Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 11 Poll

The quarter finals were upon us this week with the final proving to be tantalisingly close!

Firstly a couple of apologies. Sorry to those on twitter for the lack of a tweet along this week but it was my and my partner’s 10 year anniversary of being together and obviously I had to take her somewhere nice! Despite this commitment the spoiler WILL still be posted to this site shortly after 10pm as usual!

Also apologies to those of you who struggled to get on this site last weekend around the time the spoiler was posted. My host had some issues last week. I don’t think they are capacity related like last year (last weekend was actually quieter than the previous weekend) but I will be keeping an eye on the situation. If for any reason you struggle to get on this site try where I will post the spoiler IF there are any issues here although I don’t expect there to be.

The poll this week has a slightly different format as we are at the business end of the competition. I’m asking you who you want to see in the final. You can select up to 4 choices and please make use of this as hopefully we will get an idea of who the finalists will be after next week’s final spoiler for the series.

You still can’t like the Strictly Spoiler on Facebook. The BBC have said they will reinstate the page but the cynic in me strongly suspects they will wait until the end of this series before doing so! In the mean time you can still sign the petition which might hurry the BBC up but I highly doubt it. You can still follow me on twitter though to keep up with all things Strictly Spoiler. You can also like/share all posts on this site using the links for all major social networks and Google+ above and below. In particular please use the Facebook buttons because the BBC will love that!

You’ve also just over a week to enter The Strictly Spoiler competition to win a £50 amazon UK voucher. I really want to give something back to the people who have made this site a success so please enter the competition so I can do.

Please also join the discussion and tell me what you thought about tonight’s show and performances using the comment link above. I won’t have seen the show due to other commitments so will look forward to reading your “spoilers”

As mentioned before next week will be the final spoiler of the series and I do have something planned for this. It won’t be a ridiculously long video that 5 of you will view and 2 of you will view in full though!

Who Should Be In The Final? (choose up to four)

  • Jay and Aliona (27%, 4,565 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (22%, 3,636 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (18%, 2,997 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (14%, 2,285 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (12%, 1,941 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (8%, 1,414 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,543

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79 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 11 Poll”

    1. I think Craig is keeping his 10 for Jays jive in the final I think he deserved 4 x10 s tonight but I think he was quite happy with his score His rumba was brilliant

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary Dave – hope you enjoyed your evening. I certainly enjoyed mine – watching Jay’s rumba made me quite hot and bothered…… As ever, Kellie overmarked and Anita under. For me Katie and Kellie in the DO.

  2. Why did Katie and Anton receive negative comments for their star whilst there was a dance on the table and giving out beer at the start of Kellie’s dance and Anita behind bars. Jay was apart from his partner for a good length at the start; in other words all the dances had a similar start so why pick up on Katie?

    1. I agree with you, very inconsistent our judges although no, maybe they ARE being consistent…..consistently marking their favourites up and ignoring late starts and other rushes to use up the time. Then they find fault with the celebs who don’t appeal to them.

  3. I have never really liked Anita but couldn’t understand why she received such bad comments and low scores tonight. Weird. Helen was stiff legged and very poor in my opinion… I feel she should be in the dance off.

  4. Oml Craiq is such an imbasieal for not giving a 10 for Jay and he’s so negative hate Craiq so much ?

    1. Yes! They are so good together, although I missed their dance tonight as strictly was on at an earlier time but I’m sure it was great.

  5. Well done Dave. Great for the lone guy to get the BBC to back off. Loved Jay’s dance and finally he gets acknowledged by all. I fear, as ever, Kellie played to Eastender type accompanied by the usual screams. Sorry, but I hope she goes this week.

    1. Me too. Tonight’s performance would be ok on stage as part of the Oliver production but it was too much performing and not enough dancing for a supposed dance competition quarter final.
      Also …. a table prop again??? Really???

  6. Don’t understand why Kevin wasn’t criticised for the lack of content in this weeks dance???? Definitely the ‘Clifton’ show aaaarrrrggghhh

  7. Anita in the dance off!!!!! I like her, but she does NOT deserve to go further, she tripped at a vital hurdle! Bloody public need to vote FAIRLY and not for the favs!!!!! Kellie is a great dancer and I can just bet she’ll be in the dance off!!! Completely unfair!!! Vote for Kellie and Kevin and Jay and Aliona they were both top tonight…well obviously Jay and Aliona owned the whole night lets just be frank :)))))

    Anita Gleb BOTTOM of the leader board: FACT. They do NOT deserve to go through, and I do love Anita but she let herself down tonight sadly. No bias from me….

    1. we live in a democracy not a dictatorship, and I will vote how I like. Jay and Aliona don’t do it for me and never get me votes.

  8. I agree Kellie over marked again. Go Jay that was great. Tess stop with the hand holding its awful to watch
    They are not two

    1. Agree, what with the hand holding, arm stroking and ‘my darling’ every other sentence, totally cringe worthy.

  9. Anita was one of my favourites from the beginning but I thought she was very poor tonight. Choreography from Gleb to try and hide the lack of technique. She has been out danced the last 2 weeks. Don’t think she is final material. Loved Jay, Georgia

  10. I think Jay is going to be in the final (and going to win) regardless of his performances. However that Rumba was great! I’m not a fan of Jay at all but really got to respect.

    Speaking of being a fan, I was in bits after Anita’s score. Really want to be proved wrong but don’t think judges will keep her if she’s in dance off. Kellie danced okay but the routine was really strange (in terms of content) and Helen didn’t have any Paso lines whatsoever, she looked like she was about to break any minute.

    Lovely from Katie and Georgia though – normally not a fan of Slow ballroom dances but this was beautiful.

    Anita to win, but Georgia or Jay will likely.

  11. Aaaahhhh OMGHelen drives me nuts. She plays the same game every week. In training she goes on about how hard it is, how she just wants to please the judges blah blah blah like she’s some how got it harder than the others….. oh and will she ever stop pouting and acting like a spoilt brat!!! Now Katie yes we know you’ve got nice legs but it doesn’t mean you have to have splits up to your knickers every week!!!! Craig may as well just admit he doesn’t like Anita as it can’t be any more obvious as he tears into her every single week, what more can she do and when is Gleb going to be noticed for trying different things!!! Kellie looked lovely tonight but the reason Craig loved their dance were the reason i didn’t but fair play for taking the risk.
    Team GG another beautiful dance tonight the only bad thing was it didn’t go on for longer. I could just watch them all night taking it in turns with Jay and Aliona.

    A winner was shown this week and he should’ve had four 10’s IMO, the extra point from Craig should have been for the fact that it’s a tough dance but even more so for the guy (even the male pro’s agree) as its tough to lead. All the celeb guys don’t get enough credit in general for leading. But three 10’s for the series dreaded rumba is fantastic. Glad Len has finally opens his eyes to see him as the fabulous dancer he is.
    Jay is absolutely brilliant, I just love Aliona and as a couple they are stunning to watch.
    Not sure about the bottom 2 for the dance off but as we’ve all said before is unlikely they only judge on the dance off performance so if it’s Anita and Kellie I feel in general they like Kellie more. To be honest I’d love Helen to go but I feel the judges would never send her home if she was in the bottom 2 altho say she was this week it would be interesting if it was Helen as Kellie got higher marks but I honestly believe the judges would not be honest and find a reason to keep Helen. Well my choice to go is Katie, the last few weeks I’ve found her boring to watch and – I’m not sure I can take another week of that vomit inducing huge fake smile, nodding, head tilting thingy she does when they’re giving the comments. I know that sounds harsh and I’m hardly Cindy Crawford but it’s diving me nuts!!lol

    For me it’s got to be Jay and Georgia in the final with Jay to win but Georgia is a very close second.

    1. What has annoyed me about Helen is she appears to be just going through the motions. I’ve felt no passion from her at all, and on It Takes Two this week she glibly admitted she didn’t have a clue what her next dance was about. Going back to when Sophie Ellis Baxter did that amazing Charleston, I remember Brendon being impressed with her because she actually researched the dance she was doing.
      Like you I would love to see Jay and Georgia in the final, and I do like Anita, but do wish that her and Gleb would stop with the ‘never danced before’ statements every opportunity.

  12. I feel the judges have been unfair to Anita and Gleb constantly under scoring them each week whilst other unworthy dances get top marks. Are the judges seeing a different dance to the one the viewers see? I think apart from Darcy and rest of the judges should be replaced next yeAr as they have become stale and the show needs new blood otherwise it will go the same way as the xfactor …. Unpopular.

  13. Wow! Jay should have got 40…but Anita did not deserve as low as 6 ?

    Thought kellie was over marked…but that’s favouritism to Kevin as usual.

    Dance off will be tough to call this week- hope Anita isn’t in it ad she would go. I personally hope kellie goes. JAY TO WIN!!!

  14. Jay is such a sweetie (and very convincing dancer) it’s harder for a celeb male so it’s Jay to win for me ….. plus he’s from Nottinghamshire. Go Jay. Kellie is good but flat; she’s never had any wow factor and tonight’s was tacky. Anita deserves to go through because of last week’s PD which was sensational.

    1. You’re right Bee…I could never put my finger on it with Kellie. I think she can dance but that’s about it…. She brings nothing else to it

    2. But it wasn’t last week when she did the Paso Doble…that was the week before. She did the Rumba last week, which, again scored not so high and it was rather awkward and uninspiring. She’s been flagging these last couple of weeks. Sadly, her time should be up.

      1. Don’t think she’s flagging, more that she’s had two difficult dances in a row. Rumba is the hardest Latin dance along with samba. And A/T is a specialist dance that most of the pros know nothing about. If Georgia/Helen had to perform their rumbas as late as last week, they wouldn’t have scored well (in fact, they both got considerably lower scores) – would they be ‘flagging’ as well?

  15. Am fed up with Katie’s preening and posing and Kelly’s screams get on my nerves, dreadful Vienesse waltz, Anitas’s Argentine tango was awful any of these 3 in DO

  16. New panel required as the comments and scores were all a bit odd tonight….as per usual! Dancers should be marked down at this stage for missing heel leads etc ….team GG in mind. Anita has no previous dance experience so was not deserving of a 6. Jay was good and deserved 40. Katie and Kellie both ‘wasted’ time at the start of the dance but only one was marked down. Is it me or did Helen look defensive at the start of the night with her arms folded. Could the strain be getting to her?

  17. I’m going off topic a bit and being a bit picky. I know it’s a very long time since I did maths at school but I seem to remember that there’s only a total of 100% of anything. How come the poll results above are showing weird percentages? The number of votes given to each couple should add up to the total of votes made. When these figures are translated into a percentages of the votes cast, all the percentage figures should add up to 100%.
    Simples?. Or have I missed something???

    1. The poll reports the percentage of voters who selected an option not the percentage of votes. As people can choose 4 choices the percentages could add up to 400% if everyone used all 4 votes

      1. Doh! Why didn’t I think of that and check before engaging my fingers to the keyboard?. Thanks for putting me straight Dave.

    2. You can vote for more than one person. Therefore if everyone voted for the same 4 they would all have 100% because everyone who voted voted for them. The votes are obviously more spread than that but hope that illustrates the point.

  18. Getting fed up with people using Anita’s lack of previous dance experience as a reason why she should be marked higher. She had the worst dance tonight and was fairly marked for it. I think it’s her time to go if she ends up in the dance-off.

    1. Agree. Anita has been weak 2 weeks running. As much as I liked her the whole I never danced before is getting on my nerves. I just don’t see any chemistry between those 2 compared to all the other couples

  19. A very close show.
    The two who I think who fell short tonight were Helen and Anita, was upset to see Anita struggle because she’s been a favourite of mine throughout but the technique wasn’t there, thought Helen was overmarked i feel like she’s too elegant to take on such an aggressive dance and think her time is up.
    Georgia and Katie both with beautiful Foxtrots, and were personally my two favourites, I feel Katie gets a lot of unfair criticism from the public and Id say out of the final 6 she’s come the furthest, incredible and so elegant in ballroom.
    Technically Jay was very good but the rumba has never been my favourite dance and found I switched off a bit but that’s just personal taste.
    Kellie was very entertaining and such a great performer, Kevin never fails to disappoint but not sure if there was enough difficult dance content but i loved it!
    Georgie and Katie were my favourite and are who Id love to see win!

  20. At this stage they are all good dancers, no clear winner. Whoever is in the bottom two will be a good dancers as it is going to come down to your favourite, the dance given to you and the choreography. The last six should be proud even if they are not in the final. My personal favourites for the final are Jay, Georgia and Anita but I do think Jay may win it.

  21. Whilst I don’t think that the format is stale (it can go on forever), the judges are starting to be so – a bit like an OFSTED inspector who knows what they are going to say/score before hand.
    I appreciate that Bruno is a well educated man but many of his comments are obviously pre-planned and Craig now just plays a pantomine villain – his marks have no relevance and his comments are just nasty!
    Keep Len & Darcey, change the rest.

    1. Couldnt agree more but would go further and say the whole show I s getting stale, past its sell by date. it went downhill when Brucie left and the “girls” took over marks out of ten Tess 6 and as for Claudia well got as much charisma as a concrete block .
      Jay to win.

  22. I absolutely adore Jay and think him brilliant dancer. Everyone I know wants him to win and I think he will because the public love him. I think Katie a pain. Even as a news presenter she was OTT. I don’t like all the trying to be in view of the camera stuff when others votes coming in. She was not happy with tonights vote. Kellie rough – always.

  23. I first met Katie Dereham when I was lucky to work at ITN with her, no I am not a news presenter, but I am the one that goes thru the news with them to make sure running order is correct and take out very offensive words and reports.. I am happy to say Kate is really as you see her, no pretence no sides to her, she really is genuine… But she suffers with nerves and I see it on Saturday nights and am amazed she doesn’t trip up more… She tries her best but I can see Anton leading her around the floor…. Helen was unsteady or was it me?????

  24. Hi, I’ve only just found this site (better late than never) and want to thank you for all the efforts.

    My preferences for the final would be Georgia and Jay – it has been great getting an extended run for Aliona this year after her disastrous pairings of the past few years. Jay has surprised me with his abilities and Georgia is cuter than a box of kittens. The final would involve these two if it was my choice and, I think, would be very close.

    One last thing (for Dave), in your data for previous weeks did you realise you have two week 3 poll results and no week 4?
    Minor point, keep up the good work.

  25. Jay was PERFECT. LOVE.
    Anita, great performance. A bit messy in places but solid effort to a difficult song for an argentine, lots of ambitious lifts, proper show girl, they are always so watchable. Craig’s 6 was nasty and unnecessary. 8, at a push 7 but 6? All credit to her that she tried not to get visibly upset, tough girl.
    Gleb doesn’t have to mention that Anita hasn’t danced before I admit, but they never made obvious on the show until about two weeks ago. I think he’s just protective of his partner and worried people think she’s on the same footing as everyone else. Don’t worry, we know and we take it into account. Or most people do. My friend realised tonight and said ‘oh that explains some things.’
    Georgina and Katie I found a bit dull. Just do something a bit daring with her Giovanni? as a couple I just find them a bit forgettable.
    Sad for Helen tonight. Used to like her but she’s been going downhill since her tango. a shame

  26. I think it would be a better programme if every couple had the same dance to do each week and the marks were given at the end. It would give the public a better representation of what each couple can do.

    1. It would be certainly fairer as couples often get eliminated if they’ve got one of the harder dances. The problem is it would possibly get a bit repetitive especially in the earlier part of the series. I suspect variety is the reason the BBC mix it up each week

    2. We had that with the Quickstepathon and it ended up with the usual favourites being marked the highest – jay and Aliona were fantastic in that. Their spins were amazing and Jay had to lead which required more skill than the female celebrities but they were marked 5th !!

    3. They used to that in earlier series, but as Dave pointed out, it was a tad repetitive, although easier to compare performances.

  27. Thanks for the reply to my query about Week 3/4 Poll results. Being new to your site I found a list on your blog with all the historical spoilers etc for each year. Under 2015 you have two week3 poll results and no week 4. Not to worry as I followed the link you gave me.
    Great site, thanks once again.

    1. Hi Steve. I think you hit the site through one of the categories or tags. My tagging isn’t consistent at the start of the series so that’s why you’ve had content missing. I’ll have a look at my tags at some point in the week

  28. Anita’s tango was absolutely awful, I think that Georgia and Katie were both under marked and deserved at least one 10. I think either Anita or Helen are in danger tonight as Helen was over marked and didn’t do anywhere near as good as she done last week and she should’ve got 40 last week for her waltz. She is clearly better at the more graceful dances, as for Kellie and Kevin and jay and Aliona both of their dances were fantastic in my opinion

  29. I’ve moderated some comments. It really is possible to discuss the show/spoiler without insulting the participants or each other. I don’t want to have to moderate comments so please keep things nice and friendly

  30. Hi Dave, I love your Strictly Spoiler – the result, of course, but also the poll. But that raises a question in my mind. This week-end Georgia and Giovanni were in the Dance Off, amazingly to my mind. To get there – having come second equal in the judges’ score – it was necessary for Anita, Katie and Kellie to beat them in the public vote. But your poll (when I checked it at 11:30 on Sunday) ranked them above all of these three.
    How sure are we that BBC do not cheat on the public poll results? I find it hard to believe that your poll of over 4000 people could get it so wrong (it’s always produced credible results in the past).

    1. Hi Peter,

      I’ve moved your comment over to the poll discussion rather than the about page

      The poll was a little different this week as it asked who people wanted to see in the final and allowed for people to choose their final 4 so Georgia may have got votes in the poll from people who wouldn’t normally vote for her in the public vote as she is a strong contestant and so one people want to see in the final (and rightly so in my opinion). I also suspect Georgia’s position on the leaderboard meant a lot of her supporters believed her to be safe and so they didn’t need to vote for her whereas the supporters of people lower down the leaderboard obviously felt they did need to vote to keep their faves in, in particular Anita who of course was bottom.

      Also whilst I agree the poll’s sample set is rather large (actually over 5000 now) that doesn’t make it infallible and I have no way of knowing if the sample for the poll is an accurate reflection of the Strictly audience demographics. You only have to look at the opinion polls prior to the 2015 general election most of which were predicting a hung parliament with a minority Labour government to see how wrong polling can be sometimes. Also the polls have occasionally been linked to by supporters of certain couples which has occasionally skewed the vote very slightly (only by a couple of hundred votes though)

      I entirely agree with you that the BBC need to be more transparent. I don’t believe they would for a second think about fiddling the results especially after the premium rate phone scandal a while back but of course we have to take their word on that. I believe the votes should be published or at the very least be available under the Freedom of Information Act which the BBC is subject to. Sadly the BBC and the Information Commissioner’s Office don’t agree

  31. Hello, i think I am right in saying that Katie and Anton have not done a jive so far and they are not doing one next week. So if they do make it to the final, they will probably be the first couple ever not to have done a jive en route. I assume this is further evidence of the BBC manipulating the program as they are desperate for K and A to make it to the final and we all know that Katie can only do ballroom to a decent standard!

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