Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 12 Spoilers

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Here we are. It’s the final spoiler of the series. Not even the BBC will be stupid enough to pre record the results next week during the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2015. So who sailed through the Semi Final? And who fell at the final hurdle. No need to wait any longer to find out the results or the finalists as The Strictly Spoiler is on hand to tell you all. So here are the results:

Anita and Katie had to dance off. The judges saved Katie. Anita was eliminated. The judges voted as follows: Craig – Anita, Darcey – Katie, Bruno – Katie, Len – Katie

The Finalists are:

Jay and Aliona
Katie and Anton
Georgia and Giovanni
Kellie and Kevin

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come via an audience mole from my usual source and should be accurate.

There’s a two for one on spoilers here this weekend as the Christmas Special spoiler came in this week!

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Who Do You Want To Win Strictly Come Dancing 2015?

  • Jay and Aliona (55%, 3,431 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (13%, 808 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (12%, 731 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (12%, 728 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (9%, 586 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,284

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142 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 12 Spoilers”

  1. It was going to happen – as soon as Anita was in the Dance off she was going to be gone – shame as I did feel she was better than Katie. 🙁

  2. Thanks Dave I have been waiting up for this. So surprised they saved Katie over Anita. But I’m not complaining…I do like Katie

  3. I agree with the dance off but not with the judges’ decision. I think Katie should have left. I like neither her nor her dancing.

  4. I am so happy that Katie made it through, but shocked that she actually did. After her admittedly poor performances, I really expected her to be eliminated.

  5. Why save Katie and anton over Anita and gleb? Please don’t tell me they’re going to continue the lie that anton has never made it so far (ahem! Just ask lesley garrett) shame though, as I thought Anita was much stronger than Katie.

    Jay to win!!!

    1. I agree this is a fix and has been all along especially with the dances Katie and Anton have been given hardly any Latin. If they win the final I am never watching strictly again. Also why do they keep saying Anton has never got this far when he was 3rd with Lesley Garret. So disappointed in strictly thought they were above this.

  6. Shocked. Agree with who was in the DO but Unless Anita made a massive mistake it’s the wrong decision. How could the save someone who scored so low based on tonight’s dances

  7. Agree with you Hannah……….Can I also say a BIG thank you to Dave for all the hard work he has put in to give us the spoilers every week…..THANK YOU

  8. Can’t believe they saved Katie. I’m so upset! Voted for Anita 4 times, my mum 3. Beginning to believe the rumours I’ve heard about it just being a massive fix to get Anton to the final. Pretty much done with this show now. What a farce.

  9. That beggars belief after the (rightful) shredding they gave Katie’s performance tonight. Beginning to think it’s really Anton they really want to be in the final…

  10. What a joke…the points difference between the two was a fair few, Katie was waaaay weaker than Anita! Jay, Georgia or even flipping Kellie to win, anyone but charity case Katie and Anton who have made mistakes all the way through and noticeably so.

    1. Yep that was getting pretty annoying but so is the “I’ve never got this far” Anton sob story. He’s really getting on my nerves and completely disrespectful of his previous partners undermining their achievements. Lesley Series 1 was 3rd and Laila was 4th

  11. So the judges score Anita higher but save Katie. Another fix so darling Anton is in the final. BTW his real name is Tony Beak. Can’t stand the twit. Judges have lost all credibility this series.

  12. So now we aren’t going to see Gleb’s show dance, although he’s done a lot of those already!

    Do feel a bit sorry for Anita, with another partner who would have spent more time on her technique and showcasing her, she would have deserved to be in the final. Got to give it to her she was a hard worker.

    1. Not really. I have been saying since the beginning that I think Anita’s footwork is really messy. Katie on the other hand really just makes mistakes which she can sort out second time around

  13. Katie was terrible tonight. Unless Anita actually forgot her dance it’s the wrong result. Also that means everyone except Jay has now been in the dance off. Are we thinking landslide for him???

  14. That’s ridiculous, judges did nothing but slate both Katies dances. It’s all a fix to get Anton in the final. Getting a bit fed up with this tactical voting. I just hope Anton doesn’t win the whole thing at the expense of one of the others

  15. FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX. Anita has been underscored from the very beginning. They just want darling Anton in the final. Is it his last year or something??

  16. Oh no not another week of Katie posing & smirking in the background to look forward to!! She should have gone not Anita I feel another round of fixed calls coming on !!

  17. Surprised but thrilled that Katie was saved over Anita, I’m guessing Anita probably messed up her dance in dance-off but will watch show tomorrow to see if that’s the case.

    1. I was in the audience. They had both got 32 for the dances they chose to do again . So started at the same place despite Anita’s higher total overall.Katy corrected the errors she made first time round, which is why she was saved, simple as that

  18. Can’t believe that result been voting for Anita Big thank you Dave for this site only recently found it. I applied so many times for tickets to see strictly and think it unfair that the audience there already know the result. Needless to say never was lucky to get any tickets

  19. Just proves everything that has been saiid about it being a fix! Katie was by far the weakest, just a sop to Anton, which is probably because rumour has it it’s his last show.

  20. Agree, agree. Judges never liked Anita. Always marking her down. The marks for her Paso were disgraceful. Judges must have been in heaven having been given the chance to vote her off.
    Katie better than Anita? ~ sorry Katie, never!!!!

  21. How on EARTH? Katie would have had to make drastic improvements in either of the dances we saw to approach Anita’s standard. Tonight Katie was scored harshly (but not I feel unfairly) but I wonder if they ever intended for her to go home. Perhaps now Anton has made the final he can leave the show, only 5 years too late. As good as Katie is (which I feel is reasonably but not finalist-level good) I cannot imagine there is another pro out there that would have done worse with her. Anton has very little idea of how to execute or teach a dance outside of a very small ballroomy box (which I thought their Waltz should have been in but it was very disappointing) and his choreography is almost all tired retreads from years ago (anywhere between early series of the show and WW1.) Maybe if Anita badly messes up the dance-off, or there are big big big improvements to Katie’s Waltz (that Charleston is beyond saving) I can live with it but I’m mad as hell right now. They admitted they’re only good at ballroom and then delivered the weakest ballroom number of the night to a wonderful song. I’m sorry, but this has been building for a while. The American version of the show has been ruined by whole series being devoted to getting “deserving” pros a win, and this series of Strictly skirts dangerously close, with Katie often at best an accessory to Prince Anton. So tonight they got a taste of the reality of how far behind their dancing is? What I saw tonight should have sent them home and I’m annoyed it didn’t. Apologies for venting. Rant over

    1. Agree totally. All of the celebrities who are left (except Katie) were better than Anton tonight. Be interesting to see how the judges change their minds about Katie’s performance.

    2. What Anita produced in a week and performed:

      – a technically lovely Foxtrot. Only criticism is content which she can’t alter in a dance off.
      – a perfectly performed salsa routine. Criticism is the fact that it doesn’t look like a salsa. Funny that, could have something to do with the fact they weren’t given a salsa song …

      What Katie produces:

      – a diabolical Charleston. By the looks of it, they spent no time on it whatsoever, assuming they’d just do their Waltz in the dance off
      – a Waltz that she fluffed the first time around. The problem wasn’t the content, it was her.

      So basically, Anita can’t get through because whilst she made no mistakes, Gleb did (in their eyes) with the choreography.
      Whilst Katie gets through because she messed up and made lots of mistakes. Hence she can rectify them.

      Well that’s a really logical result.

      Great result Strictly. Got rid of the one contestant I was looking forward to seeing in the final. Hand Jay the Glitterball now.

  22. How on earth can they justify putting Katie through over Anita when she cannot do Latin at all and only certain ballroom dances! Surely the finalists and ultimate winner should be proficient in both ! The competition is between Jay and Georgia if the judges and the public are judging appropriately.

  23. HOW will they choose Katie over Anita?! Wth!!! They gave her and Gleb a salsa that’s not even salsa. Ridiculous! Glad Jay is staying but Anita should have gone to that final.

  24. Anita has consistently given dramatic performances throughout & Gleb’s choreography this series has been scintillating. Anita should have stayed.

  25. I am OVER THE MOON that smug Anita has gone! Hoo-flipping-ray! We haven’t seen the dance off yet, but I can only assume Katie upped her game and Anita made a mistake, because as much as l couldn’t stand Anita, she definitely danced better than Katie on tonight’s show. If it’s a fix, it’s a fix l am glad happened! And on another topic, WHY is Joanne Clifton there AT ALL? Isn’t she just a choreographer now? She has no right being centre stage after every dance.

    1. I heard that the Clifton’s have a huge part in it, Mum and Dad are part of the production, apparently. So that’s probably why she’s there. Never happened before with any of the dancers that have left.

  26. I normally go to the live tour, haven’t bothered this year, the marking has been atrocious, and how the judges get to their decisions is beyond me – and yes I am a ballroom dancer. Strictly has lost the plot.

  27. The judges do it again i.e. save the person they gave the lower marks to. This is ridiculous. How do we know that Anita did not score higher with the public vote? Time for the BBC to be honest about the voting. It was obviously just to get Anton into the final week again. It is definitely fixed. Jay to win now.

  28. The judges have lost all credibility this year. I won’t be watching the show anymore. They obviously have their favourites and are quite prepared to eliminate someone who scores much higher and dances far more superior to others. The mistakes that were made tonight by the judges favourites were totally disregarded. Jay dropped his partner, Georgia was terrible in her first dance, Katie made mistake after mistake, and Kellie in her rumba was as sexy as a wet fish. Anita’s choreography was amazing in the salsa and her foxtrot was not perfect but she didn’t forget any steps. It screams FIX and the show for me has lost all its integrity. A great show gone down the pan in my opinion.

    1. But Anita’s dance was barely a salsa – impressive to watch but not the dance they were asked to do!
      Having said that, She is a better dancer than Katie and would have liked to see her in the final!
      Jay to win! (And I don’t think he dropped Aliona – all part of the routine…which was awesome!)

  29. Must be a buy two, get one free with the Cliftons?? I love Kev but Joanne is nowhere near in his league…she was only one of the pro dancers to pad out the numbers this year…13 celebs means 13 pros, so hard to arrange a group number with an odd number of dancers. She’s too cheesy on ITT as well.

    Gutted that Anita is out of the show, she was undermarked nearly every week…Katie should definitely have been voted off. Is next week going to be like a testimonial match for Anton?

  30. A fair bottom two it didn’t really matter either way. Any of the other couples stand a better chance at giving us all that show stopper moment next week to lift the trophy!

    Katie was just below par all round enough said there and Anita – I mean was that a salsa?? Was more like a Eurovision entry-an ‘athletic’ one, yes, but still completely unrecognisable didn’t really care much for her Argentine tango either. Final will be awesome can’t wait. Thanks for the spoilers again this year!

    1. I am also new to Spoilers and want to thank you and your team Dave for making a farce have some reality in it! I have never seen such inconsistant judging before. Katie should have left ages ago. Anita too has started from nothing but through sheer hard work has responded well to Gleb’s choeography. Either the producers are managing the judges and fixing or the public have turned it into a popularity contest….
      which I dont believe. The public seem quite informed.
      It does seem odd though that Katie and Anton have come this far…..who has made it possible? Thereby hangs the tale….I guess!!!

  31. My reply is simple I’m just gutted for her she was amazing from the start but the judges didn’t like gleb so I’m not surprised at this result can’t be ars…d. Now watching the final I agree with earlier posts about judges losing credibility this year ❤️

  32. Thanks Dave an amazing job as usual. I don’t agree with the personal comments about any of the celebrities, we don’t know them so it’s a bit judgmental. I do think it’s a bit strange that Anita went over Katie and I do feel that they were under marked every week and the judges have their favourites. It’s tainting the experience for me which is sad

  33. Don’t think I’ll bother with the final now, get some of the ex pro dancers in as judges next year, time for Len & Bruno to go

  34. Love how everyone is calling it a fix before seeing the dance off. For all we know Anita could have had a total meltdown and left the judges with no option. At least wait and see before calling it a fix. The bottom two was correct, as they are the two worst dancers left, and Anita should have left last week, but she was saved by the public. Fair enough, this is after all a combination of a dance show and a popularity contest, it’s never been a pure dance talent show, as Christopher Parker would never have made it to the final, or Chris Hollins won. Judges are human and will make decisions that don’t chime with some of the audience; would be the same if they got new judges in, don’t kid yourself. Just enjoy it as a piece of light entertainment.

  35. First – I like both dancers but they were definitely the weakest of those left

    Secondly – have not seen the dance offs – so why assume Katie’s was the worst?

    Maybe she deserved to go through and even if she didn’t …..

    Honestly I think the vitriolic comments are unnecessory – just live with it!!

  36. I think the right 2 were in the bottom, So many people complaining about Katie beating Anita in the dance off, can I please remind you that when you dance in the dance off the judges can only judge you on that one dance and we have not seen them yet, Katy made mistakes in her waltz on the live show, she may have been flawless in tr dance off, Anita may have messed up. Stop saying it’s a fix when you haven’t even seen it yet!
    Personally I laugh when people watching the show who have a limited knowledge of dance say the judges were wrong when lets be honest, you see the performance the judges see the technique and know how a dance should be danced!
    Thought Kellie & Georgia stole the show tonight, and a 4 for Katie was redicilous! Craig was basically saying her technique was the same standard as jeremy vine, she atleast deserve a 6!

      1. You dont know its a fix or have you seem the DO already
        Katies progress has been up and down over the weeks some great dances and some poor ones bur as a dance teacher you must be aware that the same can be said for
        Anita and that glebs chorography was consistently wrong as he always put in illegal moves

        This annoyed the judges and they responded accordingly
        This result is not a surprise

  37. So Anita scores miles ahead of Katie tonight.

    Her foxtrot scores higher than Katie’s waltz. (Even though Katie has Anton choreographing her routines and this is supposedly what he does.)

    Her salsa scores miles more than Katie’s abysmal charleston. Anita’s salsa was ambitious. It wasn’t a traditional salsa but THEY WEREN’T GIVEN A SALSA SONG! Katie had no excuse for mucking up the Charleston – a dance that is notoriously easy for scoring high on. She still didn’t manage to achieve more than a 4.


    Let’s not ignore the fact that she’s consistently outperformed Katie throughout the series – look at the difference between the number of points they’ve collected.

    Anita is v good at Latin and good at ballroom. She’s produced some of the stand out moments of the series.

    Katie is abysmal at Latin – see her cha cha, her paso and her salsa. And her samba. No, wait, she didn’t have to do the samba!


    Katie is polling lowest in the public vote whereas Anita’s been super popular. She only ended up in the dance off tonight because lots of supporters would’ve given a sympathy vote to Georgia for being poorly , even though she was in no danger, AND additional people would have given Kellie votes resulting in a Katie v Anita dance off rather than a Kellie v Katie dance off.

    This girl is the only one who came to the series with no prior experience, and has surprised everybody. Gleb has delivered some of the most daring and challenging choreography of the entire series. Anita has never done the easy or expected, she has been pushed to the limit every single week, she’s been utterly fearless and to call her a ‘grafter’ wouldn’t begin to cover it.

    She has been one of the main reasons for watching Strictly this series. , a series that’s been totally predictable since about week 3.

    It’s a poorer final for it and I for one am sad that a talented dancer who gave it 110%, trained impossibly hard, fearlessly took on insane choreography and sold it every single time has been sacrificed so that Anton gets his moment in the sun. It was obvious the minute they were given a pitbull song for a Salsa and Anton got an aria for his waltz.

    What a waste. What an absolute waste.

  38. FIX FIX. Why is Katie still in at all, should have booted the smirking woman out weeks ago. She was lucky last week but she can’t dance compared to all the others left in. It can’t possibly be true that Katie got such low marks for her dances then won the DO. Also they need to get rid of Robin Windsor from ITT, they might think he is very nice but he has no personality at all. Why does Joanne Clifton get so much air time?

    Thanks for the spoilers Dave, brilliant job.

  39. I thought that Katie would have gone tonight but all on Anita’s dances in the series has been show dances with not much real dance content I think Kelly has been the stand out dancer throughout the series with recognisable dances with character and stamina.way ahead on the judges scoring.

  40. Wife just got back from the live show. Says result was shambolic, not a dry eye in the house, and a very emotional night for all. And my wife is the most ‘sensible’ woman I know.

    Anita and Gleb fighting back tears, Gleb hugely proud of Anita. As he should be.

    Nobody able to comprehend the result.

    I was stunned.
    Katie achieves: 4,7,7,7 for her Latin. Goodness only knows how low she would have scored if she’d hadn’t managed to skip the samba.
    Anita achieves: 8,8,8,8 (even with totally inappropriate music.)

    Katie achieves: 7,8,8,8 for her Ballroom.
    And Anita gets a higher mark with 8,8,9,9.

    I’m failing to see what drastic change Katie achieved in her second dance that warranted her getting through (not that I believe she should have got through anyway being bottom of the leaderboard and bottom in public vote, vs Anita being penultimate – and that was largely due to her salsa song precluding Gleb from choreographing a salsa to Len’s tastes – and being I’d guess 3rd in the public vote (higher if Georgia hadn’t gotten sympathy votes for being ill.)

    Why production are so keen to give Anton place in the final I don’t know, because it’s not like the public want to see him there.

    It’s quite obvious that Katie got the lowest public vote this week.
    Hence why Kellie escaped the dance off (I imagine she came 2nd from the bottom in the public vote but was protected by being put top of the Leaderboard. A/S was great but the rumba vastly overmarked.)

    Anita and Gleb should be so proud of themselves. Anita has shown time and time again what a spirited, down-to-earth, gracious, vivacious and beautiful personality – but I would feel cheated. I don’t imagine Gleb will be back next year after the way he’s been treated but I hope so.

    Won’t be tuning into the final but wish the remaining contestants all the best.

  41. Well it appears that Georgia’s tears worked again. Stand by for more tears to pull at your heart strings next week before final vote.

    1. Samantha is right. Such bias towards GG. Katie and Anton should have gone. Anita was consistent in her progress and proved to be worthy of a place in the final. Love Jay and Kellie. Either one to win.

  42. I hope this won’t be another fix scandal. Look how many people supported Jamelia when the judges were preferential in saving Peter Andre, when he was nothing short of crap. The public love Anita & Gleb and they have really devoted fans. Prepare for a huge, wide-spread backlash tomorrow evening.

    Jay and Kellie were fantastic by the way.

    Peace out ☮ ✌

  43. I was discussing this with my family before I found out the results, we were talking about what would happen if certain couples were up against each other in the dance off, I said if Katie and Anita was in the dance off then Anita would have gone, only because even thou the judges didn’t really enjoy Katie tonight, she is ” classic” and very typical especially in ballroom, the choreography she is given sticks closely to how the dances were originally performed. Glebs choreography in almost all dances are contemporary which most times the judges are not such a fan of, which is why she was often under marked. I had a feeling that the judges would favour Katie as she is more to their taste and if she did manage to improve massively then I think that’s why she got put through.

  44. Utterly disgusted. How can the judges “save” someone when they’ gave them the lowest score in the first place. This has only confirmed what a fix this show is. I’ve been a huge fan over the years but sadly think it’s time to pull the plug, they’re making it far too obvious its rigged.

  45. I completely agree with Caity and Annette, we haven’t seen the dance off yet! Personally, I prefer Katie’s style and elegance. Many people I know vote for Gleb and I don’t find Anita likeable. Yes, she was trying hard and achieved a lot, but judges are right about their scores, just like they’ve been with Jamelia. At the end of the day it’s a mix of dance competition and popularity contest, so give judges some credit! They are fair and know their stuff, there’s no benefit for them in a fix!

  46. i don’t think we can really jump to conclusions about fixed results yet as we don’t know what went on in the dance off. I assume Katie will have done her waltz not sure about what Anita would have done as she scored the same in both. There was only 1 point difference between them on the night, regardless of judges scoring. If Katie then neatend up her waltz she would have done a better dance than Anita, thus making it through to the final. If Katie had done her charleston and got through the I don’t know what’s going on….

  47. I really thought that I’d be reading that Katie was gone. Both her dances were below par compared to everyone else but of course poor anton hasn’t been this far in the competition. The judges have been slating Anita for weeks so they really did want rid. I’m not bothered who wins now as long as it’s not Katie

  48. Dave, a big THANKYOU from me. I’m away this week so first task on waking up was to check your site. Haven’t seen the show so can make no comment, other than I am surprised – purely on past weeks performances – that Katie was chosen over Anita but then, as someone else says, need to see the actual DO dances. What I can say in all honesty is going to love the final come what may (though please let Jay win!) and, despite all the conspiracy theories, love SCD and will miss the show, Makes my weekends! Here’s to next year and thanks to all the people who post on this site, it’s nice to share thoughts with like minded fans in a mostly fun and tolerant way. Rock on Dave! It would be a very boring world if we all agreed all the time 🙂

  49. This is the first year that I have watched SCD and i have enjoyed most of it….however, I got fed up and just came on this site instead for a couple of weeks. (Love this site btw). You could have picked up my jaw from the floor when I saw that Katie was still hanging on! Gutted for Anita…she was very brave to attempt even half of what she did. Don’t think I will be watching the final….but we’ll see.

  50. I will be watching the DO with interest – which dance did they ask them both to do, the ballroom or the Latin? If it is a Blackpool scenario we will know from their performances and/or the dances they were given to perform – playing to Katie’s strength or Anita’s?

    On ITT they have pointed out that Anton has taken two other partners to the final, but of course it was sooo long ago & he deserves to be there again…..on the strength of his choreography this year I would strongly disagree.

    Also, imo , the judges won’t have wanted Anita to muddy the waters for either Georgia or Kellie to get votes, as they know that Anita can be popular (depending on her dance), so getting rid of her gives one of their favourites more chance (Katie will be voted off first in the final).

    Going by every poll I have seen, Jay is a shoe in to win, so if be doesn’t then we really will know it is a fix & the BBC should start to publicise voting figures just like X Factor….even the Queen gives her income details now, voting figures shouldn’t be treated as a national secret!

  51. As I said last evening: if they get Anita in the DO she’s a gonner. They have been transparent over their feelings for her and Gleb. Len hates handsome, well built you g men every year and always, always goes for one of them. This year it was poor Gleb. They should be in the final. What on earth is Katie Derham doing in a dancing final? Anton is rather limited too isn’t he. This is becoming more and more apparent. Time to let Len go and bung Anton in there off the floor. Thanks Dave. Time for a well deserved rest but I have enjoyed my first “spoiler” year.

  52. How can anyone say it’s a fix before they watch the dance off tonight. The bottom two were in the dance off and the judges save the couple who perform best at that point. From what I’ve seen they wouldn’t have needed much excuse to get rid of Katie so can only assume she danced the best in the dance off. At least wait until tonight before crying fix!!!

  53. I agree Anita is the better dancer unfortunately she hardly danced the dance she was supposed to be doing! Week after week the judges criticised Gleb for his choreography culminating in last nights fox trot into an American smooth. Anton is a traditionalist who just gets Katie to dance whatever they have been asked to do and doesn’t try to ‘push it’
    If you want to blame anyone for the better dancer going out blame Gleb, sorry for his fans but it’s true.

  54. I’m gutted at this result but not exactly surprised, since the ‘joodges’ have consistently marked Anita down. As someone else here has remarked, this was what they had been waiting for and meant they could finally get rid of her. After all, didn’t they make it clear last week that the wrong dancers were in the DO? Who else could they have meant, when they’ve frequently scored the others so highly?! I’ve never felt before that it might be fixed, but after such inconsistency with the scores/results I’m not so sure.

    For me the show is drifting too far away from its original format, and there are so many things each week which have me wanting to hurl my tv out of the window: the constant shrieking; the joodges’ entrance; Tess’s baby voice; Tess manhandling the celebrities; Tess chipping in when the joodges are talking; Darcey agreeing with ‘the boys’; Len’s flat refusal to accept anything contemporary and subsequently scoring the celebrity lower despite a valiant performance, and so much more.

    And why is Anita getting a kicking on here for her ‘salsa that was not a salsa’, when she had no control over the choice of song or the choreography?

    It won’t be the same without her.

  55. Thanks for the spoilers Dave. Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the DO. Anita was lucky to stay last week. I thought the Judges scored a massive own goal by their harsh comments to Katie for her first dance. Her DO dance will be the Waltz and there was room for improvement there. Just a word for Hayley who sang the Puccini Aria – it was amazing and deserved a mention I thought.

  56. Obviously the public overall didnt vote for anita and gleb otherwise she wouldnt have even been in the bottom two, so shes not as well liked as people seem to think. I didnt like the way that gleb constantly broke the rules and i think thats why the judges took the chance to vote them off. Katies dances werent good but at least they were traditional!

    Jay to win!!!!!!!!

  57. Think others have said all that needs to be said!
    All I will add is ‘Jay & Aliona to win’!
    Thanks again for the prompt results info Dave (I won’t call it a spoiler!) and here’s to the final (Jay & Aliona to win!) and next year’s Strictly!
    Can’t wait……

  58. Many comments about Joanne Clifton always being there. I seem to remember when the original line up of pros was announced at the start of the summer, she was one of them, eight girls and eight boys. When the celebrities were announced there were only seven males to eight females, so maybe one girl had to drop out of having a celebrity. At this point they would probably all have been given contracts for the current series with a commitment to being paid as a pro dancer. So Joanna Clifton is at work on a Saturday night and if my licence fee money is paying her wage, I would rather her be there than have her sat at home or out socialising and still being paid.

  59. Katie should’ve gone weeks ago, don’t like her dancing or her smile. Helen should’ve also never been in the bottom two, people are clearing only voting for anton not katie, so flipping stop, she’s rubbish!!!!

  60. Katie should definitely have gone last night, maybe Anita actually fell over or just stood there for the whole dance. Glebs choreography was a breath of fresh air this series and they deserved to stay. How can the judges slate Katie and her be bottom of the leaderboard then to be saved by them! Doesn’t make any sense, but then strictly rarely does…..

  61. The public vote is the only one that counts next week!! So just a suggestion……. dont vote for katie…… simple

    Thanx dave for this great spoiler each week

  62. Poor Anita. I even voted for her to stay. She’s been under marked the whole series and she dances much better than Katie! After Len’s rant about wanting to put the right people through, how has he chosen Katie! I’m really not sure if I want to watch next year’s Strictly as this series has been awful with the voting and possible fixes.

  63. A good way to solve the judgeing would be to add another judge 5 instead of 4 would at least give a majority vote even with a head judge. Anita was a good dancer a natural but was penalised because of glebs choreography! They went into the DO as equals both scoreing 32 for the dances previously and katie corrected her mistakes ….. so she was put in the final simple as

  64. The last straw for me was the loss of Helen. But I think she was too classy for all of them, a really genuine person and an excellent dancer. It was doubtful though that Alijaz would have won again. But is he bothered? He is on his way to celebrity, setting himself up with his marriage to the other dancer and probably hoping to star in the mags, and who knows what adverts and such. Poor Helen. As regards Anita, it’s disgraceful she’s gone. She must have had lots of votes, I constantly tried to phone but the line was always engaged. She has worked consistently and improved every week, and her grace and manners made us proud. And Gleb isn’t only beautiful, he is also highly creative. He probably bewildered those dull, tired judges. Apart from Darcy, what do the others have to offer? Len is old-fashioned to my mind and as for the other two men, are they all that Strictly could get? I loved this show so much and now I have lost respect. And I’ve gone off the football as well. Funny that.

    1. I agree that Helen is classy,beautiful and an excellent dancer and shouldnt have been voted off

      As for gleb….. yes hes absolutely georgous but unforunately he knows it and at times is very conceited

      His choreography was inventive but this show isnt about that its about.. if you get a foxtrot you dance a foxtrot not an american smooth and that was his downfall

  65. It was nice to see a variation in the judges decisions though, it’s not like they all went for the same person. On the main strictly website everyone is saying that if Katie and anton are in the dance off they will be out????People are going to be shocked tonight

  66. what a farce, poor Anita being voted out over Katy who’s dances were awful, especially Latin and Anton is dire at Latin also and should be gone with better dancers replacing him. This stinks of another fix and as I have watched Strictly from the beginning I will no longer waste my time watching it. I was a dancer and Anita was by far the better dancer. Who ever got through to the Final scoring a four and could not do Latin.
    Ola Jordon was right what a fix.

  67. Katie got through to the final on her perfornance in the dance off alone which was better , the previous performances dont count . The judges only judge on what they see in the DO .

    And why would you believe a word ola jordan says….
    Both she and her husband were fired!!!!

    Any comments by her were just said out of spite,sour grapes and a desire for stirring up trouble which you have all fallen for. The same can also be said for jamelia too by the way

    Get over it

    1. If sounds like you have witnessed the dance off already Pamela, were you in the audience? If not, then unfortunately your assumption that Katie danced better is not borne out, purely & simply because Peter Andre was kept in by the judges after another lacklustre performance of his supposed jive, whereas Jamelia improved her Quickstep in the now infamous Blackpool results show. Even Len said she had improved more before changing his mind for his It Takes Two appearance.

      As I mentioned earlier, I will be interested to see what dances the two ladies perform (probably their second dances as they were in costume) & what reasons the judges give for their decisions.

      Until I have seen the DO, I will reserve judgement as to whether Katie danced better.

      1. I wasnt in the audience but a friend was and she and someone who has commented already above both agree on what happened so i would say it was right

        As for jamelia she was in the dance of 5 times which says how bad she was and peters performance was deffinitely better than hers on the night he was saved and she wasnt just as his was the worst dance when he was knocked out

        Im still interested in in seeing the results show myself tho and the final will be great

        1. Sorry, I think you are in a very small minority in suggesting that Peter danced better than Jamelia & it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter to the judges how many times someone has been in the dance off, they should judge on the dance.

          I have been well educated by Strictly about what constitutes a good jive & Peter’s was one of the worst I have seen in all honesty (Len said much of it was unrecognisable as a jive), Jeremy was far better.

          Anyway, the biggest problem this series in inconsistency in remarks and scoring – people with mistakes scoring tens (Georgia’s Charleston, Kellie’s AS); people with illegal lifts not being penalised compared to others – Kellie’s VW contained lifts onto a table, and aren’t competitors allowed only three lifts in an AS, as her routine last night had at least 5, yet Gleb’s lift in the rumba was hugely criticised & marks deducted; singing along – Daniel given a slap on the wrist & marked down, Kellie virtually belting out the song was praised….and I could go on.

          The worst thing is the BBC not publicising the phone vote results after the series is over – I would never vote by phone any more, as I am not convinced by the statement that they all count. I’m not prepared to add to the BBC coffers over what could be a rigged show.

          We should know which celeb has been paid the most to appear (not the figures, just the person), as maybe the Beeb have more invested in that person & will naturally want them to stay in longer.

          It is a shame that a programme with such a good premise has come to this, but the judges have brought any criticism firmly on themselves with their inconsistent comments & marking.

          Thank heavens we get the final say…..or do we? How will we really know after all? I’m looking forward to seeing Jay’s Jive & hopefully Georgia’s Charleston (without mistakes) again in the final – by far the two best dancers who make much of what they do look effortless & smooth.

          As for next year, let’s hope the Corporation make a few changes to both the judges, the format & the transparency of the voting.

          1. The judges never took that into account.. the fact that jamelia was in the DO 5 times they judged her on the final dance. I mentioned it to show just how bad she was overall every week she was near the bottom or bottom half peter was nearly always in the top half and leader 2to 3 times he was the better dancer over all

            Its just a shame that people have to take this so seriously its a light entertainment show just enjoy it

            Im really sad that its coming to an end

            Hope everyone has a jolly holly
            Peace to all xxxx

          2. I too think that after the series has ended, the numbers of votes received by each couple, should be published in full. You couldn’t do it during the series because it could affect how people vote, but once the series is over, it would show true transparency.
            I often think that someone from a boy band, for example, will naturally get a disproportionate number of votes from th our fans as compared to sat, a lesser adored sports person.
            This year, Jay was an outstanding dancer who improved along the way but it would still be interesting to know the numbers of votes next month.

      2. Hi Hilary, I didn’t go to the live show but my other half did and said the result was a deeply unfair one.

        The problem is Anita performed her salsa and the ONLY criticism the judges’ had with it was the choreography. Apart from the choreo, the comments were ‘phenomenal’ ‘really enjoyed it’ ‘how on earth did you master that in a week?’ ‘you are the most daring dancer’ etc.
        Even if it wasn’t to your taste, with regards to music and theming, you can’t deny the girl had some talent to learn that in a week and execute it without so much as a stumble or a flinch.

        The only criticism they had was that the choreography was not authentic salsa.

        But how was Anita supposed to improve that? By re-choreographing an entire routine?

        They might as well have said: ‘you’ve danced really well but we can never score it above an 8 due to the content, which is the fault of the producers who picked a ridiculous song, so even though you’re an infinitely superior dancer, get on the bus home.’

  68. Strictly is not something that I would normally watch if I were given the choice. Having said that, I do find it entertaining. Like many households out there, the TV and satellite box is jointly owned, the exception being the Remote, the wife owns this. It’s like owning a car but having no access to the keys. The dog will attempt to change channel by walking on the coveted device during the rare unguarded moments, when suddenly he has us watching Todays Special Value on QVC, sadly his programme choice is somewhat random.

    Our dog would seem to have a lot in common with the shows judges, random. The Oxford dictionary has more than one definition for the word Random “Odd, unusual, or unexpected” is one of them.

    Many of the celebrities I had never seen or heard of before, my wife and I do not watch soaps or boy bands so had no “preformatted favourite”. Week three however, I was completely taken by Anita Rani and the interpretation of the film Ghost. It has been watched back several times and the audience were also unanimously impressed.

    This was the first time that I noticed what seemed to be unfair judges’ comments and under marking, Craig: 6 – Darcey: 8 – Len: 8 – Bruno: 7. Totally bemused, for me it was the dance of the night. If there are any dance professionals reading this, your guidance and opinion would be appreciated on her Week Three performance.

    Some Googling over the following weeks found a reasonable pool of opinion that Anita Rani was being unfairly commented on and under marked, this included one of the national newspapers.

    Week 9 Blackpool, outstanding performance by Anita Rani, outstanding comments by the judges, the marking however did not match the comments. Bemused again.

    What I am not saying is that Anita was the best every week but I think that in the judges eyes she became a surprise contender for the final. They chose every opportunity to find fault with her performances while overlooking faults in others. So there’s been a mix of over and under marking, just enough to realise what seems to be a preordained line up for the final.

    It’s a shame because there are some excellent dancers in the competition and this inconsistency in comments and marking can tend to devalue a genuinely top class performance and fuel the shouts of “Fix!”.

    If both celebrities gave the same level of performance in the dance off without any glaring errors, then Anita should have been in the final, if she fell over or messed up the routine then fair enough. Others have commented that as soon as Anita was in the dance off, she would be gone, I too felt the same, they wanted her out for some reason.

    It makes no difference to any of us who wins this competition but we are supposedly being entertained by watching a contest, it’s reasonable to expect an impartial panel of judges to preside over the contest, with only the voting public having their favourites.
    Whether the elimination is right or wrong, it does not change the judges inconsistencies throughout the series. It fine for someone to perform a Viennese Waltz on a table and condemn another because it’s not a Foxtrot or a Jive it seems. The question of dance content this series seemed to depend upon who was providing the content or lack of it.

    Perhaps the judges need two scoring paddles with 5 on each paddle, the first 1 to 5 for actual dance content, Waltz etc and the second 1 to 5 for artistic impression or similar, instead of the single paddle of rebuke for some or paddle of “can do no wrong” for others.

    No doubt next year we will be watching again, Excalibur, the remote control, (Remote because its out of my hands, Control, ditto) cannot be prised away from the wife. Let’s hope that there is no cause for shouts of “under marked, over marked or Fix”, otherwise we may be watching the dogs choice of programme.

  69. The whole show is a farce i wouldn’t waste any time on it and i definitely wont be watching the final
    i hope SCD gets axed next year because it’s a FIX and i have no respect for any of the judges or the show’s producers , and what makes this worse is Anita for sure would of made the final but with the judges voting tactically and pushing Anton into the final it’s made the whole thing a joke !

  70. Anita danced her salsa. Katie danced her Waltz.

    First time ’round Craig scored Anita and Katie both 8s but preferred Anita’s routine. So he must’ve changed his mind.

    Len scored Anita an 8 and Katie a 7. So he would have had to change his opinion on the dances.

    Bruno scored Anita a 9 and Katie a 7. So he would have had to drastically change his opinion on the dances.

    If the reason they give is: ‘Katie you improved in your dance, Anita you didn’t’ it is a gross injustice because the ONLY problem with Anita’s salsa was the choreography. Unlike Katie she didn’t slip or stumble or have any technical faults.

    The only problem was it didn’t look like a salsa. That wasn’t her fault – it wasn’t even really Gleb’s fault, whatever that music was it was not salsa.

    The only way she could improve that routine was by re-choreographing it!

    1. But what if Craig and Bruno saved Anita which would tally with comments earlier. Darcy voted higher for Katie, so would save her. It then only takes Len, with the casting vote to save Katie and Anita goes. If this is the case, only Len would have changed his opinion from earlier and if Katie did a beautiful dance off with no mistakes, Len may well have changed his mind.

      1. The problem is the ONLY problem with Anita’s salsa was the choreography.

        Not her fault. And not Gleb’s either. He can only work with the music he’s given & the music wasn’t salsa.

        Apart from the choreo, the comments were ‘phenomenal’ ‘really enjoyed it’ ‘how on earth did you master that in a week?’ … Even if it wasn’t to your taste, with regards to music and theming, you can’t deny the girl had some talent to learn that in a week and execute it without so much as a stumble or a flinch.

        So how was Anita supposed to improve that? By re-choreographing an entire routine?

        They might as well have said: ‘you’ve danced really well but we can never score it above an 8 due to the content, which is the fault of the producers who picked a ridiculous song, so even though you’re an infinitely superior dancer, get on the bus home.’

  71. I think this was the judges revenge on the public for putting Helen & Georgia in the bottom two last week, when they wanted to get rid of Gleb & Anita, but never got the opportunity!!

  72. Katie is awful as a person, simpering yet haughty – fake!! Her dancing is equally soulless and dull. At the opposite end of the scale is Anita Rani – beautiful inside and out, honest, genuinely enthusiastic and the true champion of this year’s show. Absolutely FIX BBC!! Shame on you.

  73. Extraordinary outcome, that’s all I can say. Anita is a much better, much improved and more watchable dancer.

    Scratching head re Anton’s following, can’t be Katie’s dancing. After a promising start and looking like a shoe in for ballroom at least, her progress has been disappointing. Anton’s limitations have also been laid bare for all to see sadly as much as I like him.

    And Tess, please stop talking to Jay as if he were a 6 year old!! Jay to win – the only celeb dancer to have made me pick up the phone ever.

  74. Not sure if this is correct, but I’ve been informed that the pros are only given the music in themed weeks, otherwise they choose their own music. If this is the case, then Gleb chose the inappropriate music for the salsa and cheoragraphed a dance that didn’t meet the requirements. Thus he cheoragraphed his own downfall. He has repeatedly been warned that his choreography wasn’t right, but ignored the warnings, unlike Giovanni, who got slapped on the wrist early on, but listened and has produced correct dances ever since.

    I was fairly indifferent to both Katie and Anita, but having watched the dance off, I have to agree with Anita going. Katie corrected her mistake and did a waltz. Anita, a victim of Gleb’s arrogance, didn’t do a salsa and paid the price.

    1. Hmmm. Interesting Caity. He’s still rather beautiful though, don’t you think. His mother’s darling, I suspect, so a lot to learn! But he’s a young dog with lots of tricks. I heard him on R4 Sunday. Didn’t sound at all arrogant. Quite sorted out I thought. But his dancing is all and everything to him. You are right about Gio. He got told off by Len and decided to be a good boy. Gleb was probably indignant and decided to take no notice. Now we can’t watch him anymore. But he’s so intent on being original, and I still think he’ll go a long way. Some original thinking is in order in this world, even on SCD. Len Goodman gets on my nerves. Him and his walnuts.

    2. Hi Caity, no, pros have music chosen for them all weeks. Music is chosen by the production team who want to make sure they get in songs that will pull as many viewers to watch as possible. Anita and Gleb’s salsa to Pitbull was not their choice. They commented earlier this week that they were going to be doing an electro salsa due to the style of the music. Gleb choreographed for the music he was given and Anita executed what she was given with her usual flawlessness.

  75. Gleb and Anita left my teary-eyed tonight.

    He took such good care of her. He might not be a man of many words but he’s always been so affectionate with Anita. Always telling her how proud he was of when carrying her over to the judges.

    He had his arms around her and was whispering into her ear the minute they were down to the final three. Says a lot, I think.

    And Anita’s speech – what a beautiful, gracious, articulate, vivacious, hardworking, utterly fearless young woman. She always lit up the room on It Takes Two – worked ten times harder than any other contestant, took all criticism and weeks of undermarking with a smile.

    The most beautiful partnership on the show – their absence in the final is going to be sorely felt. Anita and Gleb were the best things about Strictly this year – she was a genuine diamond in the rough. Natural talent, not a dance lesson in her life, a brilliant attitude, and a beautiful lady.

    The result wasn’t a fair one. Anita was scored 8,8,8,8. Katie was scored 8,9,7,7. Craig preferred Anita the first time around and was consistent. Darcey overmarked Katie the first time around and stuck to that. But both Len and Bruno suddenly decided that, contrary to their original scores, Katie was now better.

    As for ‘Katie improved but Anita didn’t’ – the only thing they didn’t like about Anita’s routine was Gleb’s choreography. But how was she supposed to improve on that in the dance off?

    Can’t believe we’ve lost Anita Rani, who probably would have come 2nd overall, so that Katie Derham can shovel Anton into the final and be out first next week.

    Upsetting watch.

  76. To everyone complaining that the reason Anita didn’t get through was because of the cheography of the salsa, may I remind you that they could have danced there Foxtrot which had the same score but Anita chose to do the Salsa which she must have known she couldn’t improve on due to the cheoreohraphy. If she’d chosen to dance her foxtrot and corrected her technical mistakes like Katie did she could very we’ll be in the final.
    Thought Katie’s dance off dance was beautiful and she really redeemed herself for the mistakes in the live show!

    1. No, that doesn’t work either. Her foxtrot was also criticized purely because of its content. Len said he loved it but it was too much of an American Smooth. Craig said he loved it but that it had too much out of hold. In both dances the ONLY problem was choreography which she had no control over With their Foxtrot, yes you can blame Gleb but Kellie did a Viennese Waltz with no Viennese Waltz in it last week, so you can’t blame him for not knowing what would and what wouldnt be accepted.

      I was so gutted for them both. The look on both their faces when they realised they couldn’t go through. Gleb looked utterly broken for Anita.

      Can’t believe that Katie who got to ditch the samba and couldn’t get above a 21 in any of her Latin routines and was by far the worst performer of last night by a good 10 or so marks AND who has the smallest fanbase is getting through. What for? She’ll be the first out next week. A waste of the most exciting potential final in years.
      It’s entirely predictable now. Katie will (rightly) go first, Jay will win, Georgia comes second by default because Kellie doesn’t have public support.

  77. I agree with Jesse and Caity! It’s also not the first time Gleb is choosing a choreography which doesn’t suit the dance style. Katie has improved her dance beautifully, while Anita’s was worse second time, she looked very tired and as if she lost already.

  78. My only regret is that judges didn’t get the opportunity to get rid of Anita and Gleb last week. Gleb is a good, creative dancer, but he doesn’t play by the rules, ignores judges’ advice (Anita’s feet not improved at all!) and relies on his naked torso perhaps a bit too much. Helen would be a joy to watch in semi-finals.

  79. If manipulation is ‘allegedly’ the name of the game, then anything can happen. What if — what if, Anton is fast tracked to win because he is going to be sitting in Len’s seat next year, or even replacing Tess or Claudia? There was a time, a couple of years ago, when Anton was interesting and seemed to have talent, but to me he is now an echo and has to shout louder than ever to be heard, and he often sounds ridiculous. I don’t think his dancing is as good as it was either. (Just my take.)

    SCD seems like a bit of a ‘club’ to me and the walls are iron clad. A tad incestuous perhaps? – I doubt that Christmas tree glitter ball would mean much to someone like Gleb, (he would probably have given it to his baby to play with) he is way above all of it, and wouldn’t have let someone like Len tell him what to do. As if. That Elvis Presley smile says it all: ‘All shook up’ for a plastic glitter ball, not a bit. And what’s more, he can rely on his naked torso as much as he likes, it’s kept a lot of us women happy on a Saturday night.— And btw Anita has been amazing to my mind. What a character. Very disappointed not to see her next week. And for goodness sake, it isn’t her fault if she’s twine-toed. Such a personal comment and so many viewers listening in. Heck. Was anyone told they were ‘fat’? Not on your life. Few people could have done as well as she did whatever direction their feet. She could have won this series left in.

  80. Katie produced a diabolical Charleston and a Waltz that was bad because she + she alone messed up her technique.

    Anita produced a good Foxtrot and a technically difficult, hugely ambitious Salsa that she pulled off with aplomb. The only problems with both dances were the content. With regards to the foxtrot, some of it was out of hold but exactly the same can be said for Jay’s VW. With regards to the salsa, it wasn’t a conventional salsa but they were not given traditional salsa music. They were given Pitbull which has nothing to do with salsa. Gleb could only choreograph what he was given and said as much.

    In the dance off, Len and Bruno who initially ranked Anita higher decide that Katie has improved. She was marginally less awful but they spoke as if she’d turned into Darcey Bussell herself.

    Anita couldn’t improve, surprise surprise, because the only issues with her dances weren’t her technique or her dancing but the content that was beyond her control & dictated by the music choice.

    Basically, Katie is rewarded for making mistakes which she can correct. Anita is penalised because the ‘problems’ with her dance are out of her control. Logical or fair?

    The result? Anita, a dancer is a completely different league to Katie, who has produced some of the stand out moment of the series is booted out to make way for Katie, who hasn’t done a single half way passable Latin, who DODGED the samba and has messed up half the ballrooms she’s been given despite perfect music.

    Cannot believe we lost Anita who would’ve repeated her incredible Paso this weekend and performed a showstopping showdance so that Katie Derham is first to be eliminated.

    Gleb and Anita worked ten times harder and wanted that Final ten times more. If you see It Takes Two, you’d see how hard they have trained. Non stop all day, never once resting on their laurels.

    Anton treats the entire thing like a joke. Katie didn’t look especially fussed during the Results as she probably assumed that she would, in all fairness, have gone out first.

    Watch the ‘Goodbye’ video on Strictly. Giovanni states openly that Anita should have stayed. Katie looks completely sheepish. Gleb and Anita look so upset for each other.

    I could not even look at Gleb and Anita’s faces when the judges were giving their results. Katie and Anton looked like they were listening to an advert on the telly. Not fussed because they rightly thought they’d be out first. Gleb and Anita looked so fragile and by the end were completely broken.

    Watched Strictly since 2005 and never been so disgusted.

    1. Katies charleston was indeed diabolical and her waltz was full of mistakes but none of that counts!! In the DO all the judges judge is the DO dance and nothing else.. katie wasnt rewarded for her mistakes she was rewarded because she corrected them all

      As for the choice of music- its frequently unsuitable for the dance given but even with suitable music gleb has proved time and time again that he doesnt care about the judges comments or what they expect to see.. all he cares about is what he wants to to he doesnt take instruction well.

      Everyone else when told off about lack of content picked up their game but gleb never did

      I will agree that hes very talented and creative and i would love to see more of him but at yhe end of the day you have to follow the rules its sad to say but anitas downfall was ultimately gleb

      1. Ultimately jealousy and lack of imagination on the part of the judges. An English dancer wouldn’t have dared, but Gleb broke boundaries and the audience loved it. If we don’t break boundaries and break into new ideas, we never make progress. Would Goodman know what a boundary was? He is so set in his ways and his comments are often ridiculous. All that pickling walnuts. But at least he isn’t as smutty as he was when the show first started. He was an embarrassment. If I were a dancer I would make it my business to do whatever I felt best for the history of dance, never mind him.

      2. — As a matter of fact, I constantly attempted to vote for Gleb and Anita but the line was always engaged. Hmmm. Makes you think.

      3. Very emotional about it – sorry. Fifty seven and a half thousand viewings of Unchained Melody dance – and all mine!! I’m in love.

      4. Not the case. With suitable music, he’s always produced a suitable dance that pleased the judges.

        He was given a traditional Spanish song + produced a proper Paso. He was given ‘Don’t get me wrong’, a classic Quickstep song + produced a classic Quickstep. He was given ‘Unchained Melody’ + produced a proper American Smooth.He was given ‘Hips don’t lie’ by Shakira + he produced a proper Samba. He was given ‘Once Upon a Dream’ + produced a proper Waltz.

        You get the gist.

        And it’s not the case that he was ‘constantly told off about content.’ In fact his choreography was consistently praised. He only got told off for lack of rumba content but he says that to every couple – told Giovanni and Aljaz off for it too.

        Other than that it was praise, praise, praise … and then week of the semis ‘Not enough Foxtrot in hold! I’ll totally overlook the fact that Ms Bright spend the whole of her Waltz last week out of hold, though …’

  81. Well said, James. I am still pining for Gleb. And Anita too, what beautiful dancing and use of space with her arms and hands. I don’t think anyone else could have danced with him so well. That girl is adorable. She melted into him and boy did we women get a thrill! I think I shall sue the BBC for making me suicidal. Sick as a dog.

    1. Well said both of you James and Isabella!
      What I am indignant about is how smug Katie and Anton have been since the semis!! On TT last night they almost convinced everybody they deserved to be there. I am so sick of hearing how beautiful Katie’s legs are……well they make a lot of mistakes, those legs!!!
      Anita could dance, tell a story that transported you to their moment and left you satisfied that it was all worth it.
      She relied on her hard work and completely trusted Gleb never having to rely on how ‘beautiful’ she or her legs had to be!
      We need the Glebs of dance in todays shows if we want to stay current and relevant. Yesteryear is Goodman’s and today and tomorrow belong to Gleb and the young.

  82. Spot on Inez. And tell you what – Anita Rani knows how to be sexy in a cool and perfect way that suited Gleb’s dancing to a T. That girl knows all about it.

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