Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Week 8 Spoilers

No Blackpool next week but they are bringing forward musicals week so our couples still have a milestone to aim for. But one couple won’t be singing in the West End having been eliminated this week. As always you never need to wait for the not live results show when The Strictly Spoiler is on hand with the information you crave. So here are the results:

Sara and Tilly had to dance off. The judges unanimously saved Tilly. Sara was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from my own sources and is almost certainly accurate!

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Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll and tell me who got your vote with The BBC. You can select up to 3 options!

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Week 8 - Who got your vote (select up to 3)

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17 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Week 8 Spoilers”

    1. Makes me smile when people accuse it of being a fix. Why was it a fix? Why was the wrong person voted off? Presumably it was because you have a different opinion of who should have left last night and so you say it was a fix. I bet if you told me who you thought should have left and I told you who I thought should have left, then it would have been different, so which one of us would have been right? Of course it wasn’t a fix.

    2. i agree with that they were good but the audiance should be taken out of the studio. before the voting finished that way people wont find out who gos, if it keeps on the show will loose their viewers if that going to carry on all the time, not fare
      to the viewers !!

  1. Fix.if your vote count is correct dan should have been in dance off with Tilly. Dan and Tilly scored less votes in show and public vote.

  2. What weighting do the public and judges votes carry when they are combined? How transparent is the public vote?

    Certainly Dan should be long gone – approaching his ‘John Sergeant’ moment!!

  3. Total fix, Aston’s 9 for Dan Walker came up on the scoreboard before he even raised his paddle. Dan was by far the worst on the night!1

  4. I like Dan, he is what the programme is all about. I vote for him every week as he has improved greatly! He escaped the dance off as he did a good dance!
    Did everyone slag off Sara a few weeks ago when she escaped the dance off with her terrible couples choice??
    Remember people can save who they like, it’s a PUBLIC VOTE!

  5. Irrespective of the “spoiler” I still watch the Sunday night results show. It will be very interesting tonight to see just how the two celebrities dance. Another Twitter ‘spoiler’ account has stated the same two in the dance off but the opposite celebrity going out. Really looking forward to watching the show.

  6. At the end of the day, we have watched Strictly come dancing long enough to know that there are shockers when it comes to the dance off.
    This is because it’s only natural that some people are going to vote for their favourite celebrities personality rather than dancing qualities.
    You tend to find that the lesser talented dancers spend a great deal more hours at training but don’t find it as easy and that makes the public back the underdogs even more because of their sheer determination.
    Dan is a lovely gentle character and has a smile all of the time as does Sara but they are just glad to have been given the opportunity to have a go and all support each other which is great.
    I have just learnt to accept that over-all we all carnt help to be glued to watching it and there is only one glitter all!
    I also do have to admit we have had some amazing glitter ball winners up to now so it’s mostly good in the end ?

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