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Well here we are again, it’s the end of the series at least as far as spoilers are concerned with just one more spoiler to come in later today. The Strictly Spoiler has had another huge year and I’d like to say a few words. I’m not going to do an 8 minute long video this year that 5 of you will watch and only 2 of you will watch in full though so instead here’s a post that hopefully you will all take the time to read.

I really didn’t think anything would top off 2014. That was a huge year when The Strictly Spoiler that I’d been posting to my personal blog since 2012 as a bit of fun suddenly got what I considered then to be massive interest. So massive that my previous web host couldn’t cope with the traffic. It took me by surprise just how much interest it was starting to get and I was blown away by the traffic my site was getting all of a sudden. However 2015 has just completely blown that out the water.

The Strictly Spoiler has received more views in 2015 alone than my blog has since 2007. Last year there was about 250,000 views attributed to The Strictly Spoiler. This year there will have been over a million after this weekend. I am completely blown away by how much this site has grown. When I first started to do this I did it purely as a bit of fun. I got a few hundred and occasionally a thousand or so views over a Strictly Weekend and I was pleased with that. I was also pleased (not to mention very surprised) when in 2014 I started getting about 30-40,000 views over a Strictly Weekend. At it’s peak in 2015 the Strictly Spoiler received over 180,000 views which to me is a mind boggling number. I never expected for this to become as popular as it has and I still can’t believe that so many of you come to a website I produce to read the content I produce.

Despite the success we’ve had a few dark times. Week 2 for the 1st Elimination was the first time The Strictly Spoiler got it partially wrong. I’ve spoken in depth about how and why that happened and what I’ve done to increase transparency about where each week’s spoiler has come from so you know if it is likely to be right. An overwhelming number of you supported me through that on here, Twitter and on Facebook.

Also with this site’s growth has come the attention of the BBC who in November launched an attack on The Strictly Spoiler resulting in the removal of the Facebook page I’d launched this year. This annoyed me to no end not least because I’d spent nearly £100 of my own money advertising the page to grow it into the community it had become and it also gave people somewhere on social media where they could discuss the spoiler without risking spoiling it for people who didn’t want to be spoiled. Also the BBC, as a publicly funded broadcaster, have no right to be curtailing my right to Freedom of Speech. I get that the BBC aren’t happy that the results leak out however this is purely of their own doing and they could put a stop to it in a heartbeat by simply reverting to a live results show. Instead they would rather use their corporate clout to bully an individual and have their content removed purely because they don’t approve of it. Quite a few of you, including a lot of names I recognised from Facebook, here and Twitter signed the petition I launched demanding this be reversed and it was reversed this week. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and supported me and this site during this dispute with the BBC!

Moving on, there’s quite a few more people I would like to thank starting with the people who are actually reading this far into the post. You are the people who actually read and engage with the content I produce rather than reading the 2nd paragraph of the spoiler post and moving on as the majority do. This year we’ve had a record number of comments on here, on Facebook and on Twitter with people engaging with and discussing things with each other as well as me. I do read each and every comment I get and whilst I might not reply to them all I do take note of everything you guys say in the comments. This has become one of the nicer places to discuss Strictly with only a small minority making inappropriate comments about contestants or other users. I have taken a largely hands off policy with the moderation on here and you can count the comments that have been moderated on one hand so thanks to everyone who has commented but done so in a nice way despite differences of opinion. Given this site’s growth I may be looking into ways of improving the comments system for 2016 as the current one is pretty basic in terms of implementation and social features.

I also take note of the results of the polls (most of which have been won by Jay and Aliona this year) and often use stats from them when tweeting and facebooking along to the live shows. I ran a competition this year too which was my way of giving something back to the people that take the time to read the content and consequently actually noticed that there was a competition. The lucky winner will be enjoying their £50 amazon voucher in the next few days once entry has closed and the draw taken place! Hopefully if this site continues to grow I can offer bigger, better and more frequent competitions in 2016 and beyond.

I’d like to thank all of you who take the time to like and share the posts using the social networking buttons. I ask people to do this every week and a lot of you do. It is really important as it helps spread the word about the site and also helps out with a few behind the scenes things that I won’t bore you with. It is people like you who take the time to help spread the word who have contributed to this site’s continued growth and I am really grateful for all your clicks on the social buttons!

I also want to thank my sources. Most of you visiting this site won’t know this but a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to provide you all with a spoiler. I put a lot of work into maintaining this site and producing and promoting the content I produce however there are many more people at the forum where I usually obtain the spoiler from who put in much more work to source moles and provide the spoiler than I do and who are perfectly ok with me taking the spoiler from there to provide on this site. They appreciate my honesty as many other sources just take it without acknowledging it, or take it from here without acknowledging it. They also appreciate that I go to lengths to prevent the accidental spoiling of people who don’t want to be spoiled by not posting the result publicly to social networks and only posting it in the form of a clearly labelled link.

Without these people there wouldn’t be a spoiler here or indeed anywhere else on the internet. In particular a user called “Abigailsmum” puts in a lot of work organising the spoiler thread and finding audience moles and I, like everyone else on that forum, am truly grateful for the efforts she goes to in order to obtain and provide the spoiler.

Given how big 2015 has been for the Strictly Spoiler and how much it continues to grow I’m fully expecting to be blown away for 2016.  I have some future plans for this site obviously and I will also be looking at improving the comment feature for this site as a lot of discussion is now taking place on here.

Despite the BBC’s failed attempt at censorship, The Strictly Spoiler is going nowhere and it will be back bigger and better than ever in 2016 assuming the BBC doesn’t do something radical like a live results show. I will see you all then!

Complaints to the BBC!

28 Replies to “Strictly Spoiler 2015 Thanks”

  1. I didn’t find this site until a few weeks ago. I love it and will definitely be looking forward to next years commentary. Thank you so much for all your hard work and what you do. Merry Christmas too

  2. This is first year I have followed this site and I have so enjoyed it. happy Christmas Dave and to all the participants. We don’t all agree but so what ?! It’s a fun thing to do increasingly depressing world. Thanks for all your efforts Dave and ‘keeeeep Spoiling..’

  3. Thank you again David, I do appreciate how hard you’ve worked and well done for a great year of keeping us informed. Already looking forward to next year X Feliz navidad!

  4. Thanks for all you hard work Dave it’s been much appreciated. In the nicest possible way I hope that one day you’ll be out of a job when the BBC go back tot heir old ways of showing the Results programme live.
    I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

  5. Many Thanks Dave.I love following your site and Strictly just wouldn’t be as much fun without you each week!Merry Christmas to you and yours and have a very special 2016????????⛄️????

  6. Found this webpage a few weeks ago. I love it and now my Mum uses it too which I told her about this page. Keep up the good work each and everyone of you

  7. Thanks Dave for your fab website. I can’t wait til Sunday for the result, so your website feeds my need! Well done for challenging the BBC about the Facebook page and winning!

  8. This is my second year with Strictly Spoiler and it’s become very much a part of the Strictly experience for me. Knowing the results I can either still enjoy the results show or not watch it if I don’t want to. Very many thanks Dave for your dedication and hard work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your and your family. xx

  9. My second year following the SCD Spolier. It’s great. I’m not always around on a Sunday evening to watch the “live” show. It annoys me that it’s recorded on the Saturday evening and then purports to be “live” the next day.
    Great job, Dave. Happy Christmas to you xx

  10. Thank you Dave you do a great job. This is only the second year I’ve been coming on here and it is partly about knowing who’s thru so I don’t have to watch Sundays show and part of it is because you can comment and chat with people that aren’t being horrible or rude to each other. I also come on because it’s ridiculous the bbc won’t acknowledge the huge elephant in the room and think every Sunday night we all sit and believe it’s live because they’ve changed hair and outfits and the couples look exactly the same!! Bonkers!!
    I’m glad the petition worked but as you said it should have never happened in the first place and I really appreciate all the effort and hard work you put in to get it back on fb and all you do each week just for us.

    Thank you again and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ☺

  11. Thanks very much Dave for all the results that you have given to us in advance. Looking forward to catching up again next year. It saves us having to wait until Sunday night for the BBC show.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family xx

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