Strictly 2015 Finalists – Kellie and Kevin

The final is only a few days away and it’s time to take a look at the finalists. Starting with Kellie and Kevin (from Grimsby).

Best Dance

Kellie and Kevin’s highest scoring dance came in last week’s Semi Final for their American Smooth which had all the judges except Craig reaching for their 10 paddles scoring 39 (9,10,10,10)

Worst Dance

As it should be, you have to go back to the start of the series with week 1 and 2 achieving their lowest scores of 27 for both their Tango and their Cha Cha (6,7,7,7 for both routines)

Average Score

Discounting the quickstepathon which doesn’t count for anything Kellie and Kevin have amassed 426 points across 13 dances making for an average score of 32.8

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Kellie and Kevin have survived two dances offs which are also the first dance offs that Kevin has faced in his Strictly career. Firstly in week 7 after their Waltz which scored 32 (8,8,8,8). They were unanimously saved by the judges in the dance off against Carol and Pasha. Their second dance off came in week 10 after their Salsa which scored 34 (8,8,9,9) and the quickstepathon (2). They again unanimously survived this dance off against Peter and Janette.

Odds Of Winning

At the time of writing Kellie and Kevin are a 11-1 shot to lift the glitterball with Coral and are 6/4 to finish in 4th place. If you fancy a flutter Coral will give new customers a £20 free bet when you stake £5 on Strictly or any other market.

Again at the time of writing 12% of visitors to this site want them to win in the latest poll currently running.

The Eastenders vote tends to do ok in Strictly but I don’t think it will get them to the glitterball unless they have an amazing final and even that may not be enough. Do you agree? Do you think Kellie and Kevin can win? Do you want them to win? Let me know in the comments!

9 Replies to “Strictly 2015 Finalists – Kellie and Kevin”

  1. Kellie and Kevin are great.

    Virtually every time facebookers or keyboard warriors criticize them there is never any constructive criticism. Yes, Kellie has made the odd few mistakes but name me ONE couple who hasn’t. I believe if you can not justify these claims then they are not legit.

    You’ve then got all these false rumors circulating such as Kevin being Len’s godson, which, can I just say is a load of old rubbish. The BBC confirmed this was FALSE and UNTRUE. They also said the same for his parents working in the production team. They are all NONSENSE. Nothing but a certain few sad individuals attempts at trying to sabotage their chances of winning. It is really all quite pathetic.

    Can’t we all just get along?……May the best dancer win.

  2. I love strictly but I never understand why people get so bent out of shape about other people’s opinions on the celebrities. Live and let live

  3. Kevin and kellie have been the best from the start im backing them all the way!kellie is a fantastic dancer and kevin (from grimsby)is super,its about time he won xx

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