Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 8 Spoilers

Blackpool was at the forefront of all the couple’s minds this week with at least 45433 mentions of it during tonight’s live show. But first there is one more dance off to navigate before ascending to hell Blackpool. But who fell at the final hurdle. The BBC might want you to wait to find out but I don’t. So here are the results:

Jonnie and Ruth had to dance off. The judges saved Jonnie. Ruth was eliminated.

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through a spoiler group who has previously provided spoilers for my usual sources and should be accurate

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Week 8: Who were your favourites? (Choose up to 3)

  • Davood and Nadiya (19%, 6,654 Votes)
  • Joe and Katya (17%, 6,124 Votes)
  • Alexandra and Gorka (14%, 4,820 Votes)
  • Debbie and Giovanni (13%, 4,611 Votes)
  • Susan and Kevin (12%, 4,444 Votes)
  • Gemma and Aljaz (11%, 3,909 Votes)
  • Mollie and AJ (6%, 2,069 Votes)
  • Jonnie and Oti (5%, 1,877 Votes)
  • Ruth and Anton (3%, 1,135 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,578

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13 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 8 Spoilers”

  1. I know that this goes against popular opinion and even though that opinion is correct, but I can’t help but feel sorry that Ruth and Anton have gone. I know she was rubbish and was only being kept in by the Anton Army but still they were funny. I did think though that they should have kept their mouths closed about the fall last week and simply have pretended it was all part of the act.

    Here’s hoping that Alexandre gets kicked out. Great singer but for me she shouldn’t be in the show given what she does. A distinct advantage me thinks.

    Really hope Davood makes the final. To come from never having danced before to give the performance that he did these two weeks demands my total respect. Would also like Susan to make it as well.

    1. Hi Big D, congratulations your comment was chosen at random from all comments received last week and you’ve won a £20 amazon UK voucher. I’m sending you an email with more information now. If it doesn’t arrive in next few minutes check your spam folder as sometimes winning emails can drift into spam

  2. Justice. What a shame we had to sacrifice Aston though.
    Onwards and upwards. Let the serious dancing commence ?

  3. Finally! At least there’ll be no more shots of Eamonn and their gormless looking son in the audience anymore!!!

    Pity she didn’t go a few weeks ago and Aston had to leave but hey ho.

  4. Joe, davood and Susan are my 3 finalists. Alexandra never sounds sincere when she opens her mouth and molly has a voice that as well as sounding insincere just grates. Debbie regardless of her dance background is fabulous as a woman of a certain age but then I remember the old woman on bgt a few years ago so not so special after all. But overall I am enjoying this year

    1. So, you think how a person sounds and how old they are should be the main qualifications for getting through in a dance competition? Is it also only a coincidence that two of your three favourites are Scottish?

  5. I can’t see how Shirley Ballas can award an 8 to Susan and an 8 to Debbie, not if, as she says, she’s judging on technicalities. Craig was right, Susan rarely closed her feet in that lumpy tango. I don’t understand all the ‘love’ for Susan Calman at all; I’m sure it must be the pink vote and the Scots keeping Susan in the show, or the Clifton factor. It’s not her dancing.

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