Strictly 2015 Finalists – Katie and Anton

Time for our penultimate look at the finalists ahead of Saturday’s final. This time it’s the turn of Katie and Anton. Yes you read that right, Anton is in his first ever final!!!!! Not sure if that’s been mentioned before on the show or not…..

Best Dance

Unsurprisingly both of their highest scoring routines were ballroom dances. The first was their American Smooth during week 9 at Blackpool which scored 35 (8,9,9,9). They matched that score during week 11’s Quarter Final with their Foxtrot with the judges scoring it an identical 35 (8,9,9,9)

Worst Dance

Anton may be the king of Ballroom and it suits Katie too but their latin has not been as good. Week 3’s Cha Cha scored just 20 points (4,6,5,5)

Average Score

Ignoring pointless elements like the Quickstepathon, Katie and Anton have amassed 364 points across 13 routines making for an average score of 28. This is the lowest average of the four finalists and a lower average than Peter and Janette, Anita and Gleb and Helen and Aljaž all of whom have been eliminated!

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Katie and Anton have survived one dance off during last week’s semi final which they survived by 3 votes to 1 (Craig) against Anita and Gleb. During the Dance Off they chose to redo their Waltz which previously scored 31 (8,9,7,7)

Odds Of Winning

At the time of writing Katie and Anton are the least likely to win at 18-1 and are favourites to finish in fourth place at 8/11. If you fancy a flutter Coral will give new customers a £20 free bet when you stake £5 on Strictly or any other market.

They are currently sitting in 3rd on my poll of who you want to win with 12% of the vote and 3 votes ahead of Kellie and Kevin in 4th place.

Can they win? It would probably take a very strong final for them to do so and the only way they can do that is if they only have Ballroom. I don’t doubt for one minute that their show dance and their choice routines will be Ballroom but the judges choice may throw a spanner in the works. We probably shouldn’t underestimate Anton’s popularity though and I’m sure many of his fans will be voting for him in his first final so even though they may be the weaker couple on paper we probably shouldn’t discount them. 18-1 is a quite attractive price and it may be worth a couple of quid just in case they do have a good final and the public gets behind them. Everyone loves an underdog right?

Do you agree? Do you want Katie and Anton to win? Let me know in the comments.

22 Replies to “Strictly 2015 Finalists – Katie and Anton”

      1. Anton is the King of the Ballroom & this time has had the opportunity to choreograph for a partner with the ability to rise to the challenge of dancing with him.
        Katie has improved week on week &’is a pleasure to watch ..listening to the criticisms from the judges &’taking it all on board.

        1. I agree that it must be a challenge dancing with Anton!
          Some people say that he has had good partners in the past.
          Why so much fuss about his ‘first’ final? According to Wikipedia he was 3rd in the first series with Lesley Garrett. Were there only 2 in the final then?
          Anita has also improved week on week beyond all recognition, and is now a far better dancer than Katie will ever be.

          1. I don’t remember much about the early series as that was before I retired & had many different things to think about.
            I respect your opinion about Anita’s dancing…but I respectfully disagree. I much prefer Katie’s dancing. I feel she lives & breathes the music.
            What happens in the final will be enjoyable…I think the judges choice of dance will be the deciding factor.
            Enjoy the show & have a great Christmas.

  1. Would be a travesty if she won – she is by no means of the same standard as the other finalists and it is about the celebrity not the professional.

    1. Totally agree. Lovely lady but what seems an easy path and glorious costumes is not enough to cover the fact that they are well below the standards of the other finalists, and well below others who have left

  2. I really don’t think Katie and Anton should win let alone be in the final.
    Every week she makes mistakes/forgets choreography.
    Talking about that, Anton is terrible with his Latin choreography, it’s laughable.
    I hope this is his last year, he is so smug all the time.

  3. The final without Gleb and Anita is going to be one big bore, however if the plank and the beak win I WILL NEVER watch again, as it is I have really lost all interest now that I believe it is fixed, hope Goodman is going Craig is the only decent judge, merry xmas love this spoiler x

  4. No. Course they won’t win. Unless they seriously pull something out the bag…4th place I call.

    Gutted about not seeing Anita and Gleb’s show dance. Bet it would’ve been fantastic.

    Jay for the glitterball trophy!

  5. Personally I just can’t take to Kellie and Kevin so for me I want anyone but them to win the final. It doesn’t matter who is considered the best dancer, everyone will vote for their favourites so they all have a chance. However, I think it will end like this…..
    KK 4th / KA and GG joint second (2nd & 3rd weren’t defined last year) so that means JA lift the glitterball.
    Que Sera, Sera!

    1. I must say I agree with you ..Kelly has the Eastenders fans voting for her …unless they have another alliegance!
      I would like to see her in 4th place.

      I am pleased Anton has been able to steer his partner into the finals.

      I think Katie has improved tremendously but probably not enough to win.

  6. What will be really interesting to me is the running order for the final. Georgia and Kellie have both closed the show 3 times, whilst Katie and Jay once each. However, all four finalists have opened the show twice. My money is the that producers will choose Kevin (teacher’s pet) to close the show with either Katie or Jay opening.

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