave a remarkable performance. Anita has never danced before and yet is able to dance to such a high standard! Yet the judges were finding it sooo hard to find good things to say!

    2. Their place on the leaderboard is initially determined by the judges, which is converted into points (1 being the bottom). The public votes supposedly do the same so those who receive the least phone votes will only get 1 point. At this stage in the competition the public vote has a more profound effect as fewer couples mean combined scores can really move their position on the leaderboard. For example, if the public assumed Georgia was safe and she received the fewest phone votes, she would only have 5 (judges) + 1 (public) = 6. Mid-table couples getting similar rankings from both could end up with higher total scores, whereas in the early stages one or two points made little impact. I hate how they drag it out over two nights though plus the whole charade of pretending they danced “yesterday”.

  13. Well that’s shocking didn’t see that coming thought it wud have been Katie or Anita in the bottom two. I loved Helen but that’s how good this series is you just can’t say who’s a clear runner this year. Anita or Jay to win now. Though I wud have been happier if Katie had got to dance as Belle not Georgia.

  14. *mind blown* I thought for sure it would be Kellie gone this week. I’m not a big fan of Georgia and I guess others aren’t either. It’s too bad about Helen; I would have rather seen Georgia go. I find her to be too whiny and I don’t care for Giovanni either. As far as her dancing though it’s been top notch.

    1. It’s an entertainment programme with dancing in it! Luck of the draw. Try voting next week if the results upset you so much.

  15. Did not like Kellie and
    Kevin’s Viennese Waltz .Lionel Bart and Strauss do not mix. Also Les Miserables was also an odd mix for Helen and her partner.Who chooses these routines? I would like to see either Katie or Anita win they are intelligent dignified and gracious.

    1. Totally agree about the Viennese Waltz. There was no real content or movement. It is supposed to be a ballroom and Latin contest but this was all about acting and staging. The judges didn’t judge on the dancing.

  16. Was definitely surprised by that i expected Katie and Anita for the DO but oh well someone needs to go anyway. Hope Kellie and Kevin make the final loved there routine wonder what they have for the semis hope rumba and AT I think they do 2 dances best week

  17. Well that’s a shocker! Everything seems really unfair and inconsistent this year. Helen may not be everyone’s favourite person but she is an amazing dancer and certainly not the worst out of those who are left…

  18. OMG well I’m proved wrong. The teachers pet has gone. Georgia took on the ice queen and won! Wow that’s great news. I can not believe Georgia was in the bottom 2 tho. I have to say I read it twice in case Dave was having a joke with us (happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Thorp)!!! Lol well I’m already looking forward to next week!!! Part of me feels the judges probably felt the pressure after the whole Blackpool thing and knew if they saved Helen tonight when Georgia was far far better (and always has been IMO) the public would be going nuts about the whole it’s all a fix thing. It’s great she’s gone, roll on next week.

  19. Stoked to see Georgia n Giovanni there. They r the best in the compilation and I thik people thought they are safe n voted for others
    All I can think is ABBY was on the dance off and CAROLINE and ALISHA and they all won.

  20. Am so shocked that Helen and Aliaz have gone they were such an endearing couple I find Kellie very childish and Georgia always has to get tearful Gonna Miss you Helen and Aliaz you were so fantastic together

  21. Try to remember it’s a popularity competition and the voters obviously finally got tired of Helen’s simpering smile and obnoxious cosyin up to the judges. Surprised at Georgia being there – obviously public thought she was safe.
    Jay to win with Katie and Kellie in final.

  22. Well, i wasnt keen on Helen’s dance personally, but for Georgia to be in the dance off, that is very surprising. People trying to keep in Anita, i guess. I voted for Georgia!

      1. And me – shocked to read the comment about father Clifton being on production team …… that would explain why we get both children rammed down our throats each week. Truly, enough!!!!

        1. Not sure where some people get their info but ive just looked on all production crew lists and the name keith clifton does not appear!! He does have a newspaper column tho — why does everyone suddenly have it in for kevin? Leave him alone hes lovely and great at what he does.

        2. Keith Clifton is not involved in Strictly beyond being father to Kevin and Jo. Keith, along with his wife, runs an extremely popular dance school in and around Cleethorpes and apart from commenting at some stage in the Strictly discussion on local radio on a Monday morning, has nothing more to do with the show.

  23. It was definitely a shock with those two in the DO. I thought Kellie and Katie would battle it out tonight.
    I just can’t warm to Georgia at all. She dances well but would be gutted if she won.
    Jay or Anita to win for me.

  24. Bit of a shock that as I thought Helen was the judges favourite. I enjoyed their dance but I love Les Mis. Georgia did dance really well. I was thinking Jay and Anita may be in trouble before tonight’s dances as they aren’t the easiest of dances. jay was amazing I love that song and the dance was perfect. As for Anita not surprised she got votes with Craig giving her a 6! I was nearly going to vote at the injustice of it. I thought it was good and I love the way Gleb tries to do something different in his routines. Although I am happy for Anton I must admit I am getting a bit fed up with the ever so proper Katie would have preferred to see her go this week. But between the pairings of Jay, Anita and Georgia I am stuck to pick a winner but if that’s the final I will be overjoyed.

  25. Absolutely gutted that Helen has gone, my choice would have been for Kellie and Kevin to go. I suppose it helps though when you throw the sympathy vote in of televising your 4 year old child before you dance! I’m sick to death of her screaming and his goody 2 shoes demeanour.

    1. Anita is far and away the worst dancer left 2 weeks running she was bottom of leader board last week and this week
      we want the best dancers in the final and helen was one of them

  26. Seems odd that Kevin will be in his 3rd final in his 3rd series. No doubt he will win one year then take over from Tess and have the show rebranded as the Kevin Clifton show.

  27. I’m surprised at a lot of the comments. I think people should stop getting quite so personal about the celebrities. This should be nothing to do with whether or not you happen to like a celebrity or not. It should be based on the dance they did on this particular day and not on how irritating you find the celebrities. All six dancers that were in the competition tonight deserved to be there (fact). From the top of the leader board to the bottom there was a difference of 8 points only (fact). The judges are there to do their job which they do extremely well and pass there comments based on what they see as experienced dancers in their own right and score accordingly and tonight the lowest scorers should have been in the dance off which were Anita and Helen (fact). Unfortunately, the public see a dance, get carried away with the music and the good choreography and possibly a lift and therefore assume that the judges have made a mistake or are biased about someone who they think should have been scored higher irrespective of whether or not they actually did the correct steps and they therefore vote for the celebrities that were last on the scoreboard. By doing this rather than listening to the judges years of experience it is going to happen that one of the celebrities at the top of the leader board is going to come a cropper at this stage of the competition which in this case was Georgia. So please instead of being unkind about the celebrities that are left in because they are not your particular favourites just try listening to the judges for once, take on board their comments and vote on that basis and there may not be a shock the next time!!!

    1. That’s a very unrealistic take on such a programme as Strictly. Its whole ethos is based around a populist approach. You only have to look at some of the very poor, but hugely entertaining, dancers that have been kept in over the years …. but they never win. Voters keep them in for a bit but they always go near the end when the better dancers come to the fore. You can quote ‘facts’ till the cows come home, but human nature dictates people want to be with, support, cheer people they like and warm too. It helps if they are good at what they do, but most people will go for the one they prefer. That is quite simply human nature, from cradle to grave. The fun of a forum like this is you can share your opinions and not be restricted to fact (thanks Dave, best forum out there – want nasty comments? Go to the BBC one, that really is personal). This would be a very different programme if it was only based on fact. Personally I love listening to the judges, each has a ‘role’ they are there to play. Sometimes they are over the top, but overall they help to make the programme. They frustrate me, make me laugh, but they do a good job overall – and whatever happens through the weeks, a good dancer usually wins and we can’t wait for the next series!!

    2. couldn’t have put it better myself, It doesn’t matter to me if I like someone or not to me it is a dance competition and that’s what I go off, personally I want Jay to win his facial expressions don’t come into it for me its the way he moves, his hip leg and arm movements are always top notch (just my opinion). and I think Anita is unfairly judged.

  28. That result is a shock!! But helen was in the bottom 2 on the leader board. I personally think that anita and georgia should have been bottom 2 with anita going . Their dance was tech bad and thats why they got bad marks, peaple need to remember this is a dance competition ! Not a popularity contest. Katies dance wa great. I think team GG should be next to go but at this stage now you cant call it

  29. Nobody else notice Craig and his vitriolic comments AGAIN for Anita and Gleb? When they had finished their dance, the judges had faces like a yard of pump water!!! God help Anita – if she ever finds herself in a dance off she’s a gonna – foregone conclusion. Anita is terrific, so is Gleb – others are too but why oh why are they sooooo nasty to A and G.
    Jay will win this. No doubt about it.

  30. I am slightly shocked by this, given Craig more or less put the nail in Anitas coffin. I personally didn’t warm to Helen, though saying that I’m no Katie fan either. I’ve watched every series and had high hopes for this year, but the more I watch and read about the show the more I’m convinced of it being fixed. As a ballroom teacher, I have every admiration for the ones that don’t come from a drama school/performing background. Anita has performed spectacularly for a “non dancer” and Jay ( although a boy band member) won my heart with his jive.

  31. Can everyone stop Kellie & Kevin bashing she nails all steps every week and routines are inspired-should they win? No! Do they deserve a final 3 spot? Yes!

  32. Im not sure how many times ive heard”its a fix” but its way too many and its not true at all,craigs comment were spot on!anita was technically bad and gleb is always putting illegal moves in so hes marked down correctly. I would love jay to win but its not a foregone conclusion at all. I think the last 4 will be jay,anita,georgia andkellie with kellie going in the first half after that its only the public vote that counts and everyone seems to have fallen for georgias fake tears every week!!!!

    Craig is by far the best judge — he at least tells it like it is!!!

    1. This week Kellie’s dance was all acting and no dancing, especially if you compare it to Viennese Waltzes from previous weeks. Criaig admitted in a magazine article that he and Kellie were ‘mates’ and I think he marks accordingly, rating here on performance rather than technical merit. Len usually penalises for lack of content but didn’t this time – he criticized Katie for a slow start but there was a lot less of the actual dance in Kellie’s performance.

      1. Craigs background is in musical theatre so he was always going to love it, and it was a theme week so they have to some how combine the theme with the dance theyhave been given, not an easy job as the viennese waltz doea not sit naturally with oom pa pa, i thought he dida great job of marrying the two together.

  33. All of Kellies dances seem to have a ‘musical theatre’ flavour. Perhaps that’s her next (hoped for) career move and Strictly is a big audition. Sick of the Clifton family too. Three of them is a bit much.

  34. Anita was technically the worst, and was marked accordingly, though Craig was a bit harsh with a 6. Why do people hate Kellie so much? She did a great performance with a dance and music that didn’t go together. Is it a class thing, I’ve seen the word common attached to her name so often?

    1. Completely agree. I loved Anita in previous weeks and feel she had been scored harshly in the past. But this week she was axful (although she looked fantastic) The Argentine Tango is probably my favourite dance but it was very poorly executed. I thought it was a 6/7 at most.

  35. Anita was by far the best and her Argentine tango could be in a show it was so spectacular, Craig just does not like her, and is bias, for the only person with no dance experience she has excelled and I should know having some dance experience. Anita for the final, by the way Len loved it.

  36. When X Factor ends each year, they normally release the voting figures from the whole series… Do Strictly ever do this? I’d be interested to see who pulled in what percentage of the votes each week. Jay to win!!

    1. The BBC treat viewer votes as a closely guarded secret subject to the official secrets act. They never release them. Not even a freedom of information request to the BBC will get them, a position the information commissioner agrees with.

      The BBC claim that releasing the figures could alter voting patterns however this only really applies in the middle of a series. There is no reason they couldn’t release them at the end of a series

  37. Some of comments on this post are killing me! I almost spat out my drink laughing….they’re so funny! There’s more conspiracy theories on this topic than there ever was when JFK was shot! Hilarious! Guys it’s a TV show, maybe some of you took the movie ‘Quiz Show’ too seriously!

  38. The only reason Georgia was in th DO was to make Helen feel better about being bounced. This happens so many times to ssve their ‘feelings’

  39. Exactly, I don’t see what harm it would do to share them once a series has concluded. Probably just as I’m very nosey, I’d like to see! 😉

    Thanks for the info!

  40. Well, shows how much I know, in spite of dancing for most of my life. I thought Helen a splendid performer.


  41. Was really surprised by the result, didn’t see that coming.
    With all her mistakes it should have been Katie, every week she makes lots of them. Anton continues to play the I’ve not been in for so long before card when he has been.
    He produces poor Latin choreography.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he won this year then left the show.

    1. Spot on Anton is doing a great PR job Katie always looks like she has trodden in something nasty, my prediction is … Anita or Kellie to go out next week the other to go out first half of final Georgia Jay and Katie to be in final Katie to win it , Len to retire and Anton to be made head judge hope I’m wrong this is a massive BBC fix Anita should win!

  42. I think all the dancers left in are pretty amazing when they have just a week to grasp some very complex choreography. Learning the steps, getting the posture right, acting and whatever else they have to learn. They should all be congratulated. And what do we get. We get possibly the best entertainment around. Beautifully staged, superb backdrops, floor projection and lighting etc, fabulous costumes, wonderful choreography beautifully executed by this years celebrities and pro’s. Wow, what a show. I know at the end of the day it’s a competition but personally I couldn’t care less who wins or who misses a step or has a wobble. I just enjoy it for what it is. One hell of a spectacular show which gives me a lot of pleasure. Thank you BBC for bringing this to our screens each week.

  43. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to Dave for this site. I have to admit I am completely baffled by some of the logic behind some of the comments posted. I just don’t understand why people think because Anita had “no dance training” she can’t be criticised when she has a bad couple of weeks. If she can be praised and scored highly for her good weeks as a “no dance training” celeb then surely to use that phrase as a reason to justify her bad weeks just doesn’t add up. Anita should have been in the DO. Her Argentine Tango was definitely the worst dance of the week. Gleb decided to put in a quite blatant illegal lift last week which along with a slightly below par performance lost them points. This may all sound as if l don’t like Anita, which isn’t true. I am however getting more than a little sick of both Anita and Gleb and every supporter of theirs using that phrase every time her name is mentioned. Darren Bennett made a good point on ITT tonight, he said (this is not a direct quote) that everyone, even the good dancers work hard every week to learn a new dance and prepare their for their performances. None of the other celebs has ever been a dancer for a living. All the other celebs have been criticised and lost points at some stage. This week’s show was spoilt for me by the addition of extra dancers (no offence) and some quite appalling music choices. Kellie, Helen and yes Anita were done no favours on either score. Georgia definitely did not deserve to be in the DO. Helen maybe, although I thought Katie was pretty wobbly this week and it should have been her. I love Anton but if we vote for the pros we like what is the point of having celebs in the first place. Yes he’s had some difficult partners in the past but that was the past. I really didn’t like the music Kellie had for her VW or the dancers and props which was a shame as I actually like her better in the in – hold dances. I’m taking the judges word for her scores as I was too distracted to by everything else that was going on. I find it hard to warm to Georgia although her Foxtrot was lovely if a little safe, just lacking her usual sparkle. Helen was a little wobbly this week. Jays quiet understated rumba was an absolute joy to watch. A notoriously difficult dance for any celeb to master, he managed both the technique and the emotion beautifully.BRAVO. I hope it’s Kellie, Georgia and Jay in the final. I can’t really make my mind up about the other two. Hope this doesn’t come across as too much of a rant. It wasn’t meant to be. Goodnight. Love and peace.

  44. Kevin’s Twitter page openly says that his father is part of production of SCD. No wonder Joanne is shoved to the front ! She’s like the Spectre at the Feast.

    1. No it doesn’t. He’s spent most of today on twitter taking the piss out of the inaccuracies being posted online by finding jobs at the BBC for the rest of his family

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