Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Final Discussion/Poll

Given the huge success of the social features of this site this year I thought I would open them up one more time for the Final.

The final is underway and soon one couple will lift the glitterball as Strictly 2015 Champions. But what do you think of the final performances? And who do you want to lift the glitterball in a few hours time? Let me and everyone else know by commenting on this post using the comment link above.

It’s probably redundant telling you this since most of the traffic this weekend will probably come from the social networking pages but you can like The Strictly Spoiler on Facebook or Follow Me on Twitter to keep up with all things Strictly Spoiler. I’ll be tweeting and facebooking along to the final so you can join me on those networks and tell me what you think.

A final poll for this series will open on this site towards the end of the first live show to give you all something to do while you wait for Casualty to finish! Once again I’ll be asking who you want to win. Has your opinion changed after seeing the final routines including the show dances? Let me know when the poll opens!

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80 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Final Discussion/Poll”

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Claire! Dave has made the whole four months of Strictly even more enjoyable.

    1. I agree. Len’s comments designed to put public off jay/aliona. Hope the judges get their eyes wiped and the public don’t give Clifton mafia glitterati. Feel sorry for Katie. She was stitched up to get Anton in final when she’s not good enough.

  1. Kelly and Kevin are good, but not that good.To give those scores the judges must be worried they will be out in the first vote!!!

  2. I actually do think Kellie and Kevin’s dances have been the best tonight. Loved Jay’s first dance but was bored by show dance, same with Georgia.

    1. I wanted more from Jay and Aliona ‘ s showdance but still have voted for them and would like them to go through.

  3. I love Kellie & Kevin. Don’t understand all the hate, Jake Wood didn’t get all this just because he’s in Eastenders. I know it’ s personal taste but I don’t get why Jay is so great either?

  4. I agree with Jane
    Kelly & Kevin have out danced everyone tonight
    I’m voting for them and i’ve loved Jay through the series.. But not tonight so far

  5. I actually think Jays showsdance really suited him. It was SO his personality, understated but sublimely executed. He is not showy in nature. He did a brilliant job. I HATED Kellies it was a bit gangly and messy and the slow bit was just weird. The Cliftonville show is just reeking of desperation (que the adoring wife crying in the background). I find the judges scoring of 40s odd to say the least.The whole final has been underwhelming. I actually feel for Anton as it failed spectacularly and Katie shouldn’t have been in the final. Georgia was good but didn’t blow me away. If the rumours are true and Anton & Aliona leave along with Ola I’ll find it very hard to watch next year.

    1. Strictly Come Prancing. Kellie looked like a man in drag in that Show Dance to my mind. Not the least bit of ‘dancing’. Tens? What’s going on?

      I felt warmer tonight to Jay and hoped he’d do better than he did. It’s annoying he didn’t do well, because he really didn’t.

      Georgia was excellent.

      Allegedly Len Goodman is Kevin’s godfather. (Add music) And some suggest that SCD is The Clifton Show. Why were they shouting ‘ten’ from the gallery? I thought I was dreaming. And are those judges frightened of Goodman? All very creepy.

    2. I agree….was excellently understated and danced to perfection and showed Jay’s skills superbly. It’s easy for the male pro’s to chuck the female celebs around to look showy and I think Aliona choose exactly the right way to show what Jay can do. It’s not all about lifts and razamatazz in my opinion

    3. You don’t think Kellie is a better dancer? You either can’t see past male celeb or you’re ageist or blind. Even if you’re Jays greatest fan give Kellie the praise she deserves. Timing, footwork, arms, characterisation all perfect. People like you ruin Strictly with your unfair bitching.

      1. I’d have been happy for any of the top 3 to have won, though pleased Jay won. He’s been consistently good throughout the series. Show dance was disappointing but I think he was robbed at not being given 10s for his paso.
        I’ve enjoyed watching Kellie. I don’t think she deserved to be in the bottom two twice during the series. Did amuse me that they picked the Stars Wars charleston in the week the new movie was released though. Mmmmmmm.
        Georgia has been wonderful to watch. Her Chicago charleston deserved to score better than Kellies.
        Roll on next year….

  6. Kellie and Kevin were by far the best tonight – in both dances! Their show dance was brilliant, not boring like Jay’s and to a lesser extent, Georgia’s.

  7. BORING not one dance apart from GG showed any imagination or even thought, it lacked any wow factor, they so needed Gleb and Anita they may not have been the best dancers but by golly they had the WOW in spades, so disappointed will not even bother to watch again, time for it to go or get new blood

  8. I seem to be one of the only ones who doesn’t like Jay. I don’t like him as a dancer or as a person to be honest. I think his first dance was way overmarked. I think Kellie’s first dance might have been slightly overmarked but it’s no secret that the judges are playing the ‘let’s all give Kevin high scores because he’s British.’ But that doesn’t mean Kellie isn’t a great dancer, I loved her showdance. As for Georgia, I don’t think the rumba did her any favours but I was absolutely mesmorised by her showdance. Yeah, her neck seems to disappear a bit when she’s in hold, but the start when she was blindfolded and her acting totally made up for that. I think I want her to win.
    I’d like Jay finish in 4th place but that’s never going to happen, my money’s on Katie. And she is the worst dancer out of the lot so I guess it would be deserved.

  9. Also, I think 4th place might be close between Katie and Georgia… Please vote to keep Georgia win so we get to see her charleston again!! 🙂
    And, thank you Dave for all your posts this series, you’ve beem amazing!

  10. I ask myself it the dances hadn’t been by Kellie (with the annoying screaming) and Kevin (who I dislike because his sister gets so much time, which other spare dancers never got, and the whole clifton over promotion) would they deserve to win tonight? Unfortunately the answer is probably yes.

  11. Thanks for this final poll, Dave, and for all your work on the spoiler through this series. I didn’t know who Jsy was when Strictly started but he was my favourite from the first week and I’m rooting for him to win!

  12. Why is there sooo much bias? The judges are mumbling between themselves and clearly want Kevin to win. How on this earth can they say it’s not fixed? Both Jay and Georgia easily equalled Kevin and her tonight so why oh why did they not get a single 10? Anton is lovely, dated and limited but a good ballroom dancer. I am sickened by Len’ s attitude both this year and last. If anyone other than Katie and Anton leave I simply will have to turn it off! Thanks dave – good job.

  13. i didnt like jay and aliona tonight , i know you all will jump down my throat but thats my opinion, the judges were right about the show dance that was not at all show, i think kellie and kevin did a really brilliant job tonight and their show dance was miles above jay’s , but jay will probably end up winning because of all the cooing over him .

  14. Overall throughout the season Jay has been outstanding. Don’t let the biased judges comments sway you, his dance was lovely and showed his progression in the moves. He will always be my winner.

    1. Sorry he hasn’t been outstanding throughout. Like everyone else he’s had his wobbles. The final three were all up there and it was a worthy final. Based on last night alone he was third in my book

  15. K&K have clearly been Len’s fav for a long time, so sad that this show has come to this. Len is now just a grumpy defensive man, time to bow out. TBH don’t care who wins any more, it has been absolutely clear this series that the whole show has been manipulated to favour the few Kevin & Anton & punish others, Anita & Helen. Best not watch next years ????

  16. Every one has an opinion and is entitled to it Lewis, but while I agree to some extent with your view I felt that sadly, there was only the one show dance when compared to previous years efforts. However, “show” was the key word, the “dance” bit was poor to say the least, at times the synchronisation of their steps (Kellie/Kevin) was non-existent. Also, towards the end of these hyperactive routines she gets very stompy.
    As dancers it has got to be between Georgia and Jay. With me thinking it will probably be Jay.

  17. Thanks to the Clifton bias Jay has been consistently under marked and as for team GG doing a week 1 dance in the semi and not getting picked up for there mistakes never mind Ola going it’s time we said goodbye to Len and craig, The BBC need to shake this show up if it to return next year

  18. my favorite 4 for the final would have been georgia, jay, kellie and anita , sadly we got katie but im over that now haha, i agree the technical in kellie is not as good as jay, but i enjoyed the show part more, overall the top 3 have done really well and i like them all, im not back tracking though , i do still like kellie 🙂 , but then i change my mind almost every week haha

  19. Throughout the whole series Jay has been the best dancer and has always been criticised, no matter what he does. Other couples get away with murder and get praised when they don’t do much dancing, but when Jay does something the judges don’t like he gets slated! It would be an injustice if Jay doesn’t win, the best dancer the show has ever had!!

  20. I’d love Jay to win; he has the best technique, he is modest and he doesn’t scream or act like a fourteen year old when he gets a good mark. The judges are definitely trying to sway people towards Kellie and Kevin as well!
    Another thing – who choreographed Kellie and Kevin ‘ dance? Seeing as it is a known fact there are guest choreographers for all the charlestons, charlestons, Argentine tangos and lindy hops…

  21. Very disappointed so far by the final of this years SCD 2015. To tell you the truth it’s all been a bit boring. I’ve loved team GG and Jay all along. Very surprised at their show dances in music and content. I wanted Anita to be in the final, and I do believed they would’ve given us a corker of a show dance. Len has totally got on my nerves this year, and I think he’s lost the plot. He’s very dated with his remarks, and not open to give modern dancing a chance. I still can’t forget the nasty way he spoke to Giovani on one of the first episodes. There’s no way Kelly deserved four tens for her first dance. However, I did enjoy her show dance even though they did have loads of props. The judges defiantly have their favourites this year, and it’s very obvious who they are! For me SCD has been ruined this year by inconsistent marking and favouritism. I really do think they need to change the judging panel for 2016.

    1. Kellie deserved every point she got. Don’t be silly. Far more accomplished dancer than Anita but Anita should have been in the final. Gleb’s fault for choosing wrong dance in semis.

  22. Did anybody else think that Anita & Gleb did better show dances during the season (OK, so he bent the rules with his choreography a few times) than anything we saw tonight? So Kellie & Kevin did a great Lindy Hop, but it was a Lindy Hop, not a show dance.

    1. Glebs choreography is very Dancing with the Stars. While I think it was refreshing ito was very much to cleverly hide Anita weaknesses with Drama. I find DWTS very gimmicky and would hate to see Strictly going down that Rd but unfortunately it has been in recent years with the producers trying to control all aspects of it. Let’s go back to the blind coupling where nobody knows how good someone is and stop trying to manipulate the results based on how much the celebs are paid to get their money’s worth.

  23. All those people slagging off Kellie dont forget she works 7 days a week from early morning then goes to the training room until after midnight learning the dances. Neither Jay or Georgia are holding down a full time job as well as learning the dances. I would like to see those slagging her off holding down a full time job and also learning a new dance every week

    1. Really? Shame on people not liking her dances just because she has a job. Loads of other contestants this series and in previous series have worked crazy schedules. They know what they are letting themselves in for signing up so their schedule shouldn’t come in to it.

  24. I would just like to thank Dave for the “Strictly Spoiler” web site, it is so much better than having to wait for the Sunday nights show – long may you reign.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year and look forward to logging into your web site in 2016 xx

  25. OMG. What a surprise that Jay won!! Not! Why?! Wasn’t the best dancer/performer on the night! The public has not voted on merit IMO. Seems he has ‘mesmerised’ voters since week 1. Don’t get it myself. So disappointed with this result.

  26. how anyone can think kellie is a better dancer than jay or georgia amazes me, she may have personality, and keep a busy schedule but she is nowhere near the standard they are at, Justice was done tonight with Jay winning. He has been amongst the best ever on the show, His technique has been superb throughout and he has constantly been under marked in relation to both his actual dances and also scores given to other contestants for their dances

  27. Brilliant dancing by Jay understated and technically great no tantrums and playing up and such awful comments from Len total manipulation by producers and judges to get K and K to win. Thank God only the public vote counts. It’s a wonder they did not try to manipulate that too. Whole series was blatant favouritism and fooled no one. How Helen or Anita could be worse than Katie just because Anton is a stalwart is grossly unfair..Whole voting and format needs changing Good on Ola and Jamelia for speaking out.. well done Jay and,Aliona truly well deserved..

  28. Jay truly deserved to win despite Len working against him in the semi final and even the final although he was definitely fair in his marks. Jay’s quick step was entertaining and his paso doble was hot and electrifying although his show dance wasn’t good enough this did not stop we his fans for voting for him. KELLY AND Georgia Charleston were to cheap too win because it is an easy dance. Craig must have been disappointed from what he said when interviewed by Zoe after the show, he said the public got Jay there. Why does Aliona keep repeating herself that Jay is her favourite dancing partner guess she will change that when she gets someone else next year nice girl though.
    The Clifton team couldn’t get their favourite Kelly and kevin to win.
    Jamelia with her giggling as usual while the celebrities were dancing she was just giggling as usual wonder why she went to embrace Kelly and not the winner.

  29. I like Jay a lot, but on the night Kellie and Kevin were the best dancers. It’s a dance competition not a popularity contest, so Kellie and Kevin should have won. Also Georgia danced better than Jay on the night, although as I said I loved Jay as a person. The marks of the judges were correct.

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