Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 3 (Movie Week) Spoilers

Strictly was at the movies with the 14 remaining couples dancing to movie inspired routines. But for two of our couples the Golden Raspberry of the Dance Off beckons. The BBC may want you to wait half an hour longer than normal due to Doctor Who to find out who left tonight but fortunately you dear reader have the power of the internet to check out all the movie spoilers you like. So here are the results………

Charles and Lee had to dance off. The judges saved Charles. Lee was eliminated! The judges voted as follows: Craig – Charles, Dame Darcey – Charles, Bruno – Charles, Shirley – Vote not needed but would have saved Lee

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole sourced by me and has been confirmed by other sources and should be accurate

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You can also vote in this week’s poll and tell me who your week 3 favourites were. You can select up to 3 choices.

Week Three (Movie Week) - Who were your favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Faye and Giovanni (17%, 4,926 Votes)
  • Stacey and Kevin (15%, 4,472 Votes)
  • Seann and Katya (14%, 4,124 Votes)
  • Ashley and Pasha (12%, 3,566 Votes)
  • Kate and Aljaž (10%, 2,999 Votes)
  • Joe and Dianne (8%, 2,168 Votes)
  • Graeme and Oti (7%, 1,989 Votes)
  • Danny and Amy (5%, 1,321 Votes)
  • Dr Ranj and Janette (3%, 858 Votes)
  • Vick and Graziano (2%, 640 Votes)
  • Katie and Gorka (2%, 611 Votes)
  • Lauren and AJ (2%, 474 Votes)
  • Charles and Karen (2%, 468 Votes)
  • Lee and Nadiya (1%, 270 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,296

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4 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 3 (Movie Week) Spoilers”

  1. Not surprised it was Charles who danced off against Lee. I wasn’t that keen on his performance but I wonder if his comments upstairs afterwards put folks off voting for him?

  2. Katya is such an amazing choreographer! I love Seann’s personality and all, but his arm shaping today was not great, but Katya managed to distract from it and hide his flaws with her spectacular choreography. I think she and Artem are the most interesting and creative choreographers that have graced Strictly.

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