Jay McGuinness Wins Strictly Come Dancing 2015

After 13 weeks and 31 spoilers (nearly all of which have been correct) here at the home of the Strictly Spoiler the winners of the Glitterball have been announced and they are…….. drum roll please…….

Jay and Aliona

You can relive their show dance in the video below:

Thank you once again everyone who has made the Strictly Spoiler a HUGE success in 2015. It will be back bigger than ever in 2016 and with a new web host once again – more on that in the next few days!

68 Replies to “Jay McGuinness Wins Strictly Come Dancing 2015”

    1. Considering Jay and Aliona have topped almost every poll this site has run this series I’m not sure how anyone can claim the final result was a fix. I wanted Georgia and Giovanni to win but it was blindingly obvious Jay and Aliona were going to win it since week 3’s Jive

    1. The result of the poll tonight showed a huge difference between Jay at the top and Kellie. You all had a chance to vote in the poll if you follow this webpage, so I think the gist was Jay should have won. I’ve always enjoyed Dave’s spoiler and like the fact it shows true figures in the poll, unlike the show, and think it gave a good indication of what the public thought.

  1. Load of rubbish! They so didn’t deserve to win! Just coz he is nice on the eye doesn’t mean he was the best dancer. Will that stop aleona moaning when she gets a bad dancer next year? Doubt it! Poor result

  2. to nights show was a waste of time. we all knew Jay would win unless he fell flat on his face. He has been the most popular person throughout. Kelly or Georgia were better on the night.

    1. unfortunately for you dear aliona was not smug but I’m sure it was just your imagination playing weird tricks it does that to people who can’t take defeat.

  3. Awful result but predictable! Jay was not the best dancer on the night so it makes a mockery of the result! Disappointed in the public vote.

    1. But that’s always been the case. Stick someone in with a ready made fan base eg boy / girl band, actors / actresses from popular soaps, attractive young people, and straight away they’re in with a chance. Combine that with judges bias towards some and straight away you can see the potential finalists.

      I called three of the four the very first week. The only thing I got wrong was Katie instead of Helen.

      1. Well I’m sure his ‘the wanted fan base’ voted however I like legions of people who voted for him hadn’t heard of him before, so no I was not one of his ready made voters I had to analyse his dancing and partnership with amazing aliona, and luckily I was fortunate to be able to be apart of such a unique couples growth in the competition that’s what made me vote.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. I had never heard of The Wanted, still know nothing about them and when Jay first appeared on the opening show looking like a long haired rabbit caught in the headlamps I kinda felt sorry for the pro whom he would be partnered with. How wrong was I……!!??? From the moment he started dancing I was totally bowled over and the chemistry between them is just incredible. He has been told he had no personality at all – how insulting and personal is that. Yet he took it all in a modest, quiet and accepting manner beyond his years. He is also a fantastic dancer. A worthy champion and I hope he goes onto bigger and better things. Any soap star would have also had a huge following so Kellie too had a ready made voting base but she was still in the DO twice so people just didn’t take to her style of dancing.

  4. Jay has been head and shoulders above since week 2. Aliona has pushed him with complex choreography in so many dances. Regardless of what’s said it is very difficult as a male celebrity to lead and lift and execute it well. Overall I loved this series but was disappointed with the judging throughout. Instead of applauding the couples that took risks with complex routines they were penalised compared to those that had basic easy choreography. Aliona and Glebs brilliant ambitious choreography have pushed Jay and Anita to their limits and it’s been a breath of fresh air compared to the same old same old.I really missed Anita tonight and even Helen to a degree.

    1. Completely agree. I think it’s been particularly noticeable this series. The only things I would say is that I would add Anton and Katie to your list. How many times did Len comment on the complexity of the moves he gave her and yet still they didn’t get the credit they deserved.

      As for Helen, whilst I liked her, I didn’t like the way the judges fawn ed over her. Even the smallest of mistakes of some were pounded and yet a massive one from Helen is brushed off.

      Whilst the quality has been high from the dancers I’m not sure I can say the same about the judges. It’s my hope that when he finishes his dancing on Strictly, that Anton will replace Craig.

  5. Well I’m probably biased as Jay is my cousin’s son.
    The two women were brilliant, they are both actresses. Kellie works for the BBC!
    However from day one Jay has been amazing, a lovely humble young man.
    He started off nervous and worried but he has grown in confidence week by week. Please don’t take that away from him!
    A worthy winner!

    1. How lovely for you Rosalind. That is just how he comes across and he has been a credit in the way he has performed and conducted himself throught the series. I hope he carries on dancing cos with increased confidence and more tuition he will be great .

    2. Georgia has been hard working and her dancing has been a dream to watch. She ought to have won. I think she lets herself down though with the way she talks. She sounds childish and if she isn’t careful people will walk all over her. I suspect she’s more canny than she seems, but she needs to think about that. I’m surprised her agent hasn’t picked up on it.

    3. Jay has been an inspiration to the younger set and please do not take this away from him. As a dancer myself, I believe that he was always underscored and not a favourite of the judges, but the public have the last say and it was a deserved win, he is a great dancer. There was no smoke and mirrors about his performance no big gestures or showy repetitive moves. Well done Jay, a good result, in my humble opinion. And thank you David T, for this site. Merry Christmas one and all????????????????????????????????????⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️????????????????????

  6. Jay was always my winner even if he hadn’t won. As Len said, Jay has been consistently good throughout the whole series and is a deserving winner. This series of Strictly has been the best one get, look forward to seeing new crop of celebrities tackle Strictly next year.

  7. We tried to vote for Kellie but line engaged most of the time. Thought it was because the public were voting for them but now not so sure.

    1. Unfortunately for you the plastic glitter ball was never there’s, Jay did not snatch the thing of them and ran away with it into the sunset with aliona, sorry that wasn’t the case you crying out robbed is just making you look like fool.

  8. I was happy if any of the final 3 had won, though, based on consistency during the series, I think Jay deserved to win even if he wasn’t best dancer on night.
    Can’t help but wonder if Kellie and Kevin would’ve danced Star Wars if the new film hadn’t been released this week. And Georgia’s Charleston was better.

  9. A worthy winner, I would prefer to watch a showdance full of subtlety, technical complexity, and beauty to an inelegant LindyHop any day.

    The showdance should be scrapped, too much expectation on them and they seldom deliver.

    1. I agree that the Showdance should be scrapped. The only one I can remember was Tom and Camilla’s – the others are either a disappointment or turn into some kind of circus act and it all comes down to the Pro’s choreography and not the celebrity’s dancing ability.

  10. Why are people moaning and saying it is a fix???? HOW is it a fix? First people say the judges want certain people to go through – so it is a fix – then tonight they say it is a fix because the people who the judges VOTED for didn’t go through
    An absolute load of rubbish!
    He danced well, and maybe, not everyone agreed with the scoring – their paso doble was better than Kellie and Kevin’s charleston and should have got 40
    I actually really like Kevin – but this year I preferred Jay and Aliona
    All this talk of the vote being fixed is so infantile
    Jay was liked by more people – live with it!

    1. Hear hear ! And in a public vote does anyone take any notice what the judges say anyway ? The only ‘fix’ is that we all vote for those who appeal to us for whatever reason and it isn’t only about their dancing. I appreciate that Kellie is a very good dancer but I found her loud and coarse and there was no way I would ever vote for her despite her ability. I wouldn’t have minded if Georgia had won over Jay as she too was good but I preferred her to Kellie so I obviously go for the quieter personality. Katie shouldn’t have been there at all over Anita on ability but the public obviously thought it would be fun for Anton to get to the final – so in a way it is all fixed – by us !

  11. To people saying its a fix fine. Kevin and Kelly might have won if she tone down her screaming and we didn’t have Joanne Clifton rammed in our face when she wasn’t even in this years show. I personally wouldn’t mind jay or Georgia but no way KK that much better tonight. The judges have a lot to answer for as well needs a shake up and Len needs to retire with his grumpy attitute. Re name the show strictly with the Clifton family might as well have mum dad, all the aunts and uncles in fact lets have anyone named Clifton.

  12. First of all, I will finally say thanks to Dave for his spoilers – first thing on Sunday I know I can check the result & then watch the show with an interested eye on the DO, it actually increases my enjoyment of Sunday’s show (BBC take note)!!

    As for Jay winning, I’ll pass on some comments from someone who hasn’t seen any if the show apart from this, as she’s been at Uni. My daughter isn’t dance trained but had watched much of the last few years shows – I had told her about Jay’s jive in week three but nothing else.

    Jay & Aliona – Quickstep was flowing & good leading for a male but not dynamic enough for 10s; Show Dance – that’s so cool, all those different dance styles, love the way they have no gimmicks.

    Georgia & Giovanni – liked the theme & execution of the rumba altho no idea if it’s technically correct; Show Dance was interesting with the blindfold drop & she looks like a pro in ballroom

    Kellie & Kevin – Tango that was really good, but isn’t she supposed to be in a bit of a fight with him for this dance not smiling; Show Dance – fun but she hasn’t pointed her toes in the kicks & a couple of the lifts were a bit dodgy.

    Katie & Anton – Quickstep looked easy on the eye but didn’t she make a couple of mistakes & wasn’t quite keeping up; Show Dance – brave to do that drop catch & liked the drama, but her dancing isn’t as good as the others.

    She could not believe the 4 10s for each of Kellie’s dances, nor the chanting from the balcony by the other pros & contestants, which is the thing that most perturbed me about it all. Having been told by various contestants that they all support each other, I don’t see why each finalist didn’t get the same support, other than influencing the public opinion.

    Jay Paso comment – that’s a strong dance, but he spolied the performance by smiling a couple of times (not all the way through).

    Georgia’s Charleston – Wow, she’s better than her pro but they were out of synch at the end!

    Kellie’s Charleston – great synchronisation but you can clearly see the difference between her & Georgia.

    In our eyes, although Jay & Aliona went for understated dancing (as did GG really), we think the best dancer won & are very pleased with the result but disappointed in the judges & the behaviour on the balcony.

    Phew, here endeth the sermon!! Roll on next year with some big improvements needed in consistency of judging & in not trying to influence us!

    Keeeep Dancing!

  13. Didn’t watch final as we were out so can’t comment on result. But we’ve been discussing changes to strictly. We reckon change all the judges and have pros instead also only have the public vote in the final.

  14. Why do people keep talking about fixes and conspiracy theories just because their favourite doesn’t get the points or results they think they should have? I think the judges were harsher on Jay because he has a dancing background and so therefore isn’t really a novice. Therefore they expected more from him. The others don’t have that and so therefore have made the most improvement. At the end of the day this isn’t a dancing competition, it’s a popularity contest and Jay is from a boy band and as such had a large fan base before the competition began. With regards to Joanne Clifton. She is a very talented dancer and is included in the show to help with the pro dances. I think it is extremely petty and rude to make personal comments about people you don’t really know apart from what you see on an “entertainment show” when they obviously not being themselves and are putting on a show.

    1. POMANDA Just to point out ALL 4 of the finalists have a Stage School/Dance background. That was part of the ongoing controversy this year. A huge majority of Jay fans on the forums had no idea who he was at the start of this competition and I think it’s a bit rich to suggest his boy band following is the reason behind his fan base. Did you fail to notice that Coronation Street and Eastenders regularly have the highest viewship figures meaning that both Georgia and Kellie are hugely well known faces to the demographic who watch and vote on strictly. With regards the Cliftons there is a huge confict of interest having Kevin sister critique all the couples on it takes 2. It was blatantly obvious that she showed a massive bias. I am also appalled at both Joanne and Karens behaviour on Saturday night with the chanting which was totally unprofessional. In the past there have been other married/coupled professionals (Darren & Lila) (James & Ola) and this behavior never happened.

    2. Just to correct you there kellie and Georgia both had some sort of dance or theatre school back ground it was not only Jay. Just saying. And not forgetting both kellie and Georgia are actresses so they know how to act poor Jay apparently couldn’t (I hadn’t noticed) so that’s a giant disadvantage there, and clearly this aspect was picked up on by the judges, I for one preferred the no gurning zone and loved his subtle faces in each dance well done aliona for not giving in to the acting coach.

  15. Still doing a happy dance. There was only one winner from week 1 onwards for me. The chemistry between Jay and Aliona made their dancing mesmerising. I’ve watched and re-watched all their dances countless times and that’s what makes him a true winner in my eyes. I’m so happy (although I may not be when I see my phone bills haha – no seriously it was worth any cost to see him crowned winner).

  16. Thank you pomanda for your excellent comment. I am very unhappy with the stupid remarks about the so-called fixes and as for the nasty comments about the Clifton’s! No matter how many times the lies about the Clifton’s are shown to be wrong, ignorant people still keep repeating them. I think the Clifton’s are being remarkably good natured; if it was me, I would have sued several people on this site and other sites for slander.

  17. Is anyone going to try to tell me that Darren Gough or Chris Hollins were the best dancers of their series ? People voted for them because they liked them. soap stars probably have the biggest advantage as they are watched by so many – which give people like Kellie an automatic headstart – whereas how many of us are The Wanted fans ??!! She was in the DO twice which means there was something about her that was stopping her getting votes. Jay is a great dancer, he was very endearing and he really did experience a Strictly ‘journey’ to coin a hackneyed phrase – that is why more people voted for him and that is why he won .

  18. I really don’t see how you can call a public vote fixed. I got the engaged tone for a couple of minutes when I was trying to vote for Jay and Aliona in the first round of voting. Never crossed my mind that it was anything other than heavy traffic on the line.

    I really don’t like all the nasty comments being made about the Clifton clan, although I do agree with reilly4 about Jo doing the critiques on ITT.

    As far as the final goes, I don’t see why the judges have to give scores at all, as they don’t count for anything and obviously don’t affect the public vote that much. Of course they should comment on each dance. Surely this would help to avoid a lot of the ‘its a fix’ and the ‘ bottom of the leader board wins Strictly is it fixed?’ headlines in the press, as well as all the under/over marked arguments.

    I do think the judges have their favourites. Fair enough. I just think some of them could be a bit less obvious about it. I would have put money on Craigs elusive 10 paddle coming out for Kellie in the final.

    As for Jay and Aliona winning. On the night, they came out, did by far the hardest judges choice dance, a beautiful understated very personal and very brave show dance, which they danced brilliantly, knowing that it wouldn’t please the judges and a choice of favourite dance that was by no means the easy option and absolutely smashed it. It was powerful, technically good and joyous to watch. Overall yes they deserved to win. They stayed true to themselves. By far the most genuine couple ever on Strictly. BRAVO.

    1. On the subject of lines being engaged its worth mentioning that all calls for votes like this are routed to a central location and there aren’t individual phone lines as such. You’d get the engaged tone regardless of who you called to vote for if the lines were busy. The engaged tone can also happen if all lines out of your local exchange are busy which again would happen irrespective of who you were ringing to vote for.

      I too don’t get all the hate for the Cliftons. I really like Joanne although some of that is because I’m male and I find her easy on the eye I’ll admit! With Ola leaving Jo will probably be taking her place as my favourite pro. There’s been a ton of crap written about them in the comments here as well as in numerous other places discussing Strictly. Kevin was highly amused by the claims that his father works on the production team and his followers spent an afternoon on Twitter a couple of weeks ago coming up with BBC jobs for the rest of his family.

      Ive been commenting on quite a few of the press articles especially on Facebook citing the polls on this site which Jay and Aliona won the vast majority of. It was clear they had the public support from those polls which towards the end of the series started to get over 5000 votes each time so was a very good sample size.

      A lot of the people crying fix I’m sure are just unhappy that their favourites didn’t win which probably would have happened regardless of the winner especially if Kellie and Kevin had won as many felt the judges were trying to push for them to win with their marking during the final (not to mention the aforementioned hate of the Cliftons for some reason). Course my favourites didn’t win either (I was Team GG) but I can accept Jay and Aliona winning because like I said it was clear they had the support of the public from the polls I ran.

  19. Thanks Dave for explaining about the the phone lines. Like I said for a couple of minutes I couldn’t get past the engaged tone to the bit which says Thank you for calling Strictly etc. No matter I’m sure it was the same for everyone. I think all the fix claims especially about this public only final vote would be significantly lessened if like you have been saying for a long while the viewers knew that the voting figures would be published at the end of the series. I would love to see a live results show on Saturday night, if this happened would you still be able to provide us with the poll each week and the forum? Hope so. I am not any social media sites and probably never will be, but I have thoroughly enjoyed having my say here. It has been a pleasure to be part of. Thank you again not just for the spoiler but for always taking the time to explain the tech things.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. If the BBC did ever revert to a live show I would still provide the polls and discussions. They obviously wouldn’t be as busy as they have been this year as much of the people coming here do so for the spoiler. That said a good few still visited during the final even though there wasn’t a spoiler and the poll still got over 1000 votes that week. The final weekend was actually busier than most spoiler weekends in 2014 which just shows how much this site has grown. I’ll probably also open the discussion posts at the start of the show from next year but add the poll in at the end of the show like I did during the final as that seemed to work better and promoted discussion during the show

      The social features are one thing I will be working on over the next few months ready for 2016, ideally to better integrate them into Facebook and Twitter although if you don’t use those networks don’t panic as you’ll still be able to use them like you do now. I also want to have some kind of liking system for the comments so hopefully if people start posting rubbish like some of the comments about Kevin’s Dad working on the production team the comments will be down rated and not seen as much as comments that are liked

      I’ll also be getting the site ready for another change in hosting as its once again outgrown a webhost which is why some people may have struggled getting on the site between 10pm and 11pm on a Saturday night towards the end of this series. Assuming the BBC doesn’t do a live results that is!

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