Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 9 Spoilers

IMPORTANT – I know most of you only read the 2nd paragraph of the spoiler post each week but you really need to read this. This week the BBC launched an attack on The Strictly Spoiler which resulted in the removal of The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page from Facebook. You can read more about this attack and what you can do to help fight back. The Strictly Spoiler needs each and every one of you to join the fight back so please help!

Strictly hit the bright lights of Blackpool this weekend and whilst the BBC may have silenced Facebook, The Strictly Spoiler is still on hand to provide the information that so many of you crave each week. Who shone in the Tower Ballroom and who has been sent packing home on a Donkey ride. No need to wait any longer to find out the results. So here are the results:

Peter and Jamelia had to dance off. The judges saved Peter. Jamelia was eliminated. The judges voted as follows: Craig, Darcey and Bruno – Peter. Len – Jamelia

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate.

Complaints to the BBC – especially if you liked the Facebook Page!

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Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 9 Poll

Strictly was at Blackpool this week which could make for an unpredictable spoiler time. As soon as it comes in it will be posted to this site as usual. However to keep you amused whilst you wait there’s actually a lot of things you can do

Firstly as usual there’s a poll where you can tell me who your favourites were this week. Last week’s poll proved to be incredibly close with Georgia and Giovanni just pipping Jay and Aliona to the top by 12 votes.

Secondly please read all about the BBC’s attack on The Strictly Spoiler which happened this week. Yes that’s right after 4 years of doing this the BBC have finally taken notice but not by reverting to a live results show as so many crave but instead they’re having Facebook remove content for spurious reasons.

If you aren’t happy that a public funded broadcaster is engaging in what basically amounts to censorship and preventing freedom of speech you can join the fightback and let the BBC (and Facebook) know exactly what you think about their attempts at censorship.

Finally I launched a competition last week. Originally you could enter through Facebook, Twitter and this site. Obviously Facebook entry is no longer possible and as a precaution I’ve also ceased entry on Twitter so the only way to enter now is by commenting on the competition post. You could be the lucky winner of a £50 amazon voucher!

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