Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 10 Spoilers

If you read this post last night you’ll have seen big bold unconfirmed disclaimers all over it as the results were not confirmed by any of my sources with a mole last night. They have now been confirmed by a mole and should be accurate

Strictly is back from its Blackpool holidays and for 6 of our remaining couples next week’s quarter final beckons. But who has made it through and who has been eliminated. In some marginally more organised results than the results of the Lindy Hop a thon I can reveal that…….

Graeme and Ashley had to dance off. The judges saved Ashley (obviously). Graeme was eliminated.

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler was unconfirmed at the time of posting but has since been confirmed by an audience mole though my usual sources and should be accurate

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You can also vote in this week’s poll and tell me who your favourites were from this week. As always I’ll allow you to pick up to 3 options

Week 10 - Who were your favourites (choose up to 3)

  • Stacey and Kevin (31%, 18,657 Votes)
  • Joe and Dianne (21%, 12,939 Votes)
  • Faye and Giovanni (20%, 12,009 Votes)
  • Ashley and Pasha (10%, 6,272 Votes)
  • Charles and Karen (7%, 4,444 Votes)
  • Lauren and AJ (5%, 3,302 Votes)
  • Graeme and Oti (5%, 3,121 Votes)

Total Voters: 26,116

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I should have an extra spoiler to share with you guys as the Christmas Special is being filmed on Monday so keep an eye out for that one!

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6 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 10 Spoilers”

  1. Does anyone know how the BBC work the figures? My view is that if you’re placed 2nd by the judges (ie Ashley) and you receive no votes from the public, that still wouldn’t put you in the bottom two. Comments please….

    1. They score it 1-how ever many people are left (basically how they scored the lindy hop tonight). Then they add up the votes and give them a second 1-7 score.

      If there’s a tie they don’t skip numbers (so tonight Lauren should have 2 despite coming last, not 1, because two people should be tied)

      So at the end of tonight Ashley had 6 points. If she gets the least public votes she’d get 1, putting her at 7.
      Lauren (for example) should have 2, if she gets second or first in the public vote she’d have 8 or 9, putting Ashley below her.

        1. Thanks Lindsay! Strange that they’re happy to explain the scoring system for the sake of ‘transparency’, but refuse to reveal ‘the public vote’ numbers which provide the results. Protecting delicate little egos from uncomfortable truths, probably.

  2. Ah now we’re back on my big bug bear. Experience over beginner. I appreciate it’s a dance competition but how to create a level playing field as it were to offer fairness and balance? It’s blatantly obvious who the judges will save even before the dance off in this kind of situation. This is why I appreciate this site. I can enjoy my Sunday evening without the waffling, massaging of egos and the frustration of an uneven playing field.

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