Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 9 Spoilers

IMPORTANT – I know most of you only read the 2nd paragraph of the spoiler post each week but you really need to read this. This week the BBC launched an attack on The Strictly Spoiler which resulted in the removal of The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page from Facebook. You can read more about this attack and what you can do to help fight back. The Strictly Spoiler needs each and every one of you to join the fight back so please help!

Strictly hit the bright lights of Blackpool this weekend and whilst the BBC may have silenced Facebook, The Strictly Spoiler is still on hand to provide the information that so many of you crave each week. Who shone in the Tower Ballroom and who has been sent packing home on a Donkey ride. No need to wait any longer to find out the results. So here are the results:

Peter and Jamelia had to dance off. The judges saved Peter. Jamelia was eliminated. The judges voted as follows: Craig, Darcey and Bruno – Peter. Len – Jamelia

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate.

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Who was your favourite (Week 9)

  • Jay and Aliona (32%, 1,944 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (27%, 1,641 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (15%, 910 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (11%, 644 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (8%, 458 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (4%, 223 Votes)
  • Peter and Janette (2%, 100 Votes)
  • Jamelia and Tristan (2%, 97 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,513

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47 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 9 Spoilers”

  1. Loved the show, love Blackpool too as have danced there myself! Obviously not seen the dance off yet BUT based on the shows dances Peter should’ve gone – I really annoys me that dances are supposed to be judged just on that dance alone, not on previous dances or what could be achieved!!!!

    1. Jamelia was never going to survive another dance off but at least she has gone out with her highest score and her best dance on the show.

  2. I really thought Jamelia danced better than Peters Lumpy running around non jive. I wonder how the judges decided on that considering Peter was below her on the leader board. Will be very interesting to see if she made any mistakes and if she didn’t then it’s a joke that someone that danced worse stays because he’s a favourite

  3. Thanks very much for letting us know the results Dave, I really enjoyed tonight’s show.
    Although I agree that Peter should have gone tonight and not Jamelia

  4. Agreed. Peter’s Jive was hideous, while Jamelia’s Quickstep was really pretty decent. Darcey and Craig both gave Jamelia a point more than Peter first time round, but they could both save her and if Len and Bruno save Peter she still goes home. I don’t think this will be a unanimous decision though. It shouldn’t be, although every other one this year has been.

  5. awww poor peter, that’s a big blow. he’s a good dancer but there just wasn’t enough jive content. Katie to go next week… she’s so arrogant and always snubs the judges comments.

    1. No, Katie isn’t arrogant and she doesn’t snub tses thhe judges comments, she takes them on board BUT, for one thing she’s too well brought up to lose her cool and for another, a lot of the judges remarks are unfair and unfounded and Katie realises this and knows she can’t correct something that’s not wrong.
      Without seeing the dance off there’s no knowing which one danced best but if they both danced as before then Peter should ha ve gone as his jive was scrappy at best.

  6. The judges proved they are biased and do not go on what they have seen.I liked Peter but Jamelia danced better.It s not a level playing field

    1. It’s dancing competition and at the end of the day, technique most likely plays a big part in their decision and while Jamelia’s dance was better, Peter has far better technique and is also the better dancer (the jive just isn’t his dance).

  7. Now Anita and. Gleb will not stand a chance with the judges. They not their fave and they will save all the others in the dance off. I hope the public keeps them out of the dance off.

  8. Interesting to see that they kept Peter. Although I guess the judges can’t help but feel slightly biased from previous weeks.

    For anyone who’s interested, the total scores and average scores across the 9 weeks:
    Helen 290 – 32.2
    Georgia 288 – 32
    Jay 287 – 31.9
    Kellie 283 – 31.4
    Peter 278 – 30.9
    Anita 274 – 30.4
    Katie 241 – 26.8
    Jamelia 236 – 26.2

    Helen never broken into the top scores, but consistent good marks (lowest 29 I believe) has meant she is at the top. Very tight at the top though and Georgia could easily overtake by next week at the rate she is going. Or even jay?!

  9. Thanks for the spoiler, I hated waiting til Sunday. Jay should have got 10’s tonight. I agree with Peters non jive – terrible!!!

  10. If Jay had danced at the end, it would have finished the show with a real party atmosphere and he would have got some elusive 10’s. Starting the show is always a problem as if they score too highly where do they go with later dances. Your poll – and others – show that Jay and Aliona are consistently the most popular couple, despite the obviously blatant bias of the judges.

  11. This result doesn’t suprise me. At least this time Len didn’t suck up to Andre. I find peter andre really irritating and smug with his “I’m Mr nice guy”, happy-go-lucky persona. It is soooooo fake in my eyes.

    1. I totally agree he is such a fake he should have gone and Craig needs to go as well sick if his spiteful marking Jay and Aliona are the best dancers but if Craig has his way they will be in next week’s dance off

  12. Neither was perfect and to be honest if this show had been at bbc they wouldn’t have been 8 for Jamelia (maybe except len) the marks are always higher because of the night, atmosphere, etc. it’s the same every series – even jeremy would have got higher if he stayed. So when both aren’t brilliant in the dance off – they of course are going to think back to previous weeks and their favorites. See last week Jay got scored down for his ‘accident’ but this week they don’t matter – Ri-dic-u-lous!!!

    Helen – I can’t rant enough about but as usual she may be technically good but every week she dances and struts around with a stick up her tiny tush – good god women just un- clench and let go of yourself!!! The proof Georgia is fun, full of life and personality and is just is so in awe of what she’s doing – she did a brilliant Charleston last week. Helen is stiff and rigid, already thinks she’s above everyone and thinks she deserves the praise (her line tonight oh I thought I’d get 6’s – oh just shut up and for those who think she’s shy she is playing you for a fiddle as well as the judges. She knows exactly what she is doing IMO) so no personality a boring rigid Charleston that looked like a tacky show girl dance. Watch out because if darcy gets any further up her behind we may not see her next week!! But you know if you like that sort of thing each to their own. (Something also tells me that Aljaź has to contend with more than 3 Helens on a weekly basis!)

    Anita and Gleb are brilliant she should’ve got a full house. So sick of her being passed over by H!! She comes out with her all every single week and I just don’t get how she’s under scored so much.

    Team GG another excellent week but did not like the roses in the hair. You watched her and could imagine every 6/7 yr old thinking fairytale’s do come true.

    Now albeit bias (and I happily admit it) I love love watching Jay and aliona dance together – I could watch them all night but what I struggle with every Blackpool week is they use more dancers to fill the floor and I just don’t think it always works. It doesn’t translate and I think its more about a treat for the couples to dance there. I’m sure being there wrapped up in the night is brilliant but I want to see just couples dance – especially Jay and aliona!!

    Thank you for the numbers Lizzie I hadn’t really looked at it that way as they tend to go on about tens overall.

    Great site Dave and bbc are just idiots, signed petition and hope Facebook listen to you. People who want to know have had to search out your site to find out. Others want to wait till Sunday then they can. I don’t see what the beebs issue is.

    1. Agree with everything you say Polly ! Think the outcome was about right tonight on balance, but so many mistakes got ignored by the Panel – don’t know what’s going on half the time. Think Peter might be on the slippery slope now ? Just read Ola’s interview. Is it really all fixed – here I am voting for Jay for all I’m worth but is it all a bit of a waste ??!!! What do we all think – Dave do you have any thoughts on it O Font of all Knowledge ??

      1. I don’t think its fixed bit i do think some of the judges get firm favorites early on then just put on blinkers, so my theory as example – darcy goes on about how gorgeous Helens lines/arms are so when she’s watching her is she thinking ‘oh those lines and arms are gorgeous tonight la la la and then thinks shit I’m not watching her legs and face etc etc and it ends. Kinda like us liking one of the hot dancers- your eyes are drawn in the wrong way and we refocus.
        Monica I would love Jay to win as he is brilliant and I’ve always loved aliona, then if he doesn’t for me it’s a really close tie with A & G and team GG but however much we vote if H goes up against them in a dance off I feel we know who they’d put thru – regardless. Plus I think at the final the judges kind of indirectly make clear who they think should win. It’s starting to get down to the nitty gritty. I’m sure (eek!!) Jay will be in the top 3 and god I hope he does that jive again. Even with that awful fake ponytail he had some serious swagger (it’s still in there Jay even tho week after week they’ve tried to knock it out of you) and it was serious hot stuff dancing.?

    2. You said it all!
      Cannot stand Helen – she appears so Fake, I am liking Kellie more than I thought I would, but I feel sorry for Anita – she constantly seems to be knocked down despite putting 110% into everything with a dancer who challenges her constantly.

    3. If the BBC don’t want sites like Strictly Spoiler then they should take away the need. They should stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes that Sunday’s show is live. We all know it’s recorded after the vote lines are closed on the Saturday night. Having to wait 24 hours is too long. Carry on the good work.

  13. For once the correct bottom two in dance off. Shame both couldn’t have gone double elimination.

    Still think it’s unfair that they all dance different dances. Not a fair comparison. You would get to see a better scoring.

  14. The thing is as Craig, Darcy and Bruno voted for peter then he should have gone as it has been like that for most of the sho but it’s probably different because there in Blackpool, or it might just be a typo.

  15. I wanted Jamelia to go this week before I saw the show. but Peter was terrible last night, as has been said not seen the dance off yet but going off the show he should have gone, hopefully he will go next week, I still want jay to win and I agree he should have had higher marks this week.

  16. I wish I could dance half as well as them all. My favourite is Jay. I find Anita and Kellie and Helen irritating , they come across to me as ” oh look at how good am I ” just my opinion.

  17. My favourite is Jay. I find Anita and Kellie and Helen irritating , they come across to me as ” oh look at how good am I ” just my opinion.

  18. The judges marking was quite kind to most people last night. Blackpool and feel good factor perhaps?

    Katie to go next pleeeeeese. She’s the MOST annoying with the screwed up eyes, throwing back of head laughing and that blood curdling grin. Never shuts up when others are speaking, thinks she’s doing her day job. Never acknowledges that she isn’t brilliant, in the past has pointed to the audience and said that even if judges didn’t like it everybody else loved it!

    Helen looked as though she had run out of steam halfway through her dance, could hardly walk down steps at the end.

    What was the matter with Peter? He seemed all over the place.

    Anita and Greb definitely always under marked.

    Team GG to win.

    1. We’ve spoken about this briefly on DS and at one point there was a whole thread dedicated to the subject a few weeks ago on which even Abigailsmum leapt to my defence.

      I don’t make a secret of where I get the spoiler from. I’m very open about it on DS, which is far more than other sources who get the spoiler are, and I actively participate in the spoiler thread. I have also acknowledged it on this site before now

      As far as crediting the forum goes as I said to you on DS there wouldn’t be a great deal of point as the majority of visitors to this site read one paragraph and then go. Also the people who organise the spoiler thread on DS also don’t feel it is necessary. I do acknowledge and thank the sources on DS and have done so on here too in particular during the thanks video I did at the end of the last series and I will do so again at the end of this series.

      I would add that when I first started to do this it was simply me poking a bit of fun at the BBC for pre recording the results. I never in my wildest dreams expected this to become the success it has done. I continue to be amazed at just how much this has grown and the amount of views I get each week which whilst still lags behind DS it continues to grow at a rapid rate despite the BBC’s attempts to stop me

      Thank you for your comments about the BBC’s actions on the Facebook page too. Nearly everyone who has commented on it recognises it for what it is which is the BBC trying to censor the spoiler and this doesn’t just have repercussions for me but the DS spoiler thread may well find themselves in the firing line down the line

      1. Thanks for the acknowledgement. I appreciate your honesty and as you have said, there are others which are less than honest about where they source this from (although it’s clear if you look at the timing and on the odd occasion when DS has had it wrong)

        I still think it only fair to put a short acknowledgement on your spoiler posts each week rather than on a video at the end of the series which may not get viewed by any many as which read the spoiler posts…. but again, that’s just my opinion of course.

        With regard to the success of the site then I’d say “good on you” 🙂 As you said, the Beeb getting the judges and presenters in different dress and pretending it is not pre-recorded on Saturday is and always has been a farce and they do themselves no favours by pretending as such.

        So don’t let the Facebook shutdown faze you. I’m sure they would have more problems with shutting this site down and Twitter also tend to be a bit more lenient so I would focus on that.

        That being said, personally I would produce a well crafted letter of appeal to Facebook. Don’t rant or ask why as so many do. Instead explain why you have NOT violated the site rules. That has more impact (and I speak from experience of working for a internet company dealing with abuse) and at the end ask them to resinstate it. From experience polls don’t tend to garner the amount of interest needed for a major company to take notice. A well crafted, calm, intelligent appeal however……….. 😉

        Best of luck

        1. I doubt my end of series message will be in a video this year. As you say not many watch it and last year it ran to about 7 minutes so not everyone watched it all.

          Sadly Facebook don’t give any method to appeal to them and merely direct me to the BBC so that’s going to fall on deaf ears. I am running a petition to the BBC and Facebook on which is linked on the this site on the spoiler post and other posts but as you say they may not take notice and not everyone who is visiting this site is signing it as they’re just reading the 3rd paragraph in this week’s spoiler post

          1. Trying appealling using the online form here

            Go through the links here and then draft a concise appeal stating that you believe there has been a misunderstanding and why your account did NOT violate the rules. Pay attention to the copyright part and state that no images/content was used which is protected and that you are publishing information which is freely available in the public domain e.g. DS forum and link the spoiler thread, and ask them to kindly reinstate your account.

            That would work on the site I used to work for (of course Facebook is a different beast)

          2. It wasn’t a personal account which was deactivated but a Facebook page. Thankfully my personal Facebook is still active although I’m holding off on posting anything to do with here on it for the time being for obvious reasons especially as Facebook said my account may be deactivated should they have to remove content again.

            The email I got off Facebook says “Facebook is not in a position to adjudicate disputes between third parties. If you believe that this content should not have been removed from Facebook, you can contact the complaining party directly to resolve your issue” which leads me to believe that Facebook will wash their hands of it and just refer me back to the BBC (who will of course stick two fingers in their ears and go “la la la la la we are not listening”)

  19. How do we know that Peter didn’t nail the jive in the dance off and/or Jamelia muffed up her 2nd dance…. they’re being judged on the dance off surely?? Let’s wait and see the performances tonight before judging the judging eh?

  20. I have to say that I think no matter which girl had been in the dance off with Peter Nopersonality he would have been put through. No way would the BBC bosses allow only one male in the contest at this stage. Seemd to me the thing gets more blatantly rigged every year. I think Ola has it right in that thd judges leaderboard is fixed. And we should have access to voting numbers!

  21. Oh how I agree with Derek. The number of votes cast for each couple should be published each week. We don’t even know the percentage of votes made for each of them. It’s obvious the judges are biased from week one but when viewers pay money to vote surely they are entitled to transparancy.

  22. Amazing, the tide has turned – i thought people would be happy she left, yet instead we have this. I havent seen yet, but they always judge based on the dance-off version of the dance. Maybe peter improved or jamelia got worse. Either way Peter’s weaknesses are showing and at this rate he wont make the finals.

    1. I’m thrilled she’s left and annoyed its like this. The mags should read ‘she’s finally gone – poor dancer’ but instead it’ll be ‘should she have gone on this week’!!! Oh well if everyone is being fake kind or polite she’ll cry either way!!

  23. Can someone please tell Kellie to stop screaming? She drives me up the wall. The sooner she goes the better. Used to like Kevin but it’s turned into the Clifton family show. Typical BBC, we liked Kevin, doesn’t mean you have to inflict the whole family on us. Joanne is awful, she simply can’t present …. and then we get the parents, enough, severe overkill!

  24. Three judges did not judge on the dance off but on previous Peter performances just hope he goes out next week most irritating

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