Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 12 Poll

Here we are, it’s the final weekend as far as the Strictly Spoiler is concerned. No spoilers next week as not even the BBC is stupid enough to pre record the final results. And so this will also be the final poll of the series to keep you all amused whilst you wait for the spoiler to come in and the question I’m asking is obvious. Who do you want to win this series of Strictly Come Dancing? You can just select one option this week!

There’s a Brucie bonus of a spoiler this week as the Christmas Special Spoiler came in this week! I really spoil you guys (see what I did there)

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Who Do You Want To Win Strictly Come Dancing 2015?

  • Jay and Aliona (55%, 3,431 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (13%, 808 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (12%, 731 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (12%, 728 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (9%, 586 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,284

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106 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 12 Poll”

  1. awww, I’m soo upset about the low score for katie & Anton, seems as if it’s already been decided that they can’t go to the final…

    1. Did Anton call the judges jokers as they went up the stairs tried to listen a couple of times and couldn’t quite tell

  2. Jay VERY overnarked in his dances, they were a total disaster. Obviously the judges have picked there favourite from the start of the series and dont care about the actual dance content

    1. Overmarked? It certainly makes a change if he was because he’s been consistently undermarked in previous weeks when the judges gave been drooling over Helen and Georgia. Jay is by a distance the best dancer.

    2. Overmarked? Are you being serious? If anything Jay has been constantly undermarked. That Charleston was brilliant & the understated romance in that VW was breathtaking. Georgia was totally overmarked tonight.

    1. So they give Kellie the last slot, they make her top of leaderboard and in doing so tell the public even if in bottom two, they’ll put her thru. Strictly could be going downhill from this point. Big mistake Beeb.

    1. I want Jay to win and Katie to go. I think she should have been out weeks ago. Cannot stand her posing and smirking when Claudia interviewing the couple aiting to be scored.

  3. Well, really enjoyed tonight’s show and in all fairness I have to say that Katie sadly was the weakest tonight. It’s been a pleasure watching them all get to this point BUT if it’s based on ability then I think Katie will be in the dance off. I would not like to say who should be in the dance off with her as its so close so it will come down to popularity……can’t wait for next week….oh and tonight’s results of course…

  4. I don’t think Katie need worry too much – they have been determined to get rid of Anita for weeks and if there’s half a chance she’s a gonner. She has been brilliant, exciting and a fantastic dancer and wins only half the compliments and support of all the others. Perhaps if she was a better actor ………….

  5. I like Kellie and Kevin. They where the best dancers tonight. I cant see why people dont like her. She is a great dancer.

  6. Kellie is by far the best dancer, both technically and by getting into the character of the dance and she thoroughly deserves a place in the final

    1. I don’t like Kellie and Kevin, both are way too OTT for me and occasionally Kellie can dance well but the majority of her performances have been just that – character performance with some of the right dance moves thrown in. For me, their VW last week was a case in point. However, she is the judges co- favourite alongside Georgia . I’d be more than happy if Kellie left though I sadly suspect it may be Anita or Katie. You see? We all have favourites and what one person likes and admires might be just the thing that turns someone else off. Roll on the result.

  7. I really want to see Anton’s showdance, so I hope Katie goes through. Also, the judges were all over the place tonight. At one point Bruno said “I have to be picky!” and then someone made a mistake and he said “I don’t care it was brilliant!”

  8. I do not like Jay, he shouldn’t be on the comp as he is a dancer. As I said elsewhere it’s like Delia Smith entering the Bake off. Unfair advantage.

    1. Eurgh that boring argument. Katie, Georgia and Jay have all had some element of dance training in the past. So stop complaining and using such a poor excuse to moan about a contestant.

    2. Ok … what a stupid comment Olive.
      Jay is a POP Star. Likening him to Delia Smith in the bake off is barking mad. He had a small amount of training when he was a pre teen, but nothing else.
      Katie did ballet until she was 18.
      Georgia is stage schooled … she will have done years of dance in school and is also an actor … albeit a soap actor …
      Kellie will have done some dance on her way to the Soap stage
      The ONLY one of the final 5 that has had NO previous dance exp is Anita.

      Jay was weak this week .. but he should be ok
      Georgia relied on her tears … but she may well get through (even if she needs the judges to put her through)
      Kellie will get through sadly.

      The dance of is likely to be between Anita and Katie
      And if it isnt which ever one of them that is the dance off is very likely to be out

  9. I thought everyone was great but I want Jay or Anita to win. So what that he had a blip in the Charleston. Georgia’s Charleston wasn’t without its fault yet she still got 10’s, judges are a lot tougher with Jay yet he’s just as young as Georgia. Anita and Gleb are awesome they push the boundaries every week would love them do contemporary in there free style if they go to finals as that what Gleb does best. Kellie and Kev have done fantastic and would love to see then in the finals also and Katie and Anton have done excellent but it’s there time to go.

  10. Did not think Kellie and Kevin should have topped the leader board. I thought their American smooth was boring and had a couple of errors in it. Seems the judges are only picky with particular people. Don’t fancy Katie or Anita’s chances much. Judges made it clear they want rid.

  11. Does anyone else think it’s time for a change in the judges panel they are very inconsistent with there marking poor Katie did not deserve a 4 and Jay and George and Anita all over marked

    1. Agree change to judges panel needed. Jay, over marked in Charleston. Georgia over marked in Cha Cha. Kelly over marked in rumba. Anita’s marks were pretty spot on. But Katie was undermarked in her Charleston – that was no way a 4. Still it doesn’t surprise me, the marks have been shocking all series.

  12. I don’t think the judges were happy about Helen leaving last week and like Len said, he wants to right people in the final. Sadly, We saw that with the scores tonight.

    1. Yes he did! I suppose at the end of the day it’s an entertainment show. The judges obviously score the way they want and we can vote for who we want!

  13. Glen & Anita’s dance was awesome. She has made fantastic progress for someone with no dance training & not an actress. She should not be marked down because the judges don’t approve of some of Gleb’s choreography. They should definitely be in the final. Katie & Anton have been good but she is definitely the weakest of the remaining group.

  14. So here it is, the inevitable, let’s all turn on the favourite. What is it about us British? I think all in all the judging was pretty fair tonight. I did wonder about the smoke in Katies dance. Kellie was great in her AS wasn’t so keen on her rumba, good technically but pretty much lacking in emotion. Georgia was ok, just can’t warm to her. I liked Jays VW but will take Lens word for the technique issues. His Charlestown was brilliant well worth the score he got. Liked both Anita dances but i can see where the judges are coming from. Katie was the weakest tonight, she should go. Hope Kellie, Anita, Jay and Georgia in the final.

    1. Same here. I’m impatient but also hate the BBC for trying to make mugs out of viewers when pretending a recorded show is live.

  15. I’ve found this year’s contest to be very frustrating. It’s either a popularity contest or a dancing contest, it can’t be both. Yes some have had dance training but none in ballroom or Latin.
    The marking has been very inconsistent. Georgia has been overmarked from week 1. I just can’t warm to her at all.
    Anita has come the farthest since starting as no dance experience at all. I would love to see Jay, Anita, Katie and Kellie in the final. But doubt that will happen as Kevin seems to have friends in high places and won’t be voted out this week .
    The result tonight will be most interesting.

  16. Does anyone know what the little bod things on the judges desk were and what are they for?

    With regard to tonight, i thought Kelly and Kevin’s second dance was slightly overmarked. for me it should have been all 9’s at the most

  17. I really hope Jay wins
    He does extra special moves the other can only dream of
    I don’t think Kelly has the polish Sge lost her top line a few times but the judges chose not to notice Didn’t think much of her rumba either Where was her hips!
    Georgia wax fab and Anita
    Hope Katie goes she is the weakest despite a ton being a super prof!

    No offence anyone

  18. I hate Anita. She is rubbish and always overmarked. Jay shows no emotion at all. Georgia was under marked tonight.

    Georgia to win!!!

  19. I was appalled by how the Judges spoke to Katie and Anton tonight, ok they are not the best but the judges seem to be a bit on the harsh and nasty side were they are concerned. Did anyone else notice how out of sync Jay and Aliona were on the 1st part of their 2nd dance but we’re still praised, that being said, I still think they will win this years competition.

    I must admit I do think the scores have been a little erratic this year and certain judges a little grumpy – maybe it is time for a change !

  20. It’s clear to see who the judges like! Georgia relies on her tears for the vote and is so overmarked! Its clear she’s been a favourite of the judges because she’s been overmarked since week one, but then again kellie and Kevin are over marked to. I have no problem with Kevin’s sister being there but it just is starting to annoy me how she is ALWAYS in the camera position! The final should be jay, Anita, kellie and Georgia because even if kellie and Georgia are over marked Katie is still the weakest!

  21. Unfortunately Katie and Anton were judged unfairly tonight. They would probably still be at the bottom but their charleston was worth 8’s at least. Katie danced the charleston well and anton’s choreography was great and in the waltz yes Katie had a slight wobble but at least she danced the dances she was supposed to dance not like gleb and Anita who danced an American smooth instead of the foxtrot and did gymnastics rather than a basic salsa and although Jay’s charleston was fabulous he should have lost marks for nearly dropping his partner but neither of these couples lost marks. If that’s not unfair I don’t know what is?

  22. Would love to see Kellie and Georgia In The dance off! They both annoy the hell out of me one doing the tears and the other so super confident and loud!! Anita to win such a lovely person and worked so hard to get this far without any previous dancing experience – amazing!

    1. Can’t understand the fascination with Antons reaction. He’s been 3rd & 4th in the past. He’s milking it and hoping no one remembera. Plus he is a really weak Latin dancer. Time for him to hang up his dance shoes and maybe present instead.

  23. So …. Another question
    How come Georgia and Gleb managed to get out of doing the Argentine Tango … all the others have had to do it … they got an easier dance instead ,,,,,,

    1. according to wiki there are 15 dances and by this stage the remaining couples have danced 14 of them One is always left out but it varies per couple. Think Anton and Katie avoided the Zambia for instance.

    2. Georgia was supposed to do the Argentine tango this week but she changed to the cha cha. I’m guessing it was because she was really ill with pharyngitis for most of the week and wouldn’t manage to learn it (as they are taught cha cha steps right at the beginning so it would be much easier to learn.)

  24. Jay was NOT overmarked! His dances were brilliant- the technical ability was outstanding. His Charleston was brilliant. I thought kellie and Georgia were overmarked, Katie slightly undermarked…I really hope Jay wins as he’s been the best since week 1

  25. I keep refreshing my page but the get an error message saying unable to establish a database connection. Anyone else?

  26. Am I the only one who needs an aspirine after going though 2 dances of Kelly and Clifton? (And yes, take the sister off the balcony please.)

  27. Why is Joanne Clifton always in the background? Oh shes a roving reporter on it takes two…oh and Daddy is involved in the production…Strictly Come Cliftons!!

    1. It’s an absolute joke. How can they justify saving Katie when there scores placed her at bottom of leader board by a large margin?! Annoyed!

    1. I presume she corrected her mistakes in the Waltz and the judges said Anita’s Salsa wasn’t exactly a Salsa, so I say that is what swayed them.

  28. How is it embarrassing? She will do her beautiful Viennese Waltz, a great showdance, and Jay will walk the final. Then, it will be all forgotten the following Saturday.

  29. Personally tonight I didn’t think Anitas dances were any better or any worse that Katie. We know Katie isn’t going to win, neither was Anita. I’m just glad it wasn’t Jay.

  30. Has it ever occurred to anyone that in the dance off Katie had a second chance at dancing the waltz and did it well as she usually does in the ballroom instead of making ludicrous comments when you haven’t even seen her dance the second time around and instead jumping to conclusions. When she danced the waltz the first time around she was clearly upset at having such unjustifiable comments thrown at her after the charleston which was actually very nicely choreographed by Anton and danced pretty well by her. Yes she may not have danced it perfectly but to be honest all the others that danced made errors but were not treated half as bad. In fact I remember hearing Bruno say about one of the others that it wasn’t technically correct but what the hell he still enjoyed it and Anita and gleb didn’t even really dance the dances they were supposed to dance as all the judges pointed out but they still gave her quite high scores. Therefore if Katie in the dance off pulled off her dance without any loss of balance which she must have it would stand to reason that Anita would be ousted unless Gleb miraculously re-choreographed his whole dance whichever they decided to do in the dance off i.e the foxtrot being just that and not more of an American smooth or the salsa resembling a salsa rather than an Olympic gymnastic event!!!

    1. well said ,by the way Katie is on the highbrow side of the bbc so is more liked by the top brass thus not so liked by light entertainment, LEN AND THE WEIRD SISTERS light entertainment , so Katie has a problem as she proberly knows more puchiny than brouno.

  31. As to your comment John about it being more embarrassing having Katie in the final than not having Helen there, I’d say the only one that should be embarrassed is yourself for even writing such a stupid and childish comment!!!

  32. Iv just watched last nights gutted that Anita and Gleb are out, they were not the weakest dancers. Throughout all the series they have slated her and as a NON dancer I think she has made amazing progress. The judges just dont get Glebs choreography, its fresh and different. Georgia and Giovanni are not as amazing as the judges keep saying, in my opinion. !!

  33. We need to remember the it is partly the public vote that keeps dancers out or puts them into the dance off. There seems to me to be some weird judging comments and because of that it fires up the telephone calls. Hmm. Jay, to my mind has had some tough comments said to him but he says that it helps, others cry when they are slated. The younger pro’s are challenging the rules but the rules ARE the rules. Len wants to see a Foxtrot if it says Foxtrot on the tin but Craig wants to see whatever it’s called danced well. It’s just entertainment though so enjoy until next autumn.

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